Welcome to Our South Edmonton Dental Clinic Near Ellerslie Rd

Welcome to Our South Edmonton Dental Clinic Near Ellerslie Rd

Welcome to Orchards Dental, the South Edmonton dental practice of Dr. Dennis George Anithottam ! We ‘re gallant to serve our friends and South Edmonton neighbors in The Orchards of Ellerslie, Summerside, Ellerslie, Charlesworth, Walker, Rutherford, Callaghan, Allard, Richford, Blackburn, and Mill Woods .
We ’ re thrilled that you ’ re considering us as your new dental home, and we ’ d like to partake with you the kind of caution you can expect as a patient at our rehearse .
Orchards Dental – South Edmonton
Family Dentist in South Edmonton

( 780 ) 756-9555
A full-service family oriented South Edmonton dental clinic
1504 91 Street SW # 6

An Atmosphere Designed with You in Mind

We designed our practice to reflect the needs of our patients. Each lend agreeableness, from the iPads and drink bar in our reception sphere to the warm blankets, pillows, and TVs in the ceilings of our private discussion rooms, was selected to increase your consolation .
Going to the dentist generally international relations and security network ’ metric ton at the top of most people ’ south lists of darling things to do. We ’ re hop, however, that by making our agency homelike and patient-friendly, you ’ ll look ahead to your appointments !

We Follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide!

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is an annual suggest fee guide for dentists in Alberta. There are over 1,600 dental codes and code descriptors that are outlined in the lead related to specific elements of dental treatment. The fees and codes used within this guidebook are what many dental plan carriers will base their plan coverage around. Orchards Dental is proud to be a dental clinic in South Edmonton which follows the Alberta Dental Fee Guide .

The Services You Need

We offer a broad crop of dental services to meet your syndicate ’ mho needs, whether you are seeking a six-month contraceptive clean and examen or more advanced wish, such as dental implant placement, root canals, wisdom tooth extraction and emergency dental care. Your entire family is welcome at our commit, including your children, and we ’ ve taken extra steps to make sure that they feel precisely as at ease as you do !
orchards dental edmonton We make it easy for you to get care on your agenda. Our late good afternoon and flush hours make it possible for you to be seen without having to miss work or educate, and we ’ re even open on Saturdays. There is batch of park, and parking is release. We offer family-block appointments so you can avoid multiple trips, and we are normally able to accommodate same-day emergencies, then if you are in pain or have another concern, go ahead and give us a call ! We besides have evening and Saturday appointments available .

Convenience and Comfort

We want to help everyone access the dental care they need to stay healthy. If you have anxiety about going to the dentist, let us know. We offer sedation options like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation to ease your worries so you can relax during your appointment .
Our practice accepts all major policy plans, and we even offer both in-house and third-party finance if you need some help fitting larger out-of-pocket costs into your monthly budget. Any fourth dimension you have questions about your coverage or the cost of your wish, barely let us know and we are felicitous to help.

Root Canals South Edmonton

When dealing with teeth that are severely damaged or infected a root canal may be the best course of action to save the tooth. Depending on the situation we will try to save a tooth rather than remove it. At Orchards Dental in South Edmonton, we understand patients can feel anxious before a etymon duct operation which is why before any routine our team will make surely you are comfortable. We besides offer sedation options like azotic oxide and oral sedation for those patients who need it. The best way you can avoid having to go through a root canal procedure is by following adept dental hygiene and monitoring your oral health .

Dental Implants South Edmonton

When it comes to replacing missing teeth having dental implants is the best as they appear similar to natural teeth and routine identical similarly to them. Dental implants have other advantages like not being able to get cavities and never needing root canals. With each tooth, you lose the other teeth in your mouth take extra push with every pungency. This results in the rest of your teeth breaking down faster and more susceptible to cracks and fractures. Regardless of if you are missing one tooth or missing many teeth, dental implants help to restore your mouth to full functionality including helping you eat more well and boost your natural smile. Implants have a long-run survivability rate of more than 95 %

invisalign edmontonInvisalign South Edmonton

many of our pornographic patients want to know how they can fix their hunched teeth without the use of traditional metallic element brackets and wires. At Orchards Dental in South Edmonton, we offer orthodontic treatment with Invisalign. Invisalign is a system that uses a series of clear, plastic aligners preferably than metallic element brackets and wires. Invisalign is not just for adults but can be used by teenagers ampere well. Invisalign helps you keep a positive dental appearance while correcting dental misalignments. Invisalign ’ s translucent aligners fit into target over your teeth and are worn throughout the day. The benefit of Invisalign is that most people will not even notice them in your mouthpiece .

Accepting New Patients

We are always welcoming new patients of all ages to our South Edmonton Dental Clinic. We love to meet modern patients and build a positivist relationship with our patients and their families. We offer a full range of dental services from fillings, orthodontics, dental implants, and sleep apnea treatments. We are besides gallant to offer dental emergency services. We keep openings in our schedule and are frequently able to see same-day emergencies. We have a 24/7 hand brake number which can be reached at 587-873-3368. Contact our South Edmonton Dental Clinic to ledger your following dentist appointment .


Read our affected role testimonials from over 700 felicitous patients. At Orchards Dental we strive to create a positive and comfortable environment for our patients. We are big believers in ceaseless improvement, and we do our best at creating a incontrovertible affected role feel through a combination of gentle care and a dedication to patient education .
Orchards Dental – South Edmonton
Family Dentist in Edmonton
( 780 ) 756-9555
A full-service class oriented South Edmonton dental clinic
1504 91 Street SW # 6

orchards dental edmontonModern Dental Care in a Homelike Environment

engineering is making dentistry more comfortable, more effective, and more predictable, and we ’ ve incorporated many technical advances into our commit. From intraoral cameras and digital x-rays to help show you what we see to the DentalVibe, which allows you to experience more comfortable anaesthetic administration, we focus on your needs so you can have a bang-up appointment every fourth dimension.

Financing Options

At Orchards Dental we want to make it easy for you to get the dental care you require. We do direct poster to insurance and take all credit cards, including AMEX and the third gear party finance company, Pay Bright. We offer financing options so requital for services can be made over a few months rather of all at once to make it financially easier for you. We can besides offer third base party fiscal options which allows you to make payments over respective months or years. Before any dental work is done, we will go over the expect out-of-pockets costs so you know what to expect when you come in and are n’t caught off guard. If you have any questions or concerns about the cost of your alveolar consonant study, please let us know .
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Are you ready to get started ? Call today and let us know what you need. We ’ rhenium looking advancing to meet you and welcoming you to our dental syndicate !

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