McDonald’s Coupons, Promo Codes for April 2022

Great McDonald’s Deals and Discounts

  • Get alerts and coupons on the McDonald’s app.
  • Join the McDonald’s newsletter, and get updates when the restaurant has great offers.
  • Sign up for the McCafe Loyalty Program, and earn a free coffee.
  • Buy a beverage with no ice, and fill more soda in the cup.
  • Score deals by taking advantage of the offers on the McDonald’s Deals page.
  • Use your McDonald’s receipts to score deals on future orders. On the opposite side of every receipt, there is a discount code. To activate it, fill out a customer survey on the McDonald’s website.
  • Substitute a pricey McFlurry with a regular sundae. To mimic the McFlurry’s flavors, order McFlurry toppings for the sundae.
  • Save cash on a promotional drink by ordering a regular-priced beverage first. When you get the cup, drink all of the regular beverage. Then, refill the cup with the promotional drink for free.
  • Lower your lunch costs by selecting a combo meal. McDonald’s has many combos that feature delicious items that would cost more if you ordered them separately.
  • Score a senior discount on a soft drink using the McDonald’s app. To get started, select a beverage, and pick the Senior option for the drink size.
  • Order a deconstructed sausage and egg McMuffin. If you buy a plain McMuffin with an egg on the side, you’ll save $0.81.
  • Get free food occasionally on the McDonald’s app. The most common free offers include free Happy Meals, free medium fries with a normal order, and buy-one-get-one-free deals.

Does McDonald’s Provide Free Shipping?

McDonald ‘s ships food to communities through Uber Eats and DoorDash. however, both of these services are entirely available at participating McDonald ‘s restaurants, and there are delivery/service fees .

Does McDonald’s Have Value Meals?

McDonald ‘s has several menus with low-cost lunch options. The cheapest offerings are found on the $ 1 menu.

Redeeming a McDonald’s Promo Code

Launch the McDonald ‘s app. Click the “ Deals ” button. Pick a coupon code that applies to your rate. Select the “ Redeem ” option. Go to a local McDonald ‘s restaurant. Place an order, and scan your phone to activate the rebate.

Contact McDonald’s Customer Service

When you have questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach the McDonald ‘s customer service department at 1 ( 800 ) 244-6227. If you want to contact a McDonald ‘s customer service agent by e-mail, go to the “ Contact Us ” page on the company web site. then, fill out all of the fields, and click the Submit push button on the bottom of the page.

About McDonald’s

McDonald ‘s was founded in 1940, and Ray Kroc joined the company in 1954. The concept was very different during that time because the first base restaurant was a little burger shop in California. today, there are more than 36,000 McDonald ‘s restaurants around the world. The company accomplished this by building profitable franchises in a phone number of cities in over 100 countries. All items that are featured at every McDonald ‘s restaurant are made systematically with quality ingredients. This is possible because Kroc developed and launched a singular education broadcast in 1961 called Hamburger University. The University was the educate establish for all early franchisees, and although there have been changes, the broadcast inactive educates people today. presently, over 275,000 employees, managers, and franchisees have enrolled and graduated from Hamburger University. together, the entire McDonald ‘s team continues to reach milestones while taking the company to fresh heights .



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