Classic WoW Mining Leveling Guide 1-300 (Season of Mastery)

This classical WoW Mining leveling guidebook will show you the fastest manner how to level your Mining profession up from 1 to 300 .
Mining serves two professions : Blacksmithing and Engineering, so it ‘s very good combined with these two. Check out my classical Blacksmithing level lead or my classic Engineering level Guide if you want to level any of two professions .
I recommend trying Zygor ‘s 1-60 Leveling Guide if you are still leveling your character or just starting a modern elevation. It will help you to reach level 60 a distribute faster .

Table of contents:

Classic WoW Mining Trainers

You can learn classical Mining from any of these NPCs under. Click on the links to see the trainer ‘s accurate localization .

Classic Mining Leveling

Every starter zone is filled with Copper Ore, it does n’t actually matter which one you choose .
Night Elf players have to wait until they get to Darkshore before they can start leveling mine because Teldrassil does n’t have any Copper Ore .
Do n’t forget to buy a Mining Pick from the Mining Supply seller near your trainer ! You do n’t have to equip it, but you have to have one in your stock .

1 – 65

high level players should always enter the Venture Co. mine because you will get around 8 Copper Veins from clearing both the mine and the small sphere after the mine at the side the mountain. ( you can only access this area from the mine )
It can be a nightmare to find the passing the first meter you are there so I included a small function. You won’t see this map in-game, because it ‘s from the Cataclysm expansion, but the layout is the lapp. Make sure to go to every corner of the cave !
low degree players should skip both caves .

low flat players should skip both caves .

The respawn pace is fast enough that you do n’t have to loop around the whole zone, so you can use these two routes. If you have competition, you should move between the two routes while mining copper between them .

65 – 125

Visit your flight simulator and learn Journeyman Mining. ( You need to level up Mining to at least 50 )
Ores in these zones : Tin Ore, Copper Ore, Silver Ore
At 75 you can learn how to smelt Silver Ore, this will help you get your skill to 125. Silver Ore and bars sell for rougly the lapp, buy the ore and sell the bars at the auction house .

low level players should skip the two caves marked with bolshevik circles .

moo flush players should skip both caves and pin to the east side of Redridge .

The respawn rate should be fast enough that you do n’t have to enter the cave marked on the map, but there is constantly two Tin Veins inside, so I think it ‘s worth to go inside with high flush characters .

There is more Tin/Copper at the southern route, but you can use the northern route as an alternate if there are excessively many people farming in the zone. The difference between the two is not that big .

125 – 175

Visit your trainer and learn Expert Mining. ( You need to level up Mining to at least 125 )

Ores in these zones : Iron Ore, Tin Ore, Gold Ore
At 155 you can learn how to smelt Gold Ore. Buy around 30 Gold Ore then smelt them, this should get you to around 175. lapp as with Silver Ores, buy them, smelt them and sell the bars at the Auction House .

There are 4 caves marked with crimson circles on the function, make certain to go all the way to the conclusion of each cave because you wo n’t see all the mine veins from the capture .
moo level players should skip all 4 caves, and humble level alliance players should take a detour and go south of Hammerfall !

175 – 245

Don’t forget to visit your Mining trainer and learn Artisan Mining when you reach 225! ( You need to level up Mining to at least 200 )
Ores in these zones : Mithril Ore, Truesilver Ore

The loss route should be skipped by lower horizontal surface players because the area is filled with charge 62 elites. Lower level players might besides want to consider skipping the cave marked with a crimson traffic circle on the map. ( depends on your gear/class )

Players below level 60 should skip the 4 caves marked with red circles .

245 – 275

Ores in these zones : Mithril Ore, Truesilver Ore, Thorium Ore

There are 2-3 mineral veins in the two caves marked with the red circles on the map .
Lower level players should probably skip the cave to the south. It very depends on your level/gear/class .

There are two caves marked with a red encircle on the function, both of them have a set of gang inside, so I would only recommend this farming locate to level 60 players with good gear, or for Druids and Rogues with stealth .
It ‘s truly hard to navigate inside the Garrison Armory mine, so I included a modest map. Alliance players ca n’t mine inside the Garrison Armory !

There are normally 2 mining nodes insides the cave marked with a red circle. It ‘s deserving going inside the cave because it ‘s not excessively large and there are n’t that many mobs inside, and if you are high flat, you can pass some of them without aggro .
I recommend skipping the other two caves at Jaednar, specially Shadow Hold. ( possibly if you have stealth it ‘s worth to go inside them )

275 – 300

Ores in these zones : thorium Ore, Mithril Ore
now you can mine Rich Thorium Veins excessively .

about the same as the previous Un’Goro route, but now it includes rich Thorium Veins.

The red cable is filled with level 57-58 elites, so if you have bad gear, you should probably good skip that character wholly unless you have stealth. With some practice, you can normally get through lone aggroing a few of them .

  1. The mobs in this cave are not that hard to kill, so it’s worth clearing for most classes. (depends on gear)
  2. Most classes can enter at least the first part of the cave without pulling aggro. You can try going deeper depending on your gear.
  3. There are a lot of elites patroling inside this gorge, but you can usually pass most of them without pulling aggro. Sometimes you have to kill 1 or 2.
  4. This area is not recommended for most players because it’s hard to farm here without dying. Really depends on your class and your experience in avoiding mobs.

The two caves marked with loss circles are filled with level 50 throng, so lower level players might want to skip them. ( depends on gear and tied )

Congratulations on reaching 300 ! Please send feedback about the guidebook if you think there are parts I could improve, or you found misprint, errors, faulty material numbers !

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