What Is Digital Asset Management (DAM)?

Choosing a digital asset management platform

Choosing a digital asset management system can be overwhelming. What features matter most ? What do you need to know to compare options ? To make the process easier, we ’ ve put together an overview of key considerations, so you can shop confidently and pick the best digital asset management software for your team .

How does the pricing work?

At its core, DAM price is based on total of seats and storage requirements. But teams shopping for a DAM software besides need to be on the lookout for concealed costs. Some digital asset management companies charge extra for basic functions, like sharing portals, smart-tagging, report, and integrations with other software .

Can you share collections with specific audiences?

Most teams ’ DAM requirements go beyond simple digital asset management. They besides need to deliver contentedness collections to different audiences – internally and outwardly. That requires a DAM software with flexible sharing tools, like Canto Portals. Consider who needs access to your contentedness – including sales teams, distributors, customers, and agencies – and ensure your new DAM solution will allow you to easily deliver curated collections to anyone .

How steep is the learning curve?

DAM software makes your arrangement ’ randomness content accessible. Look for a arrangement that packages all of the powerful DAM features you need in an intuitive interface – so your team can hit the ground running. besides consider ease of habit for external users. Do they need an account to add and retrieve message ? Or can you share individual assets, upload links, and populace or password-protected portals without much bustle ?

Does it integrate with the other tools your team relies on?

Integrations speed up your workflows by connecting your contentedness library with the software you use every day. Look for out-of-the-box integrations with tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Workfront, and Microsoft Office. Need something more recess ? Your DAM solution should offer a robust API, so your developers can connect it with any application you like.

Is it video compatible?

If video recording is part of your content scheme, the best media asset management software for your team will make it easy to work with television. Can you preview video recording files without exporting them ? Can you trim videos to download fair the clips you need ? Is there a Premiere Pro integration ? not all DAM systems are video compatible, so make sure to try before you buy.

Can you configure it to make it your own?

Every constitution is a singular ecosystem of people, processes and procedures. Your DAM system should adapt to your team and industry. Are there customizable fields to categorize assets and percolate search results in a way that makes sense ? Can you brand the interface and external portals with your logo, colors and imagination ? Consider how easy these configurations are to implement. Is it a bare set adjustment, or does it require custom code ?

Is it secure?

Keep your digital assets safe by ensuring your DAM provider uses proper encoding and security system protocols. Where will your assets be stored ? Is the data center guarantee ? A reputable DAM provider shouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate to discuss security and datum protective covering .

Do they offer high-quality, ongoing customer service?

Choose a sure seller with an established cut record of providing DAM services to major brands. DAM is a building complex sphere, and it takes time to build up the expertness to serve clients well. Digital asset management is an ongoing process, not barely a erstwhile initiation. Look for a DAM seller that will provide ongoing customer concern from an experience digest team .

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