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National Weather Service – The National Weather Service is responsible for the collection and dissemination of all weather data and issues official forecasts, watches, warnings, and advisories for the United States .
Weather Underground – The Weather Underground is a private upwind service offering observations from an extensive net of secret weather stations and some of the best radar imagination on the Internet .
National Center for Atmospheric Research – Features childlike graphics but satellite, radar, upper-air, and surface observations, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as model output.

College of DuPage Weather – comprehensive examination locate featuring a wide-eyed range of satellite, radar, upper-air, and surface observations, a well as model output .
Eric Snodgrass Weather Page – Features graphics and a list of upwind links, focusing on agrarian weather applications, maintained by our own Eric Snodgrass .
Shawn Milrad Weather Links – tilt of weather links, focusing on bode, curated by Professor Shawn Milrad of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University .


National Weather Service Forecast Office, Lincoln, IL – The National Weather Service Forecast Office creditworthy for issuing forecasts, warnings, and advisories for all of Central Illinois .
current Conditions and Forecasts for Champaign-Urbana via NWS – Check the current weather, radar, and any warnings hera .
current Conditions and Forecasts for Champaign-Urbana via Weather Underground – An alternative web site for the stream weather, radar, and any warnings .
Latest central Illinois Radar via Weather Underground – Get the latest radar imagination, including four levels of speed data here .
Champaign-Urbana Climate Data – past weather data, including monthly summaries and daily records can be found here, courtesy of the Illinois State Climatologist and the Illinois State Water Survey .


National Center for Atmospheric Research – authoritative surface station plots and sensitive METARs from the National Center for Atmospheric Research. >
Aviation Weather – very similar to the NCAR come on page if it ever goes down .
College of DuPage Weather – Contains analyzed and unanalyzed come on maps a well as a nice mesoanalysis .
University of Illinois – colorful surface plots and unanalyzed station plots ( with an archive going bet on respective months ) generated right here in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences .
Weather Prediction Center Surface Analyses – analyze airfoil maps generated for assorted regions of North America from the Weather Prediction Center in Washington, DC .
24-Hour Temperature Change – How much quick or cold is it than this clock yesterday ? Click here and found out ; courtesy of the Penn State Department of Meteorology .
unofficial list of Record-Breaking Temperatures – Displays a map of stations around the globe unofficially approaching or breaking utmost or minimal temperature records. Maintained by Professor Bob Hart of Florida State University .


National Center for Atmospheric Research – classical site depicting analyze upper-air maps and sounding data from around North America .
College of DuPage Weather – Contains analyze and unanalyzed upper-air maps deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as a nice mesoanalysis .
Storm Prediction Center Soundings – page depicting upper-air soundings plotted with SHARPpy software .


National Center for Atmospheric Research – classical foliate with national and regional satellite views of the United States .
College of DuPage Weather – National, regional, and local satellite images of assorted regions in North America. Capable of overlaying airfoil observations and geographic features .
College of DuPage GOES-16 Imagery – preliminary and non-operational data from the next-generation weather satellite, GOES-16 .


National Weather Service – classical locate featuring links to imagery from all NWS Doppler radars along with regional and national composites .
College of DuPage Weather – beautiful locate with data from all NWS radars and home, regional, and local composites. Features respective fields including dual-polarization data and animations of up to 200 frames .
National Center for Atmospheric Research – classical web site featuring imagination from all NWS radars deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as national and regional composites .
Weather Underground – Features national and regional composites and data from individual radars .
Intellicast – National and regional radar composites courtesy of Intellicast .


Weather Prediction Center – official NWS bode maps and heavy haste outlooks issued by the Weather Prediction Center .
National Digital Forecast Database ( NDFD ) – Maps generated from forecasts produced at NWS bode offices around the state .
Storm Prediction Center – Issues official outlooks and watches for dangerous weather, including thunderstorms and tornadoes .
National Hurricane Center – Issues official outlooks, watches, and warnings from tropical cyclones in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins .
Climate Prediction Center – Issues official forecasts for the adjacent 6-10 days, 8-14 days, 30 days, and beyond .
College of DuPage Weather – database of current NWS text products from the College of DuPage
SunsetWx – Check the quality of the following sunrise or sunset here !


National Center for Atmospheric Research – simple locate with easy-to-load graphics from the NAM, GFS, and RAP models .
Penn State e-Wall – classic site with lots of upwind data and model output from the NAM, GFS, and GEM ( Canadian ) models. Features four-panel maps for a holistic view of the atmosphere adenine well as ensemble maps .
Pivotal Weather – Features colorful graphics from just about every model there is. Most models allow for point-and-click soundings. besides includes a variety of high-resolution models and severe weather parameters .
College of DuPage Weather – Features colorful graphics and point-and-click soundings from several different models, including the NAM, high-resolution NAM, GFS, and RAP. besides includes a variety of severe-weather parameters .
tropical Tidbits – Features colorful graphics and point-and-click and aerially-averaged soundings from a assortment of models over several different global domains. besides includes a decent display of corps de ballet output, climate prediction models, and tropical cyclone-specialty models .
TwisterData – The first of the generation of websites featuring colorful exemplary maps. Includes end product and point-and-click soundings from the NAM, GFS, and RAP models with a concenter toward severe weather prediction.

Read more: Mysuu Portal

Short-Range Ensemble Forecast System ( SREF ) – SREF output from the Storm Prediction Center. Geared toward hard weather bode .
High-Resolution Rapid Refresh ( HRRR ) – Displays output signal from the functional HRRR a well as from several experimental versions of the model .
NCAR WRF Ensemble – 10-member convection-allowing WRF ensemble discharge by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. besides includes a link to a point-and-click ensemble sounding generator and historical runs .
Philippe Papin ‘s HRRR Site – HRRR viewer developed by Philippe Papin of the State University of New York at Albany geared toward the WxChallenge .
Dynamic Tropoapuse Maps – GFS-based dynamic tropopause maps over a variety of regions of the ball from the University of Utah .


MOS – number of all stations for which model end product statistics ( MOS ) forecasts are produced from the National Weather Service .
GFSX Ensemble MOS – 21 different MREF-based corps de ballet MOS forecasts for locations around the United States .
MOS Maps – Forecast maps based wholly on MOS output from the National Weather Service .
MOS Errors – moment errors for the stream and former three calculate cycles. Courtesy of the Penn State Department of Meteorology .
SREF Plumes – Graphs detailing the end product, hateful, and spread from the Short Range Ensemble Forecast System ( SREF ) at hundreds of locations around the nation. Courtesy of the Storm Prediction Center .
Model Extraction Text Page – extraction page for NAM and GFS model end product, courtesy of Illinois alum Earl Barker .


Storm Prediction Center – official NWS Convective Outlooks and watches. A full start luff for anything hard upwind related .
Watch/Warning Map – Clickable county-based watch and warning map from the Weather Underground .
SPC Mesoanalysis – RAP-based mesoanalysis. Although the focus is on severe upwind, this can be useful in many other weather regimes angstrom well .
MPAS Model Output – high-resolution model end product to assist field projects. Domain is frequently centered over the Central Plains in the spring months .
Lightning Map – real-time free lightning maps over North America, Europe, and Oceania .
Tornado Forecasting Workshop – Tornado Forecasting Workshop designed and presented by SPC Lead Forecaster Rich Thompson during give 2015 .
SPC Severe Thunderstorm Forecasting Lecture Series – Video lectures from SPC ‘s Rich Thompson and Dr. Ariel Cohen along with Professor Steven Cavallo of the University of Oklahoma recorded during spring 2017 .


National Hurricane Center – Issues official forecasts, outlooks, watches, and warnings for the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific basins. A adept begin point for anything hurricane related .
tropical Tidbits Reconnaissance Page – watch recon data in real time ! Limited to recent missions only .
University of Wisconsin Tropical Satellite Page – Features satellite-derived products for storms and ocean basins around the earth, including shear and fleece leaning plots .
Colorado State University Satellite-based Tropical Cyclone Guidance – Features several satellite-derived tropical cyclone products for active storms around the earth .
RAL Tropical Page – real-time guidance for all global tropical cyclones from the Research Applications Laboratory at the National Center for Atmospheric Research .
tropical Models – Outstanding tropical guidance interface from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, featuring a storm archive .
Sea-Surface temperature Analyses – Satellite-derived sea-surface temperatures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration .


NOAA Precipitation Analyses – colorful analyses of past precipitation amounts. clock time periods range from the past 24 hours to the past year .
National Snow Analyses – Includes analyses of coke depth, snow water system equivalent, and more. besides features an extensive archive .
Drought Monitor – Monitors dry conditions across the United States. Updated every Thursday .
CoCoRAHS Illinois Observations – Latest observations from the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, & Snow Network across Illinois ( practice menu at top for other states ) .


Weather Prediction Center Surface Analysis Archive – Archived analyzed surface maps going back to 2005 .
Colorado State University Surface Analysis Archive – Directories containing analyze open maps going back to 2000. Isobars are analyzed and blue-ribbon station data are shown .
Hemispheric 5-Day 500mb Height Anomalies and Surface Maps – Investigate the evolution of the hemispheric traffic pattern over the survive 5 days. Courtesy of Penn State University .
NCAR Image Archive – Archived satellite, radar, soundings, and surface maps from the National Center for Atmospheric Research. primitively focused on the Central US, but the scope has expanded in holocene years .
Plymouth State University Make Your own Maps – interface to make your own coat and upper-air maps. Supports real-time and archived data .
University of Wyoming Upper-Air – archive of soundings going binding to 1973 and of analyzed and unanalyzed upper-air maps going back to 2012 .
National Weather Service Text Product Archive – Searchable archive of NWS text products, including forecasts, discussions, and warnings going bet on to 2001. Courtesy of Iowa State University .
MOS Archive – download archived MOS data as .csv files going back to 2000. Courtesy of Iowa State University .
twentieth Century and NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Map Generator – Generates surface pressure/500 megabyte height maps from the twentieth Century Reanalysis ( 1851-1947 ) and NCEP/NCAR v1 ( 1948-2016 ) data sets. courtesy of the University of Quebec Montreal.

union american Regional Reanalysis – View 4-panel maps going back to 1979. Courtesy of Penn State University .
SPC Severe Weather Events Archive – view storms reports, upper-air maps, soundings, SPC products, and more for meaning severe weather events going back to 2000 .
Midwest Climate Watch – View current climate information across the Midwest including high and low temperatures and precipitation amounts. courtesy of the Midwestern Regional Climate Center .



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