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January 2022

Discussion Tool Updates
Consistent Evaluation Experience is nowadays the default. To provide the same evaluation know across activities, the discussion evaluation experience now has the same format as the assignment evaluation. consolidate Dates are nowadays the default. Locking Options have been removed. Visibility and access is controlled in Availability Start/End Date options.

Email Address Field Improved Workflow
A simplified work flow for selecting an electronic mail recipient role is available ( old work flow still available ) .
IA Export and Import Now Available
Instructors may now include Intelligent Agents in course import/export .
Quiz Tool Terminology Updates
When setting Assessment options in the Quiz Tool and/or creating a Grade Item in the Grades Tool, terms have been updated to describe the military action that occurs ( i.e., print or synchronize ) when that option is selected .
A full list of update terms is available here .
A PDF list of terminology changes with examples may be found here .


July 2021

Assignments – Add Categories in the New Assignment Creation Experience
The modern assignment universe experience supports the alignment of assignments into categories. Instructors can add new or existing assignment categories when creating or editing a raw assignment .

May 2021

Accommodations in the Classlist, Quizzes, and Class Progress
The new Accommodations are able to enable the follow options for a scholar : modify the time limit for all quizzes or always allow right-click in quizzes. The modify time can be applied in terms of a time multiplier or a stage set measure of extra minutes. The right-click accommodation option will override the set up to disable right-click if enabled in the master quiz settings .
once granted, these accommodations apply to every quiz in the course. Instructors will be able to view from the Classlist which students were given accommodations with a new research trickle and picture. The icons will besides be visible in the Class Progress area .
D2L Consistent Evaluation Experience for Assignments
The grant evaluation experience is streamlined, so the most normally exploited tools are easy to find and use. The layout is the same as before, with student submissions on the left and evaluation tools on the proper. The HTML editor in the feedback box is besides be updated to improve format options .

January 2021

New Assignments Creation Experience
The create and edit Assignments foliate has an updated look and feel. The classic tabbed view has been transformed into a new, amply immersive page layout. The basal panel on the leave contains frequently used fields that are always displayed. These fields are most relevant to learners and are the core details instructors want to add ; a due date, instructions, and attachments .
The dialog box on the right organizes extra, more advance options such as beginning and end dates, rubrics, note tools, and Turnitin. When these options are collapsed, compendious text provides details about which settings are active agent and insidious hints that aid in the discovery of extra settings. As a solution, you can see everything at a glance with little to no scroll, and without having to navigate through any tabs .
The modern have streamlines the process of linking assignments to your gradebook automatically. When you enter a score, your assignment is added to Grades, and the name and grudge are mechanically synced for you. If you traditionally create grade items in advance, support for selecting existing grades and categories is besides available .

Visual Word Count for Discussion Posts
A ocular give voice consider is now visible in the HTML Editor for discussion posts. All words in a discussion stake are counted and include filler words such as “ the, ” “ if, ” and “ to. ”
The news count is dynamically displayed to students while they type in the HTML Editor ( Discussions Reading View only ) and it besides appears following to their posts in the Discussions Reading View and Grid View. Students can view the password count for their posts only .
For instructors, the word count appears on the Assessment page during the discussions assessment action, and it besides appears inline with the post details in the Discussions Reading View and Grid View. Instructors can view the word count for all exploiter posts .
Incorrect Quiz Questions Retake Option
When enabled by the teacher, students will have the ability to retake faulty questions in quizzes. Retake incorrect Questions Only is a quiz shape choice available to Instructors when creating Quizzes with more than one try. When the determine is enabled, questions where the scholar ‘s grade on former attempts is 100 % are not available to be answered on subsequently attempts .

July 2020

Ally – Kennesaw State University is excited to be making the Blackboard Ally joyride available to staff and students beginning on July 24. Ally is a tool that not only assesses a run for elements of universal joint design, but besides allows learners access to multiple formats of available content so that they are able to learn in the formats in which they are most comfortable. Go to https : // to learn more .
My Courses Widget – Pinned pill and telling icons | New
The July 20.20.7 let go of of D2 Brightspace comes with a raw “ Pinned ” pill in the My Courses widget along with new telling icons. The pin tab key allows instructors and students to create a curated view of their pin courses .
The pin yellow journalism appears in the doodad only after courses are pinned. The pill remains in opinion until all courses are pinned. The My courses widget remembers the last see tab key and shows the lapp tab the next meter the home page is viewed .
My Courses Widget

January 2020

Classlist – Total number of users field and floating buttons | New

To improve facilitate of manipulation, the sum number of students ( whole course, section, group ) immediately appears in a field at the bottom of the Classlist page for at-a-glance watch to help instructors keep track of the total total of students, which may extend beyond the users visible on the page. On the Print Classlist and Email Classlist pages, the clickablePrint and Email buttons now float systematically on screen, to ensure easy access to these actions without excessive scroll .
Quick Eval – Dismiss activities from list | New
To improve the ability to manage items on their Quick Eval list, instructors can now select items that appear in their Quick Eval list and remove them temporarily or permanently. Instructors can view their displace items in the dismiss Activities List and restore them to the Quick Eval list at any time .
Quizzes – New Quiz Authoring Experience Preview | New
The fresh quiz authoring experience preview contains the follow additions :

  • Users can delete questions from a quiz using the new quiz authoring experience
  • Users can delete sections and question pool from a quiz using the new quiz authoring

It is presently not recommended to implement the new quiz authoring feel preview for general consumption in courses .

October 2019

Quick Eval is here !
Quick Eval offers evaluators a single placement to view all learner submissions that are awaiting evaluation. Submissions made to Assignments, Quizzes, and Discussions are displayed in a sortable number and can be selected to take you directly to their appraisal page. Educators can sort, trickle, and search submissions to prioritize their evaluation work. Sorting can be done using the first or last identify of the apprentice, Activity Name, Course Name, and Submission date. Filtering can be done using one or more of the be categories : bodily process Name, Course Name, and Submission Date .

For documentation support on using this great joyride, cluck here .


May 2019

DUO is required to log in to D2L for staff and students .
The following areas have upgrades and user improvements :


Improvements to the grant number view : When accessing assignments, the list watch displays updated information for instructors and students. Instructors immediately see the count of learners who have completed the appointment, the phone number of learners who have had the feedback published and the due date. Students besides have an update see of completion condition, their score and evaluation status .
Instructors can now use the built-in annotation toolbar in assignments to provide contextual feedback with highlight, barren hand disembowel, shapes, and associated comment .

My courses widget: 

ocular updates to course appliance tiles. New condition badge indicates the nonoperational and closed condition of courses ampere well as the path end date .


New better rubrics grading feel in Discussions for newly created rubrics. This does not impact any gloss that was previously created .
All rubric assessments and feedback updates for discussions and grad items now automatically save in draft express while updates are in build up .
Rubrics in draft department of state are not visible to learners until the teacher selects Save & Publish, at which clock learners can immediately view their feedback from Assignments, Content, Discussions, Grades and User Progress .
Instructors can choose to bulk publish feedback to all or choice users at once, such as for an entire class or group .
New Retract Feedback option enables instructors to remove published feedback from view of learners for changes to the Total Score. The overall Score and Overall Feedback portions of the gloss can be edited without retraction .
pop fly grade window that contains all rubrics for the discussion, a place to enter Overall Feedback, and a list of posts that the student has made .
Enjoy more mobile-friendly rate .

January 2019

KSU D2L Brightspace is now a fully cloud-hosted solution, allowing for increased constancy, streamlined updates, and better military service dependability .
small interface improvements for instructors and students .
The return of the “ Continuous Delivery ” model for D2L, with even, incremental improvements throughout the year .

May 2018 – D2L Brightspace Daylight Experience

KSU D2L Brightspace received a significant ocular and interface update prior to the depart of the 2018 May semester : D2L Brightspace Daylight Experience. Daylight features the same functionality, sign-in process, and run content available in the classical version of D2L Brightspace .
New features in the Daylight update include :

  • Responsive interface with improved compatibility for mobile devices.
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Tile based course layouts
  • Visual and interface updates to the Quizzes tool
    …and more 

Please note that some of your custom-make course content may display differently as a result of this interface update. We encourage you to evaluate the attend of your active course content in D2L.

Preview the New Update
As a preview of the update avail, we have created a new guidebook and instructional video recording for using Daylight, including :
Guide – Navigation and My Courses Quick Guide
Video – Navigation and My Courses
Daylight Experience

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