Easily Recreate the TikTok Logo Effect In Photoshop with Advanced Blending

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In this Copycat Wednesday, you ’ ll learn how to recreate the TikTok Logo impression in Photoshop !

Tutorial Image

Download the crank image here !

Set Up the layers

Open the text file with a black background layer and another layer with TikTok ’ s logo .
Select the Logo layer > right-click > Convert to Smart Object. With a Smart Object, you can apply editable adjustments, distortions, filters, and transformation .
Duplicate the Logo layer twice. You can besides press Ctrl J (Windows) or Command J (macOS) and repeat that again to duplicate the layer .
note : When you duplicate a Smart Object, the duplicates are all tied to the original Smart Object. ( i.e. changes made to the contents of the original Smart Object, will apply to the extra ) .

Rename the Layer

Rename one level as “Cyan” and the other as “Red.”
PRO tip : press the Tab key on your keyboard to promptly switch between renaming one level to the one below !

Reposition the Layers

With the Cyan level selected, activate the Move tool and hold the Shift samara as you tap the leave arrow winder five times .
then, still hold the Shift key as you tap the up arrow key five times .
PRO TIP: With the Move joyride activated, pressing the arrow key moves the layer 1 pixel at a time. however, holding the Shift key as you press the arrow key moves the layer 10 pixels at a time !
Select the Red layer. Hold the Shift key as you press the down arrow five times .

then, hold the Shift key as you press the right arrow key five times.

Apply Advance Blending Options

Double-click on the side of the Cyan layer to bring out the Layer Style window.
Under Advanced Blending, uncheck the R channel to only show the Green and Blue channels, and this results in a Cyan color. Press OK to exit the window .
Double-click on the english of the Red layer to bring out the Layer Style window .
Under Advanced Blending, uncheck the Green and Blue channels to only show the Red channel. Press OK to exit the window .

Edit Smart Objects

Double-click on the Logo Smart Object level thumbnail to open it in another tab key .
Select another icon or logo in the library to swap it with the TikTok logo. Just click the double from the library and drag it to the Layers panel.
disable the original logo to only show the fresh logo .
Change the logo semblance to white (#ffffff). then, press the checkmark to commit to the changes .
Press Ctrl S (Windows) or Command S (macOS) to save the changes and mechanically apply it to the working text file, then close the tab key .
Returning to the working document, you ’ ll see how Photoshop applies the same effect tied with a new text or logo plainly by editing the Smart Object .
You can use this Smart Object as a template to apply this impression to any early logo .

With this tutorial on how you can recreate the TikTok logo in Photoshop, you can even use it as a template to create logos with the TikTok style !

If you want to learn more alike tutorials, here ’ s how you can recreate the Instagram logo .

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