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2004 american documentary film

24 Hours on Craigslist
24 Hours on Craigslist poster.jpg cover
Directed by Michael Ferris Gibson
Produced by Michael Ferris Gibson
Edited by Jennifer Leo Russ
passing date
Running time 82 minutes[3]
Country United States
Language English

24 Hours on Craigslist is a 2004 American documentary film that captures the people and stories behind a single day ‘s posts on the classified ad web site Craigslist. The film, made with the blessing of Craigslist ‘s laminitis Craig Newmark, is woven from interviews with the locate ‘s users, all of whom opted in to be contacted by the production when they submitted their posts on August 4, 2003. [ 4 ] The objective screened in nine film festivals during 2004 and 2005, winning a ‘best feature documentary ‘, and played in a circumscribed, self-distributed, theatrical performance secrete in 2005 and 2006. The movie was released on DVD on April 25, 2006.

outline [edit ]

24 Hours on Craigslist tells the story of 121 people [ 3 ] who used Craigslist on August 4, 2003 .

production [edit ]

Michael Ferris Gibson, an independent film maker, was inspired one night in early 2003 to surf every category of Craigslist ‘s San Francisco. Three hours subsequently he had the inspiration for 24 Hours on Craigslist. After spending five more hours drafting a treatment, he contacted Craig Newmark about the idea. Two days late Michael met with Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist ‘s CEO, and Craig Newmark to discuss the film concept : creating a documentary wholly ‘from ‘ Craigslist ; crowd, cast, and music would all be sourced from the web site.

Newmark picked the chosen day out of a hat from which to generate the drug user posts that were used in the film. [ 4 ] The production filmed the individuals and followed their stories and interactions with other users over the future three months .

Film festivals [edit ]

several different versions of 24 Hours on Craigslist screened in nine different film festivals around the world. In addition, the film was selected to screen in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in April 2005 by HotDocs for its monthly cover series Doc Soup .

  • South by Southwest
  • International Documentary Film Festival – Amsterdam
  • San Francisco Independent Film Festival[5]
  • Against Gravity Film Festival (Poland)
  • Newport Beach Film Festival
  • Idaho Film Festival
  • Vail Film Festival
  • DeadCENTER Film Festival
  • Toofy Film Festival (Winner Best Feature Documentary)

Awards [edit ]

  • Best Documentary Feature – Toofy Film Fest 2005
  • Best Local Film – East Bay Express Readers’ Choice Awards 2006

commercial distribution [edit ]

The director and producer of the film distributed 24 Hours on Craigslist theatrically in the United States and Canada under the distribution label of Zealot Pictures. Heretic Films released the film on DVD on April 25, 2006 .

References [edit ]

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