The why, the what and the how of Digital Marketing – Way Back Wednesday 007

The why, the what and the how of Digital Marketing – Way Back Wednesday 007

Martin Henley 0:32 Hello there my appoint is Martin Henley, my clientele is The effective Marketing Company, I am a lector with the Digital Marketing Institute and I was absolutely delight when Leoron in the UK asked me to take part in their Christmas subject splurge. They told me we ’ ra planning a 12 Days of Christmas and we would like you to take care of day number three. So of course, I was delighted. Three is the magic trick numeral, three is the perfective number. I can prove this, I can demonstrate this to you. Three is the smallest number we need to create a model, the perfect combination of brevity and cycle. It ’ s a principle captured neatly in the Latin phrase, Omni Trium, perfectum, perfectum term. Everything that comes in threes is arrant, or every set of three is arrant. Why is the number three charming you ask ? The ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, the triangle ridicule, postulated that the entail behind numbers was deeply significant, profoundly significant. In their eyes, the count three was considered as the perfect count, the number of harmony, wisdom and agreement. then when we write jokes, or when we write copy, or when we write headlines, we know about the baron of three.
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When we answer the question, why is the count three charming, it has the baron of three in it, it ’ mho because of the harmony, the wisdom and the understanding. Three is the perfect number, three is the perfect issue. We have the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. In french, we have the family a trois, 100 %, more engaging for everybody involved than the family a deux, not quite arsenic messy as the men are a quatre and nothing like the logistics involved with a family a cinc.
Martin Henley 2:36 In digital commercialize, we have three tools at the very cornerstones of digital market that expres perfectly, what digital marketing is, why we do digital market, and how we should do digital market. So of course, I was delighted to take worry of sidereal day number three in the 12 days of Christmas. You might be asking me now why am I talking about this on the moment day of a 10 Day countdown to Christmas ? The answer is because everything changed, but end, I ’ ll ask you, where is the smasher in act two ’ sulfur ? Where is the paragon in number deuce ? Where is the justice in number two ’ mho ? What am I going to talk about if there are only two ? Martin Henley 3:25 It ’ s an issue. Anyway, what I ’ ve decided to do is I ’ ve decided to talk to you about these three tools at the very cornerstone of digital marketing on the second day of this 10 Day countdown to Christmas. You might be asking yourself now, what is marketing ? quite just market is the investment that businesses make of meter, energy and money in finding acquire and keeping customers productively and they need people to help them do that for them. You might ask me what is digital commercialize ? well identical just, digital market is using digital channels to find, win, and keep customers productively and businesses decidedly need people to do that for them. Martin Henley 4:08 So the question then becomes why do we do digital marketing ? Well, you might argue that the stallion market is on-line. That ’ south true. You might argue that digital market is fabulously cost effective. That ’ s besides true. You might tell me that digital selling is incredibly accessible. That ’ s besides genuine. You can do this in a bus station on your mobile telephone. But that ’ s not why we do digital marketing. The reason that we do digital selling is for the foil, and it ’ s the transparency that takes the hazard out of market. so if you are going to invest your clock time, your department of energy and your money in finding win and keeping customers the more dependable you can be in that consequence, the more successful you are likely to be, the less likely you are to fail. That ’ sulfur why the three tools that I ’ m talking to you nowadays are very important, in truth do form the basis of digital selling. now these three tools come from Christmas from Google and there is something rather Christmassy, I think about Google, there is something rather Father Christmasy about Google. artin Henley 5:22 Google knows if you ’ ve been good scent if you ’ ve been bad, and Google credibly knows what you are getting for Christmas. therefore here we go, the three tools, the foremost tool that I want to share with you, or preferably, let ’ s go back to the beginning, if you want to be an effective seller, if you want to be effective at finding winning and keeping customers for your business, you are going to need to get better, and better, and better at understanding your market. Martin Henley 5:50 What you might be interested to know in the first case, is what it is that people are searching for, you will want to know when it is that people are searching, so you know when to make your commercialize investments, you might want to know who is searching, and angstrom much as you possibly can about your market. basically, I ’ molarity going to demonstrate for you now how these three tools will achieve that for you. Martin Henley 6:17 The first tool that we are looking at today is the keyword planner. This creature lives inwardly Google Ads, but you don ’ t need to worry, we ’ ra not going to spend any money advertise with Google at this charge, we are literally interested to know what it is that people are searching for. so if we come to this joyride, and we look to discover new keywords, we might be concerned to market a digital commercialize class, because that is one of the things that we are marketing. So we simply put in the words digital commercialize course, we ask then to get results and Google will come back and will tell us precisely the phrases that people are searching for that are relevant to digital marketing courses. So they are telling us that every calendar month there is between 1,000 and 10,000 people each calendar month, searching for a digital commercialize course. Of course there are who wouldn ’ triiodothyronine want a career in digital commercialize, who wouldn ’ t want a certificate in digital market, and who wouldn ’ thyroxine want a network of digital marketing friends. so what Google will besides give us is another 1,246 keyword phrases that they think are relevant to the search digital selling course, it includes Google digital market course, sociable media marketing path, digital market Google, digital market course on-line, digital marketing security.

Martin Henley 7:51 then if I am interest to commercialize a digital market run, I don ’ t have to be scratching my head, wondering what it is that people are looking for, because Google will tell me precisely what it is that people are looking for. Martin Henley 8:05 Okay, so now we know, what it is that people are searching for. now, it might be interesting to know, when are they conducting those searches. What we do now is we go to the second Google tool at the cornerstone of digital marketing, which is Google Trends. What we will do is add a search term, so we are interested in digital market course. And we add that, and it will tell us when people are searching. now, interestingly, this is telling us from the begin of time basically, when Google started tracking these things, which was by direction back in 2004. So What ’ s concern, as you will see, is that people lone got interest in digital marketing around 2014 to 2015. It very is adenine young as that. We might be concerned in when people have been searching for this in the last 12 months and we won ’ triiodothyronine be surprised to see that most of these searches are happening over the Christmas period. so on the 27th of December, people eat their turkey on Christmas Day, they eat more Turkey on Boxing Day, on the 27th of the calendar month they get improving and they are concern in a digital marketing career. You will see that people are pretty much interested in digital market courses throughout the year of course they are. Martin Henley 9:30 We might be concern to know when they were searching in the death three months. Or we might be matter to to know when they were searching in the by 30 days, or we might be matter to to know when they were searching in the last week, we might be matter to to know when they searched in the last day. so what this tells us is precisely what it is that people are looking for and precisely when they are looking for for it, which will tell us something about when we should be looking to place our market investments. The early thing that this tool will tell us is where the searches are happening. So you won ’ t be surprised to see that these searches are happening across the UK, but more in Scotland, interestingly, England, irregular Wales, third, Northern Ireland in fourthly place. Related topics are Google digital market courses, bachelor ’ s degrees, Google engineering companies, and occupation topics. Martin Henley 10:32 So we have covered now two of these tools and we already have a in truth dependable sense of what people are searching for, when they are searching, and where they are when they are searching. now the third gear tool that I want to share with you is google Analytics. indeed once you have this in place, once you have your web site up and running and working, then literally, Google will reward you with more information. What you will get to know now is not precisely who has been on your web site, but you will get a sense of the demographics, and the interests of people who have been on your web site. so if we come to the Google Analytics tool, it looks something like this. And we will see it will give us demographic data. If we are interest in the age demographic of the visitors to our web site, we might be concerned in the sex demographic, we might be concerned in what these people are concerned in. So overview, in this example, people are concern in Home and Garden, Do It Yourself, lifestyles and hobbies, trust and finance, shoppers, lavishness shoppers are the categories that they are matter to in. Martin Henley 11:43 They might be interested in market segments like home and gardens, autos, and vehicles and they might be interest in other categories like business and industrial, artwork and entertainments. now, this will inform as you go forth with your digital marketing, you ’ re target who it is that you want to reach. then when you start thinking about advertise with Google, you will have a very solid smell of the demographic of the people that you are targeting, and what those people are concerned in. deoxythymidine monophosphate doesn ’ thymine stop there because they will besides tell us about their geography, where they are in the country, which languages they ’ ra public speaking, their behavior in terms of how frequently they come to our web site, it will tell us about their engineering. It will tell us the about the browsers that they are using and the networks that they are using, it will tell us about them mobile, it will tell us about the devices. Martin Henley 12:39 so when I tell you that we do digital market, for the transparency, I ’ m not even joking, this takes the risk out of your your market investments, this makes it so that you, on the way in, can have a batch of confidence that you are doing the correct things. This is a hertz and if the deputation, which it is, is to know more, and more, and more about your market, every time you go through this cycle, you will learn more, and more, and more. Your market will become more, and more, and more efficient and effective and you will be more and more successful. Martin Henley 13:17

This is why we do digital marketing. So I will leave it there. I would love to see you on a Digital Marketing Institute digital market course at some point in the future year. I will wish you a Merry Christmas and a comfortable New Year. I will suggest that possibly it will be a comfortable raw class if you manage to get yourself some digital market skills, a digital marketing certificate and some digital market network, that might help you enormously. I will leave it there and I will wish you a very gay Googlemas, Christmas, Christmas.

Martin Henley

Martin has built a repute for having a no nonsense overture to sales and selling and for motivating audiences with his wag, department of energy, exuberance and his own post of hearing engagement. Martin ’ s original content is based on his very stream experience of running effective marketing initiatives for his customers and the feedback from effective Marketing ’ randomness successful and popular commercialize workshops .

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