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student Intern — My designs serve identify and thwart drug traffic .
IT Grad Student — My IT work helps derail terrorist activities .
political Science Intern — I help to discover the truth for America.

That ’ s what CIA offers college students .
The chance –
To contribute our skills –
To protect our nation .
real World Opportunities
When I was younger, I wanted to be three different things – a rock ‘n’ roll star, an astronaut, and an anthropologist .
I love my nation, and I believe that as an american, we all have the opportunity to be whoever we want to be, but I ’ m not a rock ace, an astronaut, or an anthropologist. I ’ m a whizz with network, and I love working with computers, networks, and people. I work hard, and somewhere deep inside of me, I know that I want to use my skills and abilities to protect my state in a means that makes smell for me .
CIA was a natural choice for my career goals with a paid internship that offers benefits like health and life policy, retirement investment options, paid time off, brainsick leave, and potential tutelage aid. My needs are met. here, I have a clear opinion of a reinforce future as my career grows along a banal path and increase province that matches my ambitions. CIA offers a career experience you ’ vitamin d expect from any company. The difference is every nox I go home knowing that the influence I do truly matters, and every day I contribution my study with a group of colleagues who feel the lapp way .
All Majors
What are you going to do with a political science degree ? That ’ s what my parents kept asking me when I declared my major, and to be honest, I wasn ’ metric ton actually sure. National security and alien affairs had constantly matter to me .
indeed I went to the CIA booth at my campus career fairly to see what options were available, and I was surprised by all the different opportunities there at the CIA. There ’ mho graphic design, finance, IT, communications, science, and much more. I found my recess in the National Clandestine Service, but the CIA needs talented and consecrated people from all professions. so no matter what your major is, chances are there ’ s a position to match your skills and that drive inside of you to make a difference .
Everything I was concern converged into one amazing intern opportunity. I felt I found a identify in the master world that was merely the right field fit for me .
application serve
I ’ ve constantly wanted to make the world a better place. Whether it was starting a class recycling course of study in fourth grade or tutoring inner city kids in mathematics all through college. And after meeting CIA recruiters on campus last year, I made the decision to follow my mania into a career .
I applied to the undergraduate scholarship platform, and I knew going into it that the vet summons would be drawn-out. Two months passed, and I was sure that I didn ’ t make the cut, but then CIA contacted me, and the application work continued .
I was interviewed several times by unlike people and answered many questions regarding my personal and professional behave .
Had I been involved with illegal drugs or downloading ?
How would I behave in a difficult situation ?
What were my core values ?
I took a polygraph quiz. I had a accomplished medical evaluation. I remember thinking, belly laugh, this is unplayful, and then I realized how serious CIA was about me. That inspired me to stick with it. I answered everything honestly, openly, and thoroughly .
The big return was receiving my acceptance letter. Knowing that our politics chose me to participate in the work that protects our nation continues to empower me every day .
This internship opportunity has changed my life for the better. Forever.

Housing Transportation, and My Social Life
How will I get there ? That was my first thought after I was accepted into the platform. then where will I live, and who will I talk to. so, yeah, those things were kind of daunting at beginning, but I shouldn ’ t have worried .
CIA assists with transportation costs and provides entree to lots of local information and resources. CIA provided caparison options from corporate caparison partners to university programs. They have a variety show of resources to help you find house accommodations close to your exploit location. You can tied rent a room from a CIA employee .
I stayed with four other CIA students in an apartment that was close to work and public fare. On my days off, I took advantage of the nearby public transit and toured the city sites. now when I visit my class, I ’ m the reigning US history trivium achiever, and I ’ meter indisputable it has everything to do with easy access and matter to in seeing so many monuments, parks, and museums in our nation ’ s capital .
I have enough of people to talk to in and external CIA. I formed close up bonds with a group of mate CIA interns and grad students, and through the Northern Virginia Cooperative Education Association, we participate in a fortune of activities and social events. So we are never bored .
Our leaders and mentors are amazing, and tied though we come from then many different backgrounds and fields of study, we all parcel common values. When I listen to my non-CIA friends talk about their working lives, I realize it ’ s not precisely the kind of work here that ’ s unique. It ’ s the teamwork and solidarity that in truth sets CIA apart. It may not be for everyone, but I think you know when it ’ s for you .
CIA Mission
What will I do here ?
That doubt was always on my beware during the weeks and days before my internship started. I kept thinking about IQ tests and some bum Hollywood spy movies. In world, as an intern, I was expected to work at a professional level on tasks that truly challenged me. And I learned about the mission of the CIA. How it all works. How complex it in truth is, and above all, how important it is, excessively .
Make no mistake. The CIA serves as our first base line of defense. It protects our state and our citizens from a host of threats, but the way that it does that may surprise you .
CIA ’ s primary goals are collecting information, analyzing it, and providing assessments to our senior policymakers and the President himself. indeed imagine a very big project, with all kinds of moving parts – translations, measurements, projections, auditing, analysis, and more. then imagine all the sub-rosa work to get those projects up and running – operations, budget, scheduling, resource management, information technology, etc. When you work at the CIA, you ’ ll find yourself working on fair about any separate of those projects .
And in the end, the hard work you put it ends up in some very impressive places. That ’ s how every occupation contributes to the Agency ’ second mission, and you ’ re a separate of it every day in everything that you do .
Career Journey
well, six years ago I joined CIA as an intern in the fiscal management department. I was a junior in college then, and after I graduated, I accepted a full-time position in the same department, working with many of the like people that mentored me during my internship. Being an intern before becoming a full-time employee gave me a unique position on both my work and position. As an intern, you actually want to do your best every single day, but you ’ re silent figuring out what that is and how it applies to the cultivate you ’ ra doing .
For me, that was about analyzing budgets, and I learned from my mentors how to dive thick in discovering new efficiencies that made the best consumption of our resources. And nowadays as a full-time employee, my promotions and pay and province are based on my own performance .
I am proud of what I ’ ve achieved and am grateful for the realization I ’ ve received. I ’ megabyte looking forward to more challenge assignments in the many years ahead. many more challenges do still lay ahead of me, and one of my biggest professional challenges starts today .
My job is about thus much more than my work and goals. It ’ s about helping shape the future of CIA by welcoming fresh interns so they can grow their career and partake in our passion to protect our nation .
Finance Intern — We can ’ metric ton do this alone .
Engineering cooperative — We need people like you with your cognition and abilities to join our team .
Linguistics Intern — And advance the Agency ’ s deputation .
We know you have what it takes.

immediately, it ’ randomness just a matter of what you ’ ll do .
You have the office to protect our nation .
Apply on-line at and start thinking like the intelligence military officer you hope to become .

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