2-IN-1 Cat Massage Comb (Free Offer)

Robin H. If my big cat, Mr. Hobbs, is hiding all I do is say massage and he comes running, lol. Love in help living and there are times he runs out in the hallway. How do we get him back, show the massage comb. I have never seen him like his belly rubbed before, we love it ! ! ! ! By the way, he ‘s a black cat-o’-nine-tails and will be 6 on Halloween. Frances S. I in truth like it and it ‘s comfortable to use, but my cat-o’-nine-tails will not let me brush her. She is one year old and very skittish. I will keep trying because she needs brush and with your comb it ‘s so slowly to do.

Martha S. My caterpillar constantly sits on my lap, using this she will sit forever. Linda C. I have 2 cats and they both love to be combed with your comb ! I love the was it cleans the miss haircloth off of them ! Great product, Thank you ! Carol H. My cat loves this comb, I use it to comb against the natural lay and he purrs and rubs me the whole time. He gets on my lap every evening and beg to be combed. Brenda L. This comb does evereything you said and my cats were highly calm and seemed identical relax. We love it. verna l. the ship took at indeed farseeing i equitable got it yesterday Charlotte C. I AND MY CAT ARE VERY PLEASED WITH THIS COMB. SHE IS LONG HAIRED AND MATS EASILY ,. tHIS WORKS GREAT. MY PROBLEM IS THE DELIVERY TIME … TOOK OVER 2 MONTHS TO RECEIVE IT. Linda G. There is a queue to get combed ( 2 cats ) with no fourth dimension restrict on how retentive I comb whereas before using the steel comb or brush, 2 minutes was all they could endure. Excellent. Nancy A. Kitty loves it and grooming is bang-up ! Linda M. I have seven furbabies and they all love it ! Thanks Michelle L. My cats love this comb. I have 4 fur kids in the family and others outside so I may be getting some more, but I wanted to try it out foremost. My baby said her cats love it so I could n’t wait to get it. I tried it on my Max, who does n’t like to be fussed with ( and he let ‘s you know it, trust me ! ), and I could not believe he immediately, and calmly, let me comb him. He did n’t want me to go to the back or back branch area, still had to show who ‘s boss, lol, but he loved it on his drumhead, neck, and about the top half of his back/sides. That showed me it was a achiever ! then I tried on my Charlie, Leo, and Lily, who besides seemed to like it. Amazing ! Seems to be comfortable and pleasant at the same time. And it does actually get a bunch of hair’s-breadth so that ‘s a huge asset ! I do not think anyone will be disappointed with this, and I believe based on my Max ‘s public opinion, that most all cats will love it american samoa well ! ! ! =^, ,^= Diane L. My cats absolutely love this comb. I have a lab mix chase that loves it excessively ! Ordered 2 more recently to keep at opposition ends of the family. 1 fair international relations and security network ’ thyroxine enough ! ❤️ Valerie W. I have two cats and they both absolutely love me brushing them with these combs. Thanks Luna Pets, V. W. Camille S. My computerized tomography likes to be groomed with this coomb Ivy A. My kat loves it ! It besides helps relax him when I ‘m using it on him. Thanks ! Linda H. My cats ( 11 ) love it. even the ones who actually don ’ t like to be combed or brushed. It is the best prepare tool I have even bought for my cats. I bought two and gave one to a supporter who ’ south cats adore it excessively. If you have a cat or even a andiron. This comb is absolutely fantastic. Amy T. Foofy loves it. Janice S. My two cats love it. Nice product Karen N. My cats like this comb Karen. My computerized tomography thinks it is great excessively. Ass soon as he sees it, he wants to be combed

sandie five hundred. MY CAT HATES TO BE BRUSHED. BUT TOLERATES THIS COMB. good PRODUCT I GIVE information technology 4 STARS. jean L. My little girl likes it a lot her name is Jade and she is 5 mths old and the product is of estimable timbre Judith M R. My vomit barely loves it ! And it actually gets the hair out apparently comfortable for her. customer My cat-o’-nine-tails is identical finical about the type of brush used on her. She likes the Luna comb as she will lie there for about 5 minutes when I use it on her Margaret a. My cats fair love it Karen F. All 3 of my cats like this brush. It works on both my long and short haircloth cats. They like to get their chin and neck done, vitamin a well as back, digest and tail. Kathy H. It came in a timely manner. Thank you. My pot is placid not sure of it. But I like it. Jan N. Excellent, cats like me using this and my longhair persian gets atrocious mats so this is great for teasing out tangles. Best buy I ‘ve made in a while. Lola S. One of the few items I don ’ t regret buy for my pot … Steph K. MY CAT LOVES THIS MASSAGE COMB ! ! ! We tried everything but nothing worked … .this is decidedly a full buy..thanks ! E***a The brush is good, the kitten is comfortable ! Recommend. I think for identical downy will be excessively little ! E***o They love it ! L***a I liked the item ! nicely packaged and manufactured. K***i Thank you sol a lot ! A***Z very good D***l My caterpillar loves it P***g great item C***c cats love the massage A***n

excellent seller ! S***r The big cat is felicitous. : – )

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