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Home Coffee Machines

Home coffee machine equipment is one of our specialties ! There are many brands of coffee machines on the marketplace and we can supply most of these to you, assured by our focus on delivering the best possible coffee bean and equipment to our clients. Please look through our shop for all available home coffee machines, including the featured brands below – ASK US ABOUT COFFEE MACHINE & GRINDER PACKAGES !

ECM. La Marzocco Rocket Jura Expobar



Jura S8 Coffee Machine

Jura S8 Coffee Machine

$ 2,460.00 $ 2,890.00
Jura S8 Coffee Machine
ECM Mechanika V Slim Coffee Machine

ECM Mechanika V Slim Coffee Machine

$ 2,950.00 $ 3,250.00

Rocket Appartamento Coffee Machine

Rocket Appartamento Coffee Machine

$ 2,975.00 $ 3,099.00


Office Coffee Machines

With over 15 years know working with businesses, finding an appropriate solution for their staff and clients, we know the best solution for any office or occupation application. Your coffee machine will vastly improve staff esprit de corps and productiveness and is a great impression on clients. So you want to make indisputable you ’ re getting the perfective burst regarding functionality, manner and ability. We have a wide range of professional Our stove of automatic coffee bean machines in our shop include the popular brands listed below – ASK US ABOUT RENTAL PACKAGES FOR OFFICE COFFEE MACHINES !

If you are looking for an all inclusive box that caps your expenses and includes the machine, servicing, clean products and consumables, there are Professional Office Coffee & Machine Packages are available. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
Jura Carimali


WE8 Jura Coffee Machine

Jura WE8

Makes 30 Cups Per Day
Rent or Buy Now for $ 2,850.00

Jura X8 Coffee Machine

Jura Pro X8

Makes 80 Cups Per Day
Rent or Buy Now for $ 3,950.00

Jura Giga X3c Gen 2 Plumbed Coffee Machine

Jura Giga X3c Gen 2

Makes 150 Cups Per Day

Rent or Buy Now for $ 6,985.00


Office coffee machines

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There’s never been a better time to upgrade your office coffee machine. 

With staff returning to work, it ‘s more significant than ever for businesses to provide a safe make environment. To boost morale and to keep customers glad .
We understand it may be challenging for businesses to adapt, which is why we ‘re dedicated to helping local businesses get through these uncertain times by appealing to something close to all of our hearts … a delectable cup of coffee .
Find out how a Crema bean-to-cup office chocolate machine can improve workplace safety, boost productivity while besides reducing costs. CALL 1300 232 626 or email [ e-mail protected ]

Home Coffee Grinders

To complement a big home coffee machine, you decidedly need an amazing chocolate molar designed for base users ! You actually can ’ t underestimate the value and timbre newly ground coffee beans makes to your espresso or brew. Check out the coffee grinders we have in memory – ASK US ABOUT COFFEE MACHINE & GRINDER PACKAGES !

Compak ECM Eureka Macap Mazzer Quamar Rhinowares

Commercial Cafe Machines

With over 20 years of experience working with cafe, setting up and managing them, we know commercial coffee bean machines better than most in the commercial enterprise. Your coffee machine is the heart and soul of your business, so you want to make indisputable you ’ re getting the perfect fit regarding functionality, style and world power. We have a wide range of commercial coffee machines listed in our shop for you to peruse and some popular brands listed below !

ECM Expobar La Marzocco Rocket Slayer 

Commercial Coffee Grinders

The only thing adenine crucial as having a bang-up commercial coffee machine, is having an incredible commercial coffee grinder. Making sure you get a bomber that can handle the compulsory kilogram, is durable, effective and grinds you beans to paragon is absolutely critical for a café. Check out the coffee bean grinders in our patronize for more information or start with our most democratic brands below .

Compak Quamar Macap Mazzer


We supply impertinently roasted chocolate beans, cafe consumables, train, coffee molar and car sales and serve, angstrom well as an extensive stove of popular accessories so you ‘re able to enjoy the ultimate coffee bean experience just the room you like it .


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*Terms & Conditions Apply : Rentals are entirely available to clients purchasing consumables through Crema Coffee Garage and do not include lotion or goal of shrink fees. rental rates include all service and sustenance, excluding negligence and water filters. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. For more information, please send us an question .

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