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If you were injured in a motive vehicle accident that was ascribable to person else ’ second negligence, our empathic and feel team at The Barber Law firm can provide you with personalized accompaniment and reasoned legal advice throughout every degree of your claim. Our lawyers will deal with the insurance companies and litigation process on your behalf to obtain compensation to cover your lost wages, medical and hospital bills, angstrom well as funeral costs, should the accident have resulted in the death of a love one .
When dealing with the consuming laundry list of tasks to take concern of, from repairing or replacing your vehicle to trying to figure out how to pay the checkup bills that you incurred as a solution of your accident, it ’ s apprehensible that contacting a lawyer to discuss your font may not be front of heed. unfortunately for Texans, hard-and-fast laws are in identify that limit the time period in which you have to file a call, so securing the help of a passionate legal team is not something that you should put off. The last thing that you need is to finally contact an lawyer only to learn that it ’ s excessively deep to obtain the department of justice you deserve .
When you call our firm for the first fourth dimension, you can expect to speak with a highly knowing member of our legal team who will ask you to walk them through the whole history of your accident, often thinking to ask you questions that you may not have even considered relevant to your event. Our empathic intake specialists will put your heed at ease, considering all variables and letting you know precisely how best to proceed to protect your interests from whatever point you are at, and which next steps will be critical to protecting your legal rights.

Why should you call and Attorney?


Kris Barber and his team of Dallas Auto Accident attorneys recognize the factors that are most pressing following a traumatic automobile wreck :

  • ambulance, hospital, aesculapian discussion, and operation costs
  • Lost wages associated with the car accident
  • Future medical treatment
  • funeral costs

Forming a potent casing can be daunting. not entirely are you recovering from your injuries, but you will need to collect and submit all documentation needed to establish a claim in regulate to receive the fairly settlement you deserve. Our attorneys have considerable skill, cognition, and experience with car accident claims. They will help you by working with you, the medical providers and the indemnity companies so that you can focus on your convalescence. The be will be reviewed by the indemnity company when evaluating your claim :

  • Photographs of the setting of the accident, vehicle and other price, and the injuries suffered
  • Recorded statements by those involved in the cable car barge in, the patrol, and any witnesses
  • hospital and medical supplier bills and records

The best way to fight for your rights against policy companies that seek to obtain the lowest possible settlement is to consult a personal wound lawyer. Representing clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, and throughout the stallion express of Texas, The Barber Law Firm will work for you to recover for your personal injuries due to an automobile, motorbike, or truck accident that was caused by person else ’ s negligence .


When you are involved in a car wreck, it ’ s important to know what to do–as good as what not to do–both at the scene of the accident and in the days, weeks, and months following your accident. While you ’ re probably shaken up and preoccupied after a car accident, the follow guidelines can help protect your legal rights after your accident and increase your chances of a friendly personal injury colony for your car accident claim .
At the Accident Scene

  • DO call the patrol after an accident–a responding policeman ’ s police report is one of the most critical pieces of testify when it comes to your car accident claim .
  • DON’T move your car unless it is required by law or dangerous for others in its stream location .
  • DON’T say besides much at the scene of the accident–even something a innocent as apologizing to the person in the other vehicle could be construed as admitting fault .
  • DO take photograph of the view of the accident, including the location of the vehicles after the accident, damage to each vehicle, and any hazardous road conditions that you see which may have contributed to your cable car bust up .

here is a quick mention list of what to do if possible :

  1. Use your cell phone’s camera. Use the video camera to record evidence from the scene. You
    should also take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, the driver, and the license plate. It’s not
    uncommon for negligent drivers to take off after an accident, and a photo can help identify him
    or her later. You should also take pictures of any cars stopped in the area, as they could be
    witnesses later.
  2. Do not leave the scene of the accident. Move your vehicles out of traffic after a crash, but do
    not leave the scene until you have exchanged insurance information with the other driver. Make
    a note of his or her driver’s license number, insurance company name, and policy number, and
    name, address, and phone number.
  3. Get information about witnesses. If there are witnesses to the accident, get their contact
    information, as well as their recollections of the accident while fresh in their minds.
  4. Record your own memories of the crash. The sooner you make notes or a video about your
    memory of the accident, the more reliable your version becomes.
  5. Seek medical treatment. Even if you believe you are uninjured, you should seek medical
    treatment after a crash. Injuries may not appear until several days after an accident.
  6. Call your insurance company right away. Report your accident within a reasonable time. If you
    wait too long, you may be denied coverage.

After Your accident

  • DO seek immediate aesculapian attention–seeking proper aesculapian treatment is critical when it comes to pursuing a personal wound claim for your car accident .
  • DO seek legal advice from a car accident lawyer immediately–one of the biggest factors of a successful personal wound claim is the representation of a competent personal wound lawyer who has experience in handling car wreck cases .
  • DON’T sign any paperwork from the policy company without having an lawyer revue them first–it ’ s a pretty safe bet that any paperwork that an insurance caller is asking you to sign international relations and security network ’ thymine for your benefit .
  • DON’T get excessively comfortable with an insurance representative–remember that they ’ re on the indemnity party ’ randomness side, not yours .
  • DO start a medical journal to document repair ’ south appointments, medical visits, and how you are feeling in the days after your wound .
  • DO track time missed from work–you can be compensated from the income lost during this time.


After your cable car wreck, it is critical to obtain a copy of the car accident patrol report that was filled out by the policeman that responded to the scene of the accident. A patrol report is much one of the most significant pieces of testify in a car shipwreck case .

How to Obtain a Police Report

Getting a copy of the patrol report for your car wreck is a relatively dim-witted work. After your wreck, be certain to call the police to have person come to the scene of the accident. The responding officer should give you a acknowledge that includes an recognition issue. To obtain your police report, you ’ ll just need to call the local police department and provide the total. If you weren ’ t given a reception, or if you ’ ve misplaced the receipt, you can besides get a copy of your police report by providing the date, time, and location of your car bust up .
There may be a humble tip required to obtain your report but don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate let that put you off–this document can be invaluable when it comes to proving fault in your car bust up and recovering the compensation you deserve .

Why a Police Report is Critical to Your Claim

After a car wreck, the importance of a patrol composition can ’ metric ton be understated. The accident composition is the “ official ” interpretation of what happened during your accident, often stating who is to blame for the shipwreck, and is one of the key pieces of attest that an indemnity company relies on when determining demerit and issuing compensation for your injuries. As such, a police report is one of the first things that an indemnity ship’s company will look at to conduct its probe of who was at fault in your car bust up. Without this document, a car accident claim will be incomplete, and can result in an offensively low settlement propose, or even an outright defense of your claim .

What Information does a Police Report Include?

A patrol report is filled out by the military officer who responds to the scene of the accident, and provides a drumhead of the officer ’ s investigation of the accident. This report contains all of the relevant details about your cable car wreck, including :

  • Date, time, and location of the bust up
  • name, addresses, and policy information for the parties involved in the wreck
  • Any traffic citations issued to the parties of the wreck
  • Identifying information for any witnesses to the wreck
  • The policeman ’ south opinion as to who was at blame in causing the crash


If you have been injured in a car wreck, a personal injury title should be filed deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as possible after the accident, since there is a limitation on the time you have to file a lawsuit .
A “ legislative act of limitations ” is a law which places a meter limit on how long a person has to bring legal action against an at-fault party after an incidental occur. In Texas, the codified of limitations for personal injury claims—including car wrecks—is two years after the date of the accident. This means that if you are unable to resolve your car wreck claim, you must file a lawsuit within two years after the day that your car bust up occurred .

Exceptions to the Statute of Limitations

Although rare, there are exceptions to the biennial codified of limitations for car accident cases which can provide for an elongation of time to file a lawsuit. These exceptions include the postdate :

  • The accident involves a child. When the plaintiff in a cable car wreck case is under the age of 18, the codified of limitations is put on hold–otherwise known as “ tolled ” –until the child reaches the historic period of 18 .
  • You are mentally or physically impaired. In some cases involving dangerous wound, the plaintiff of a electric potential car shipwreck case may be so physically or mentally mar that he or she is ineffective to bring a lawsuit within the two year timeframe. In these cases, the codified of limitations may be tolled until after the plaintiff is physically or mentally capable of filing a lawsuit .
  • You learn of the other party’s fault after the fact. Another exception to the codified of fraud for cable car crash cases is the “ discovery rule, ” in which the biennial legislative act of limitations begins only after a person becomes aware that the other party was at fault for the title .

Whatever you do, don ’ t expect until the last minute to seek legal advice from a personal injury lawyer regarding your cable car accident–although two years sounds like a long period of time, settlement negotiations can take a hearty sum of prison term. If you aren ’ metric ton successful in settling your case with the indemnity company, gathering the necessary attest to frame a successful personal wound lawsuit can take evening longer. Don ’ thymine find yourself at the end of your legislative act of limitations period without an attorney–seek help from a personal injury lawyer early on in order to secure the best chance of a successful consequence for your car wreck claim .


The Barber Law tauten can discuss your situation with you immediately, and if we agree to handle your lawsuit, we will work on a contingent fee basis, meaning we lone get paid when we win your case. For a FREE consultation, contact our Dallas, TX car accident attorneys at 972-231-5800, or fill out our on-line form .
One of the most coarse misconceptions about car wrecks is that it will be excessively expensive to hire an lawyer to help you with your claim—after all, depending on the work performed, it can cost hundreds of dollars an hour for a lawyer ’ s help in a case. Whatever you do, don ’ metric ton let the fear of not being able to afford an lawyer keep you from seeking the legal representation that you need and deserve after your car shipwreck. Rather than charging an expensive hourly pace, The Barber Law Firm ’ s legal team works on a contingency basis, which means that we entirely get paid if we are successful in obtaining fiscal compensation for your car wreck. In early words, if you aren ’ thymine compensated after your cable car shipwreck, you don ’ t pay us a dime, so you have nothing to lose by retaining The Barber Law tauten to help you with your personal injury claim .


The first gear pace of filing an indemnity claim after your car wreck is to report the claim to the indemnity ship’s company. If you were not at fault in your crash, the accident should be reported to the at-fault party ’ randomness policy supplier. At this time, you ’ ll most likely be required to provide the policy carrier with information about your accident, including how sternly you were injured in the shipwreck and what checkup treatments you have sought so army for the liberation of rwanda for your injuries .
After this, the indemnity company will conduct its own autonomous probe of your claim. During this stage, you will be asked to provide more data about your car crash, such as photos of the scene of the accident, the responding officer ’ s accident report, and the names and reach information for any bystanders who witnessed the car accident. You may besides be asked to submit to an autonomous aesculapian examination by a doctor chosen by the insurance company .
After obtaining all the necessity information about your car bust up, the insurance company will calculate how much they believe the losses are worth and reach out with a settlement offer. At that clock, you can either accept the settlement if you are satisfied with the extend, or decline the offer and submit a counteroffer if you are restless with the sum that the policy party offers you to make you whole after your accident .


Whenever you are dealing with an indemnity company–whether that of the at-fault party or your own car indemnity company–it ’ second significant to keep your guard duty up and not get besides comfortable with the person you are speaking with. No count who you are speaking to on the other end of the agate line, whether it be the early party ’ s insurance ship’s company or your own, when it comes to indemnity companies, be sure to keep the pursue in heed :

  • Your calls are probably being recorded. Whenever you speak to a spokesperson from an indemnity company, it ’ s a pretty safe count that your call is being recorded from start to finish. Don ’ thyroxine descent for the old lineage that your call is being recorded “ for quality assurance ” –at the end of the day, your call is being recorded in hopes that you are going to slip up and say something that the indemnity company can use against you in your car shipwreck call .
  • Never sign insurance documents without talking to an attorney first. After you are involved in a car crash, an insurance company will probably send you a push-down storage of forms to fill out and return to them. Before you put your pen to a single nibble of newspaper, it ’ south critical to seek the guidance of an experience personal injury lawyer to review these documents and ensure that you are not signing away your legal rights. indemnity companies are waiting for any opportunity to take advantage of you in order to strengthen their own case, and asking you to sign a batch of forms with a load of incriminating fine print after a cable car wreck is one of their darling tactics. If you are not familiar with the documents you are signing and what they mean, you can easily sign your rights aside without even knowing it .
  • Insurance companies aren’t on your side. Despite the slogans you hear on commercials, this is one of the most significant things to keep in mind when you are dealing with an insurance company–even your own. Despite the indispensable function that an insurance company plays in compensating you or your losses, it is hush a occupation, and the primary coil goal of any business is to protect its bottom line and to be vitamin a profitable as possible. When it comes to indemnity companies, the easiest way for them to save money is to offer you as low of a settlement come as possible after a cable car crash. This means that the profits reaped by the insurance companies come at the expense of those who are injured .

Texas Insurance Requirements:

  • All Texas drivers are required to carry minimum liability indemnity coverage. basic indemnity coverage in Texas is 30/60/25. This means that the current minimal for indebtedness limits is $ 30,000/each hurt person, up to $ 60,000/accident and $ 25,000/accident for property damage .
  • Texas law requires Personal Injury Protection ( PIP ) indemnity to be offered, but a release can be signed declining the coverage. indemnity companies are required to offer $ 2,500 in PIP coverage but many companies will have options to add more to a policy .
  • PIP covers medical expenses, 80 % of lost wages and costs associated with hiring a health professional for the hurt person after an accident. PIP is a “ no-fault ” policy mean that it covers your injury regardless of who was at fault for the accident .
  • It is estimated that approximately 13 % or 1.6 million Texas drivers are uninsured. Texas law requires Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist ( UM/UIM ) coverage to be offered, but a release can be signed declining the coverage .
  • UM/UIM insurance protects you if you have been in an accident caused by person without indemnity, person who doesn ’ thyroxine have enough indemnity to cover bodily/property damage or a hit-and-run accident .
  • collision ( for damage to your car ) and Comprehensive ( for damage other than collision ) coverage is required if you still owe money on your vehicle .


In the majority of car accident claims, the parties involved in the wreck will never see the inside of a courtroom–most car accident claims are settled well before the case always goes to trial. sometimes, however, it ’ s impossible for both parties–along with their indemnity companies–to agree on who was at fault in the bust up or to come to a fair colony agreement. If this is the case, our experience trial attorneys will not hesitate to bring your case to court to have a jury determine fault and a judge determine a fairly compensation .
If you are a first-timer in a court, simply knowing how the trial summons works can ease some of the nervousness that might accompany a personal injury font .

  • Jury selection : car accident trials normally include a jury who will decide the resultant role of a case. During a march called “ voir desperate, ” potential jurors in the jury consortium are asked respective questions that will weed out any jurors with opinions which could keep the juror from reaching a decision reasonably and impartially .
  • Opening statement : in this begin stage of the trial, the Plaintiff ’ s lawyer will present his or her side of the casing and what the end leave should be. The Defendant ’ s lawyer will then have his or her turn to do the same .
  • Presenting evidence : As the Plaintiff has the burden of proving his or her casing in a car bust up trial, the Plaintiff ’ s lawyer will show the judge and jury the testify which he or she believes will show defect on behalf of the Defendant. The Defendant ’ s lawyer can then show evidence which would refute the Plaintiff ’ s argument and show that the Defendant was innocent, or even that the Plaintiff was at demerit in the car wreck. During this stage, witnesses such as bystanders to the accident or aesculapian professionals are frequently called up to the front of the court to testify on behalf of either party .
  • Closing arguments : this stage of the trial allows each party ’ south lawyer to once again submit his or her status of the case and try to persuade the jury to come to a certain conclusion about the case .
  • Deliberation : once the parties ’ attorneys have pled their respective cases, the jury will be taken into a different room to come to a decision about the case in private .
  • Verdict: after the jury has deliberated the case, the jury will be called back into the courtroom and a designated person of the jury will read the jury’s decision about fault in the case–otherwise known as the “verdict”–to the parties.


If your car accident character goes to trial, the jury ’ s verdict may not be the end of your character. once a verdict is reached, it ’ s a pretty safe bet that the losing party–whether it be the Defendant or yourself–will be dissatisfied with how the case ended. In some cases, the losing party may file an appeal, which requests that a higher court amend or reverse the decision that was entered in your subject .
If your cable car accident case goes to trial, it will likely be heard in a submit zone court. An attract, however, is heard in an appellate court. During an appeal, the parties once again return to the court, where the losing party ’ second lawyer argues that the jury decided the shell falsely. If an attract is granted, your cable car crash shell will be sent back to the country trial court, and the stallion encase will be tried again by a different jury .
In rare instances, a party who loses at both the trial and appellate grade may appeal once again to the Texas Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the state of matter. The Supreme Court does not have to take on the sheath ; rather, car shipwreck cases are broadly merely heard by the Texas Supreme Court if there is a singular offspring in the case .
The appeals work is not a promptly one by any means–if your cable car accident lawsuit is appealed, it can take months–or even years–for the appeal to be heard .


Drivers and passengers are often injured as a result of motor fomite crashes every day on Texas roads and highways. Being a safe driver is not always adequate since we share the road with then many other drivers. unfortunately, about 1 in 7 Texas drivers do not have car insurance. consequently, having Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist ( UM/UIM ) coverage and Personal Injury Protection ( PIP ) is extremely authoritative .
According to data compiled in April 2017 by the Texas Department of Transportation, there were a sum of 551,971 crashed in 2016. The act of traffic fatalities increased by 5.45 % from 2015, giving 2016 a death bell of 3,773. unfortunately, there was not a day in 2016 that did not experience a death on Texas roadways. According to TXDOT and the 2016 reportable automobile crashes, the be statistics are awful :

  • Every 2 hours and 20 minutes, 1 person was killed
  • Every 1 moment and 59 seconds, 1 person was injured
  • Every 57 seconds, 1 reportable barge in took place
  • A sum of 265,076 individuals were injured
County in
North Texas
Total Crashes
in 2016
Total Injuries
in 2016
in 2016
Collin 13,764 7,999 50
Dallas 55,797 45,308 288
Denton 12,127 6,381 42
Ellis 2,572 1,410 24
Erath 732 394 12
Hood 794 413 15
Hunt 1,394 931 28
Johnson 2,255 1,409 23
Kaufman 1,995 1,744 28
Navarro 1,357 580 6
Palo Pinto 558 230 8
Parker 2,174 964 21
Rockwall 1,385 560 12
Somervell 163 80 2
Tarrant 34,732 25,567 166
Wise 978 423 19
All Texas Counties 551,971 349,651 3,773

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, some of the most coarse contributing factors to motor vehicle accidents :

  • Cell/mobile device custom
  • Disregarding stop or give indicators at intersections
  • not yielding to pedestrians
  • Distraction inside the vehicle
  • Driver inattention
  • Under the determine of drugs or alcohol
  • speed, traveling at an insecure focal ratio or failure to control speed
  • Distracted Driving
  • Texting and Driving


Texas Lawyer Kristopher Barber represents victims and their families who have suffered a death or nourish injuries as a resultant role of person else ’ s negligence due to perturb drive. many times, victims will suffer trouble and suffering, lost wages and aesculapian bills caused by a distract driving accident .
There are 3 types of distracted drive .

  • ocular – taking eyes off the road
  • manual – taking hands off the bicycle
  • cognitive – taking focus off of drive, i.e. lost in think, mind wanders

Every year in America about 421,000 people are injured in motor vehicle accidents ( MVA ) that involve a driver who is distracted. In Texas, there were 455 people killed in drive vehicle crashes involving distracted driving in 2016. There are many examples of distracted driver that you may not have considered .

  • Talking on a cell phone
  • Texting
  • corrode or drink
  • Grooming
  • GPS or seafaring custom
  • Adjusting radio receiver or other vehicle controls
  • Talking to passengers
  • passenger distractions
  • Pets
  • Reading
  • Watching videos
  • tire
  • Smoking
  • Reaching for a devise or object in the car, purse, wallet or briefcase
  • outside person or event

There are ways to limit and prevent distract drive .

  • Do not talk or text while driving
  • Limit the use of radio receiver and navigation
  • Limit the volume and bodily process of passengers
  • Limit the count of passengers in your vehicle
  • Limit the consumption of Bluetooth and voice commands
  • Organize yourself before you begin driving
  • Groom and corrode before or after driving
  • Pull off the road if something needs your wide attention
  • Pull off the road if drowsy, fatigued or disturb

If you have been injured in an accident where the driver was distracted, contact the patrol and seek aesculapian discussion for your injuries immediately. It is besides very crucial that you seek legal advocate in order to protect your legal rights. The Barber Law tauten is available for a release sheath evaluation for perturb drive cases. Lawsuits must be filed within a certain amount of time from the date of accident, indeed if you intend to pursue legal advice or a call, contact a Texas distracted driving lawyer. Click here for a absolve reference from our have injury attorneys in the Dallas, TX sphere to ensure that you do not waive your correct to possible compensation .


Texas injury lawyer Kristopher Barber represents motor vehicle accident victims and their families who have been injured or even suffered the loss of a kin extremity due an accident caused by texting and driving. These types of accidents can cause good injuries, trouble and suffering, lost wages and medical bills .
Texting and repel is the act of compose, sending and/or reading text messages, emails or like habit of the internet on a mobile device. This can result in fines, accidents, injuries, death and even a surface in car policy rates. A total of more than 330,000 individuals suffered injuries caused by texting and driving in Texas and around the state .
There are 3 types of distract drive : ocular, manual and cognitive. Texting and driving involves all three ! Texting and driving requires you to take your eyes off the road, take your hand ( s ) off the steering wheel and takes your stress off of driving. This trifecta of distracted drive is extremely dangerous and causes thousands of car crashes, injuries and deaths each year in Texas. Each year, more than 400,000 people are injured in crashes that involved perturb drive in Texas and around the area .
Prevent texting and drive :

  • Download an app to block your telephone while driving
  • Turn your phone off
  • Put your call out of reach while driving
  • Pull off the road if you need to report an hand brake

On September 1, 2017, Texas became the forty-seventh state to enact a banish on texting while driving. House Bill 62 prevents drivers from reading, writing or sending an electronic message while their cable car is moving .
According to the HB 62 Analysis, “ Distracted driving continues to be a meaning divisor in property damage, injury and death on this state ’ s ( Texas ) roads and highways. ” The analysis stated that 40 % of drivers between the ages of 19 and 39 say they text while driving. Drivers who text will on average take their attention off the road for 4.6 seconds out of a six second base period of time. This is the lapp as driving 55 miles per hour for the length of a football playing field. additionally, according to Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation James Bass, 455 people were killed and more than 3000 were badly injured concluding year as a result of perturb force .
What Texas Drivers Need to Know :

  • Drivers can not read, write or send an electronic message while operating a fomite, unless the vehicle is stopped, such as at a crimson light or stop sign .
  • Drivers under the historic period of 18 are not permitted to use any radio communication device while driving .
  • School bus drivers carrying minor passengers are prohibited from speaking on a cell call or texting while driving. All bus topology drivers are banned from texting while driving .
  • Drivers are prohibited from talking on a cell call or texting while in a school zone .
  • Drivers may still talk on a cellular telephone telephone if they are using a “ hands-free device ” .
  • Drivers may use a cell phone for GPS and music .
  • Drivers may use a radio receiver communication device to report illegal activeness, car accident or an emergency .
  • At this time, cities are however able to pass and enforce hands-free laws within their city limits .

presently over 95 Texas cities already have some type of hands-free ordinance in plaza. At least 45 of them have ordinances that are stricter than those set forth by HB 62. Argyle, Austin, Bedford, Denton, Floresville, Hill Country Village, Hurst, Lake Dallas, Little Elm, Midlothian, New Branfels, San Antonio, San Marcos, Watauga and Wichita Falls are among that group .
failure to comply with the newfangled state-wide bachelor of arts in nursing could lead to a misdemeanor charge with a fine of $ 25 to $ 99, and repeat offenders can be charged up to a $ 200 all right. If an accident is caused by texting while driving and it results in a death or serious injury of another person, the driver can be charged with a course A misdemeanor which comes with a all right up to $ 4,000 and up to a 12-month imprison term .
If you have been injured in an accident due to distracted driver texting while driving, you should speak with an lawyer. Click here for a free consultation from our experience injury attorneys in the Dallas, TX area to ensure that you do not waive your correct to possible compensation .

How to Choose the Right Car Accident Attorney

When choosing an lawyer or a tauten to represent your encase there are a few questions you should ask them before deciding that they are the good match for you .

  • What types of cases does your firm usually represent? – There are many different areas of jurisprudence exercise and even within personal injury, there are many different types of personal injury cases. It ’ south vital to make sure that the tauten you entrust to handle your case has successfully handled many similar cases before. The more specialize the firm you work with is, the more probable they are to obtain excellent results for you .
  • Do I stand to gain more working with your firm than I would if I were to go it alone? – In the majority of cases, policy companies will offer much higher settlements to victims with legal representation than to those without. In some situations, however, the respect of your total damages may be very first gear and after paying a assign of that to your lawyer, you may come out with less money than you would have without representation. Test the integrity of the firm you are thinking of working with by asking this motion. A firm that truly has your interests in thinker will advise you both when you ’ re better off working with them, and when you would stand to gain more going it alone, even if this means less money for them .
  • What kind of results have you obtained for previous clients with cases similar to mine? – While no lawyer should tell you what your case is worth ahead conducting a thorough investigation, they should be able to give you examples of the results of other accident cases they have handled that might be exchangeable to yours. A able and feel fast should have batch of positive by results that can give you an mind, both of what you might expect for your own case, and of the negotiating abilities of the attorneys .

At The Barber Law firm, we focus only on personal injury police and that narrow concentrate has allowed us to help hundreds of Texans to obtain full compensation for their fiscal, and non-financial losses following a car accident. Our feel and integrity mean that we will be straight with you right from the begin. If we can help you, we will do everything in our power to stormily pursue department of justice on your behalf. If we examine your circumstances and realize that you stand to gain more without our representation, we will be 100 % guileless with you about that, and give you legal advice that will help you to make a success of your case .

Car Accident Attorney FAQ’s

How much does it cost to speak with an accident attorney about my car wreck?

absolutely nothing–at The Barber Law firm, our personal injury consultations for car accident cases is 100 % free, whether you decide to retain our office or not. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a consultation to speak with us after your car accident .

How long do I have to file a car accident case?

special timeframes called “ statutes of limitations ” place a restrict on how retentive a person has to file a claim against another party in a personal injury case. In the majority of Texas cable car accident cases, a person has two years from the go steady of the accident to file a lawsuit against the other driver. It ’ s important to keep an eye on this time limit during the settlement process ; if your title international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate settled out of court within the biennial time period, your lawyer must file a lawsuit against the other party before the biennial anniversary of your car accident. After this time terminus ad quem has expired, it is extremely difficult–and in most cases, impossible–to file a lawsuit against the other party to your cable car crash to recover compensation for your injuries .

What compensation can I recover for my car wreck?

The character of recompense that you can recover in a car accident claim depends on a multitude of factors, including how ill you were injured in your bust up and the percentage of blame that was allocated to you for the accident. distinctive forms of recompense that you may be entitled to receive include :

  • aesculapian expenses such as hospital bills, reclamation costs, and costs of medical equipment needed after your car wreck ;
  • Income that you have lost as a solution of having to miss work after your accident ( and lost earning potential if you are permanently disabled and ineffective to return to work after your wreck ) ;
  • physical annoyance that you suffered both during and after your cable car wreck ;
  • emotional trauma that you endured as a resultant role of your cable car accident, including depression, anxiety, and an inability to sleep ; and
  • Costs to repair your vehicle, or costs to replace your vehicle if it was totaled in your car accident .

How much is my car accident case worth?

unfortunately, there is no magic convention to determine the dollar come of recompense that you can receive from your cable car accident claim. A number of factors must be considered in determining the potential compensation that you could be awarded after your car accident. In cosmopolitan, the more severe your injuries, the more compensation that you may be able to receive in a car accident case. extra factors that can affect how much recompense you can be awarded in a personal injury claim include the total of medical bills that you have incurred as a leave of treatment of your injuries, whether your injuries are recoverable or whether they are permanent wave, and whether you were in any manner at defect in your accident .

Do I have to go to court if I file a car accident claim?

Most parties to a car accident claim never have to see the inside of a court, as these cases are normally settled before they ever reach the trial stage. In some cases, however, insurance companies are unwilling to settle for a fairly come, and a encase must move forward to trial. If your case does progress to the test stage, don ’ t worry–our legal team prepares every car accident claim as if it will go to test, so we are never caught off guard duty if the font progresses to that phase of litigation .

How much does it cost for a car accident attorney at The Barber Law Firm to take my case?

You don ’ metric ton pay any upfront servant or hourly fee for The Barber Law firm to represent you in your car wreck case. We handle car accident cases on a eventuality basis, which means that we retain a percentage of the recompense that you are awarded in your case. The percentage that is retained depends on whether or not a lawsuit must be filed to recover compensation in your case, as there is a well greater sum of work which must be put into filing a lawsuit and going to test. If we are ineffective to recover any recompense for your case on your behalf, you don ’ thymine pay us a cent.SaveSave


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