Email for Faculty and Staff

function 365 is the university ‘s e-mail organization for staff, staff, and alumnus and master students. It is a cloud-based service from Microsoft that manages e-mail, calendars, undertaking lists, and address books .
Undergraduates and alumni use G Suite for Students, once known as Cmail .

Features of Your Office 365 Account

  • Mailbox size: 50 GB for alumni and students; 100 GB for faculty, staff, and all others.
  • Email software: Outlook or Outlook on the web recommended. See our Choose an Email Client article.
  • Mobile devices: works with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and other devices that support ActiveSync. See how to get connected with your iOS device or how to get connected with your Android or other device.
  • Outlook on the web:
  • Deleted Items retention: Messages remain in your Deleted Items folder for 30 days and are then automatically deleted.
    (Explanation: When you click Delete on a message, or when you respond to a calendar invitation, it is automatically placed in your Deleted Items folder. Thirty days later, the message will be removed from your Deleted Items folder. If you’re likely to want the message longer than 30 days, you should keep it in your Inbox or another folder instead of clicking Delete.)
  • Message size limit: 25 MB (total size including attachments). The limit applies for both outgoing and incoming messages. See our Attachments Not Getting Through article for details.

If you need to send files larger than 25 MB, use Cornell Box ( defile storehouse that you can share ) or Cornell Secure File Transfer alternatively ( for sizes up to 5 GB ) .

  • Maximum number of attachments on a single message: 250

Limits on Sending Very Large Mailings

position 365 includes some security defenses that limit the ability of an individual to send huge numbers of messages in a unretentive sum of time. If you have legitimate large mailings to do, please understand these limits and the alternatives you have for delivering your messages.

Maximum number of addresses allowed in the To:, Cc:, and Bcc: fields (combined): 500 per message
Maximum number of messages that can be sent from your email client per minute: 30
Maximum number of recipients who can receive messages sent from your account (or a Resource Account) in a 24-hour period: 10,000 ( and no more than 5,000 can be to external addresses ( that is, addresses other than ) .

  • The 24-hour period is a rolling window: for example, if you send messages to 2,000 recipients at 8:30am, then messages to 5,000 recipients at 12 noon, then messages to 2,000 recipients at 2:30pm, and messages to 1,000 recipients at 4pm, you won’t be able to send any more messages until 8:30am the next day.
  • If you try to send a message after exceeding the limit, you will either see an immediate error about the recipient limit, or the message will be returned to you with an error. Save the message to your Drafts folder and try again later.
  • A message will only be delivered if it can be delivered to all the recipients without going over the 10,000-limit. For example, if you’ve already sent messages to 9,900 recipients, and you attempt to send one message to 150 recipients, it will not be delivered because it would be 50 recipients over your limit for the 24-hour period.

Alternatives for Very Large Mailings

Create and use one or more e-lists : a good choice if you ‘ll email these like individuals many times and they ‘re not all at Cornell.

Request and use a CornellAD mail-enabled group : a good choice if these individuals are all at Cornell and you ‘ll email these lapp individuals many times ( a mail-enabled CornellAD group is only counted as one recipient role ) .
Use bulkmail : a commodity choice if this is the lone prison term you ‘ll email this particular group of individuals .
Third-party senders : Thinking about using an external seller to distribute official Cornell messages ? Please read our article about using third-party senders .

A Few Additional Account Limits

Maximum messages per folder: 1,000,000
Maximum subfolders per folder: 1,000

Maximum folder hierarchy depth: 300
Maximum subject length: 255 characters
Maximum number of attachments to one message: 250



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