15 Firms with the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Calgary [2022 ]

No matter how careful we may be, accidents can even happen to us due to other people ’ s negligence or harmful intentions. Should such an unfortunate thing happen to you, doctors and personal wound lawyers will be your strongest hold systems .
But finding such professionals can be a tire feat, specially if you ’ re already experiencing the many consequences of an accident. so, we ’ ve taken the clock to compile the best personal wound lawyers in Calgary .
We listed the lead personal injury law firms in town arsenic well as the important factors you should consider when choosing your legal team. You can besides find some FAQs at the end of the page to help with your decision-making process .

The Best Law Firms for Personal Injury Cases in Calgary

here are our top picks of the best jurisprudence firms in Calgary that you can approach for your personal injury character. Most of these firms offer a free initial reference so feel unblock to choose any entry that suits your needs .

1. Braithwaite Boyle

Braithwaite Boyle's Homepage

SERVICES Traumatic Brain Injury
Spinal Cord Injury
Orthopedic Injury
Chronic Pain Injury
Wrongful Death
Motor Vehicle Accident Injury
Motorcycle Accident Injuries
Pedestrian Accident Injuries
Neck Injuries
Back Injuries
Amputation Injuries
Burn Injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries
Bone Fracture Injuries
TMJ Dysfunction
Impalement Injuries
Soft Tissue Injury
Wrongful Death
Multi-Vehicle Accidents
Rollover Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Passenger Accidents
Rear End Accidents
T-Bone Accidents
Drunk Driver Accidents
Bicycle Accidents
Slip and Falls resulting in Serious Injury
Hit & Run Accidents Causing Injury
Whiplash Information Centre
Any Serious Injury Caused by Another’s Fault
WEBSITE https://www.accidentinjurylawyer.com/
ADDRESS Braithwaite Boyle Centre
#200, 1701 Centre St.
Calgary, AB T2E 7Y2
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: 403-230-8088
Email: [ electronic mail protected ]
OPERATING HOURS Available 24/7

This jurisprudence tauten specializes entirely in personal injury jurisprudence because one of its founders, Ken Braithwaite, experienced first-hand what it ’ s like to be a victim. He was in an accident that damaged his spine, and therefore had to relearn how to walk and perform regular daily tasks .
Ken Braithwaite is an originate member Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association and a former member of the american Trial Lawyers Association, doing Injury Law since 1977. numerous lawyers in the fast are recognized by the Law Society of Alberta for their 30+ years of service and experience .
Using personal have as motivation, Braithwaite Boyle has now helped over 20,000 accident injury victims for over three decades. They try to ease the adversity of fighting for your settlement title so that you can focus on family, loved ones, and healing yourself .
Braithwaite Boyle does this by ensuring that you have the necessity access to resources to help you throughout your wound. This includes access to medical assessment/treatment and legal aid without any upfront fees until the settlement is won .
This firm will cover the expenses of experts and accident investigations to get you bang-up compensation. In fact, they claim to be the first law firm in Alberta to require no requital upfront from their clients, although this hasn ’ thyroxine been completely verified .
furthermore, their group of 10 lawyers collaborates as a team on cases. Meaning, when you go with Braithwaite Boyle you don ’ thyroxine equitable hire one lawyer, you get a whole team working for you .
One of their unique services is providing legal aid to victims of hit-and-run accidents. They can placid assist you with receiving compensation for your injuries despite not knowing who the perpetrator is .
They can besides assist you if a kin member or loved one was the victim of a unlawful death accident. Braithwaite Boyle can assist in suing for fiscal compensation that can award thousands of dollars to parents, spouses, and children of the deceased .

  • Offers free consultations
  • Over $600 Million in insurance compensation paid out
  • Over 20,000 clients represented
  • Hospital visits available
  • Extensive experience with Life Changing Catastrophic Injuries
  • Multi-Million dollar compensation packages obtained for seriously injured clients
  • Handles wrongful death claims
  • Available on weekends


  • Doesn’t offer any other general practice services
  • You may not work personally with managing partner

Client Reviews
Let ’ s take a spirit at what some of their clients have to say :
“ Thank you Melina Djulancic ; for your hard work over the by 3 years fighting for me after the accident. I was left in a very chilling position after I was hit by a driver running a red light. It mentally, financially and physically crippled me. I had no mind what to do and who to call, my friend referred me to this fast. I can ’ t say enough about how hard Melina worked for me. I was indeed impressed of the detail put into my case, the doctors appointments, the play along up, the peace of mind… I was walked through everything. Understood the timeline, and was spoken to with kindness and esteem. ”

“ I in truth appreciate all of Melvin Crowson ’ s hard exploit : I very appreciate all the help & professionalism of the tauten and specially Mel. I would surely recommend this firm to my friends ( hope I don ’ t have to ). Thanks again to all of you [ and thanks for ] preparing me for everything. Without you, this would not have been accomplished.Thanks again. ”

“ I precisely wanted to say thank you to you and everyone at Braithwaite Boyle for your efforts in obtaining the liquidation of my lawsuit. I truly appreciate all of John Stewart ’ s hard work ; he did an outstanding job of ensuring my rights were protected and that I have received great wound compensation.Thanks again. ”

2. Car Accident Lawyer Group

Car Accident Lawyer Group's Homepage

SERVICES Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall, dog bites, brain injuries, neck injuries, back injuries, amputation injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, bone fracture injuries, impalement injuries, and internal organ injuries.
WEBSITE https://personal-injurylawyercalgary.com/
ADDRESS 550 71 Ave SE #241, Calgary, AB T2H 0S6
CONTACT DETAILS (587) 874-5545
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

merely as its name suggests, Car Accident Lawyer Group offers its services to victims of vehicular accidents. As a solution, it can help a wide scope of injuries, from fractures to spinal cord and genius injuries .
Despite its restrictive name, Car Accident Lawyer Group besides offers its personal injury law expertness for those who have experienced genius injuries, frank bites, and even slips and falls .
This law firm besides guarantees to help its clients with every step of the litigation march. so, Calgarians can rely on it to interview witnesses, handle evidence and paperwork, and negociate with insurance companies .
not only will it fight for compensation on the immediate aesculapian bills of the get injury. It besides accounts for early refer losses such as loss of future income, loss of some abilities, loss of consortium due to injury .
Among its guarantees, the no recovery, no tip and loose consultation offers may just be the best. But while it offers absolve consultations, its on-line forms require details of your font, which some may find inconvenient .
To ensure all costs are accounted for, this jurisprudence tauten allows for a 3-month buff after clients reach maximum aesculapian improvement ( MMI ) before taking in the liquidation. While this can be a benefit for some, it can besides mean a longer wait time for clients who are in immediate necessitate of compensation .

  • Free initial consultation
  • Contingency fee basis
  • Accounts for opportunity losses
  • Help with the entire litigation process


  • 3-month buffer before collection of a settlement
  • Online forms require details of your case

Customer Reviews
No matter how personal injury cases may take, the Car Accident Lawyer Group is there to win and achieve the hope settlement. At least, that ’ s what these and other clients have shared on-line :
“ Ricky Bagga is the best lawyer in the city hands down. He helped me and my wife get six digit settlements after 3 years of fighting with the insurance caller. Thanks a long ton – you ’ re the best Ricky ! ! ! ! ”
“ Lawyer Ricky B phoned me back the same day within a couple hours. I wanted to know if the settlement I was offered was fair, or if he thought he could help get more. He took his time to get some information and stated my offer was fair and actually above the cap, it would be in my best interest to take it. very dependable and didn ’ metric ton consume my time or his. I left with a piece of mind that I was doing the correct thing accepting the colony. ”

3. Crash Lawyers

Crash Lawyers' Homepage

SERVICES Car and motor accidents
WEBSITE https://crashlawyers.ca/
ADDRESS Suite 240, 550- 71 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2H 0S6
CONTACT DETAILS (587) 892-7274
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

crash Lawyers is another law tauten focused on helping victims of car accidents fight for their much-needed recompense. This law firm guarantees to use minimal legalese so that clients can improve their reason of their situation .
Like many personal injury law firms, Crash Lawyers operates under a contingency fee footing. so, it besides guarantees that it won ’ t collect any tip until after they ’ ve won your encase .
The jurisprudence firm has two personal wound lawyers, Ricky Bagga and Nitin Srivastava. These two lawyers practice personal wound law entirely, assuring their clients of single care for their personal injury litigation .
One of the best things about Crash Lawyers is that its unharmed legal team discusses cases. indeed, clients can easily approach anyone from the tauten for updates or extra assistant .
To ensure fast action, Crash Lawyers provides spare phone consultations with its likely clients. That said, you may have to find another law tauten if you want a more personal approach for your initial confluence .

  • Straightforward communications
  • Free phone consultation
  • Contingency fee basis
  • Common language without too much legalese


  • Initial consultations are only through phone
  • Limited to vehicular accidents

Customer Reviews
here are some reviews to tell you more about what you can expect should you choose Crash Lawyers :
“ When I was involved in a cable car accident I never knew my sheath would be worth any money. So glad I made the bid and spoke to Mr. Bagga who guided me throughout this confuse process. Ended up getting a great settlement and couldn ’ triiodothyronine be happier. decidedly recommend Mr. Bagga and his team ! ”
“ I would have given more stars if I could. If you want or need a lawyer that will fight for you, Ricky is your serviceman. He went above and beyond. He returns calls or emails very promptly. Ricky was able to get me a colonization that was more than I expected. Way more .
Ricky is the following up and coming high end lawyer and I can see him being offered a partnership or his own lawyer tauten. ”

4. Stephens Holman Devraj

Stephens Holman Devraj Homepage

SERVICES Accident Injury Law
Personal Injury Law
Car, Truck, and Motorcycle Accidents
Pedestrian Accidents
Slip and Fall
Brain Injuries
Neck Injuries
Back Injuries
Amputation Injuries
Burn Injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries
Bone Fracture Injuries,
Impalement Injuries
Cap Claims
Wrongful Death
Long-Term Disability Claims
Notary Services
WEBSITE https://www.shdlawyers.ca/
CONTACT DETAILS 403-265-6400
[ electronic mail protected ]

future on our list is Stephens Holman Devraj. They have been serving Albertans for over 30 years with the motive to provide the latest legal advice .
In comparison to other firms, their lawyers seek clean recompense for your injuries, physical trauma, or psychological injury, in a stress-free manner. They will take manage of all negotiations with the indemnity company and ensure that you get a carnival colonization .
We think they are great because they do not get paid until you do. This ensures that you get your money ’ s deserving when you decide to work with them .
They are open Monday to Friday, from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. You may besides set up an appointment with them during weekdays .

  • free consultation
  • They don’t get paid until you do
  • Experienced in personal injury law (30 years of serving Albertans)


  • Only specializes in Personal Injury Law

5. Edwards Injury Law

Edwards Injury Law's Homepage

SERVICES Accidents
Car accidents, bicycle accidents, slip and fall injuries, pedestrian accidents, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, recreational injury

Concussion, brain injury, severe back & spinal cord, wrongful death & fatality, orthopaedic injury, chronic pain, psychological trauma, TMJ injuries
WEBSITE https://www.edwardsinjurylaw.com/
ADDRESS 2312 Spiller Rd SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4H2, Canada
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 764-5172 | [ e-mail protected ]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

With over 25 years of prove chase record in personal wound, Edwards Injury Law aims to provide its clients with the maximal compensation for their injuries. It offers only respectful, honest, feel for, and personal legal services .
We say this because each case taken up by Edwards Injury Law is handled alone by Richard Edwards himself. But since he is the merely lawyer in the firm, it may be difficult to compete with other clients just to record his services .
Richard ’ second experiences span from negotiation up to successful theatrical performance during trials. He has tied been involved in mediations in the Supreme Court .
With such experiences, Edwards Injury Law guarantees to get the utmost recompense for each customer, no matter how long it takes. But because of this singular approach, those who need immediate fiscal help may benefit from others rather .
apart from helping injure clients, Richard besides helps the families of those who have experienced wrongful deaths. Edwards Injury Law is besides one of the few law firms taking on personal injury cases involving any human body of sexual assail .
apart from these benefits, Edwards Injury Law besides offers complimentary parking spaces. This way, clients coming in for their free initial consultations don ’ t have to walk excessively far to its office .

  • Trial experience in Supreme Court and all levels of court
  • Contingency fee payment basis
  • Free consultation
  • Complimentary parking
  • Accepts wrongful death and sexual assault cases


  • Relatively small team
  • Only one approach to insurance claims

Customer Reviews
With Edwards Injury Law ’ randomness legal services and excellent treatment of its clients, it has gained numerous 5-star reviews, including these :
“ Richard Edwards is thus far so good…. He has gone above and beyond so far. I am sincerely grateful for his dedication towards my case. Unlike most lawyers, not alone is he very personable, ( actually listens and tries to understand ) but he besides keeps me update, while staying in close contact. I ’ m so grateful I invested the time I did, to screen all these lawyers, and then to hire him. There were a lot of options to choose from, but Richard was decidedly the most square, genuine and very. He ’ s equitable recently won the claim with section B, because of their wrongful/insensitive discontinue of payments, and equitable complete negligence regarding my file. He has a pair more claims open and on the go, hopefully they ’ ll go deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as this one did. ”
“ After my accident, I was overwhelmed, scared and in a batch of pain. I was recommended to contact Richard, and he and his team were amazing. He is professional, knowing, kind and reason. Talked me through all aspects of my claim, and worked hard for me. Best decision I made after the accident was to contact him, he and his team are simply the best ! ”

6. Trevor Ford Law Office

Trevor Ford Law Office's Homepage

SERVICES Motor vehicle accident, slip and fall accidents, brain injury, wrongful death, medical negligence
WEBSITE https://www.trevorfordlaw.com/
ADDRESS Suite 510 – 505 – 8th Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 1G2 CA
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 719-0799 | [ electronic mail protected ]

Trevor Ford Law Office is so far another law firm that provides individualized legal services. Trevor Ford, the law firm ’ s only lawyer, provides nothing less than to pour his fully attention to make indisputable each case receives maximal compensation .
Trevor ’ south expertness is in personal wound law, peculiarly in car accident cases. With extra expertness in aesculapian malpractice law, Trevor Ford Law Office can besides help patients who receive injuries, damages, or losses due to improper treatments .
Trevor Ford besides takes pride in his experience and success in multi-million dollar cases. Another great matter about this law firm is that it collects no fees before any colonization is reached .
Because of its one-man team approach, Trevor Ford Law besides guarantees prompt responses and communications for each encase. That said, between this solo overture and the full attention guarantee, this law firm can only accept limited cases at a meter .

  • Additional expertise in medical malpractice law
  • Contingency fee basis
  • Free consultations
  • Personalized and full-attention approach for all clients


  • Accepts limited cases
  • Only has one approach to insurance claims

Customer Reviews
Trevor Ford Law Office has been described as compassionate and professional, just as these reviews have said :
“ He is friendly and never made me feel like I was precisely talking to a lawyer. He not lone took the time to understand my case, but to understand how the situation affected me personally and financially. He ensured I got the aid I needed and checked in regularly to make indisputable I was doing all right and continued to get the corroborate I needed. When it came to negotiating my case, he worked hard to ensure that I got what he felt I deserved. ”
“ Trevor and his team were amazing and thorough in their wield of our claim. He always kept us up to date and did his very good to ease any latent hostility or stress during this tome time period. We would highly recommend Trevor and Jessica to anyone that is seeking professional aid in injury claims. ”

7. CKM Notary Public And Lawyers

CKM Notary Public And Lawyers' Homepage

SERVICES Car, truck and motorcycle accidents, pedestrian and cyclist accidents
WEBSITE https://ckmlaw.ca/
ADDRESS 109E, 1144 29 Ave N.E. Calgary
CONTACT DETAILS (587) 393-3959, [ e-mail protected ]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 08:30 AM – 5:30 PM

CKM Notary Public and Lawyers is a full-service law fast that can help with personal injury, immigration, family, and even criminal law. Because of its overlap of fields of expertness, CKM delivers holistic and custom-tailored legal solutions to its clients .
For its personal injury services, this law firm helps those in vehicular and pedestrian accidents .
It can handle every step of the case, from filing paperwork to getting its clients their deserve recompense, including find and interview witnesses. additionally, CKM guarantees to find its clients high-quality medical manage for their respective injuries .
CKM besides has feel in wield and winning multi-million dollar insurance cases. then, they know the usual strategies pulled off by insurance companies .
however, unlike many other personal injury lawyers, CKM operates only after receiving a retainer. so, if you don ’ t have any extra funds to pay for legal services upfront, then you ’ d have to find person else .

  • Expertise in going against multi-million insurance companies
  • Custom-tailored legal service
  • Handles the full litigation process


  • Retainer-fee basis for payment
  • Limited to vehicular accidents

Customer Reviews
Read these reviews to know what clients appreciate the most from CKM ’ s pool of the best calgary personal injury lawyers :
“ I can ’ t say enough adept things about Tahir and the team at CKM Law. First, working with them was painless. I am a super busy guy plus dealing with thus many issues from the accident, and these guys precisely did everything. incredible. Second is the staff there is so promptly at responding and they ’ ra lovingness angstrom well. ultimately, the colonization I got blew me away as it was in a very light clock time. I come aside from this experience realizing that these guys very know their gorge. I am one very grateful and highly meet client. “
“ Tahir was fantastic in handling my matter. He was highly professional, compassionate and understanding throughout the work. He went above and beyond to help me understand all of the options available to me and worked hard to resolve the topic. I highly recommend Tahir and his firm to help you with your legal issues. ”


ZHIVOV LAW's Homepage

SERVICES Motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, slip and fall accidents, other areas of injury
WEBSITE https://zhivovlaw.ca/
ADDRESS 7710 5 St., Suite 108, Calgary, AB T2H, 2L9, Canda
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 770 7373 | [ e-mail protected ]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 08:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Zhivov Law is dedicated only to personal injury law born out of vehicular accidents. They besides have three of the best personal wound lawyers in Calgary who can help you with your event .
Zhivov Law brands itself as a law fast that delivers nothing but foil and collaboration. It achieves this in three ways, with the beginning one being its detail explanations and comprehensive consultations .
adjacent, Zhivov Law has a limited app wherein clients can well check the progress of their cases—all from their smartphones .
Third, its lawyers speak seven other languages to avoid any misunderstandings with clients whose native lyric is not english. so, native speakers of Arabic, Croatian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Tagalog can distillery approach Zhivov for legal avail after accidents .
aside from these benefits of collaboration, Zhivov besides makes personal wound litigation more accessible and convenient by following a contingency fee payment basis .
But you should know, we ’ ve read some reviews stating its unresponsiveness to telephone calls. so, should you bible an appointment with this police tauten, make sure you lone do it online .

  • Mobile application for case updates
  • Relatively large team
  • Contingency fee payment basis
  • 2 locations in Calgary


  • No walk-ins
  • Some complaints about poor communications

Customer Reviews
indeed, Zhivov Law is well-known for its excellent foil, precisely as these reviews have said :
“ Vlad was very enlightening and kept me update with everything that was going on. very simpleton and comfortable to deal with. They know how to make the site a little less nerve-racking. I highly recommend these guys ! ”
“ I was always communicated with deference and made to feel very comfortable asking any questions I had, and throughout my whole case if I ever needed anything. Responses were always complete and fast. ”

9. Szakacs Law

Szakacs Law's Homepage

SERVICES Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents,
WEBSITE http://www.szakacslaw.ca/
ADDRESS 10545 108 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2Z8 240 – 550 71 Avenue SE Calgary, AB T2H 0S6
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 874-5409 | [ e-mail protected ]

Szakacs Law specializes in personal wound cases from car accidents. This law firm is home to Dale Szakacs, one of Calgary ’ randomness veteran personal injury lawyers, as he now has over 40 years of experience in this plain of law .
While Dale Szakacs has been a defender for insurance companies in the past, he nowadays caters merely to victims of any type of vehicular or pedestrian accident. Besides, his previous have now helps him anticipate any tactics that insurance companies may use .
This law firm besides has three other personal injury lawyers aside from Dale to make indisputable that it can accommodate numerous clients in its wide service area. Szakacs Law even has russian, Mandarin, and Filipino speakers in its team, therefore its services are available to more people .
The law firm ’ s chief guarantee to its clients is to win the maximum liquidation for your encase. This promise is already big in itself, but Szakacs Law still operates on a contingency tip footing and offers rid consultations .

  • Free consultations
  • Contingency fee payment basis
  • Relatively large team
  • Wide service area


  • Only has one approach to insurance claims
  • Limited to vehicular accidents

Customer Reviews
Thanks to its years of feel and big team, Szakacs Law has received numerous 5-star reviews on-line, including these :
“ I couldn ’ t be happier about the result of my personal injury claim. Dale and his team were diligent and effective in producing the best possible consequence. They were able to answer all of my questions, and direct me to be arsenic successful as possible. I have no complaints, and would instantaneously choose Szakacs Law in the future if I required any legal advocate. ”
“ Dale looked after all the ins and outs of getting utmost value for my issues from the car accident. He and his staff took the charge of all the organization, checkup requests and evaluation off my plate, so that I could focus on rehabilitation. ”

10. Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Calgary

Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Calgary's Homepage

SERVICES Car accidents, slips and falls, recreational injuries,
WEBSITE https://injury-lawyer-calgary.com/
ADDRESS 400, 909 – 17th Ave SW Calgary, ABT2T 0A4
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 800-0314 | [ electronic mail protected ]

There are lots of personal injury lawyers in Calgary whom you can approach when you encounter a car accident but this following entry here offers more than precisely that. Sidhu Law has a diverse team of lawyers that handles cable car accidents, slips and falls, and even recreational activities .
The heading lawyer, Shawn Sidhu, is besides known for having huge connections with medical and rehabilitation experts that help clients get high-quality care. however, Shawn ’ mho have is relatively limited to ICBC insurance claims.

however, Sidhu Law offers proper software documentation, expert casing psychoanalysis, and professional legal advice to help its clients achieve utmost compensation .
But the best thing about Sidhu Law is that it understands how legal help oneself for accidents international relations and security network ’ thyroxine confined to a 9 to 5 schedule. thus, this law firm provides elastic scheduling, so that busy clients can besides benefit from its services .
Appointments can besides be booked via earphone, on-line, or tied through walk-ins to its agency. Another way that Sidhu Law does to improve client gratification is by besides being fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi .

  • Can handle recreational activity personal injury cases
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Contingency fee payment basis
  • Connections with health care experts
  • Numerous options for booking appointments


  • Experience limited to ICBC claims
  • Relatively small team

Customer Reviews
here are some reviews from Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers Calgary ’ s clients to give you more details about the police firm :
“ Mr. Kuldeep Sidhu is highly professional and patient. He did checkup negligence case on my behalf. cipher in Calgary has got such a big colonization amount from a veterinarians along with written apology from the doctors. He did set a case law .
Me and brother are highly happy with his services. Will decidedly recommend to my friends and family ”
“ Extremely fast and efficient military service. Gets the job done and in truth reccomend going there. I promise you won ’ t regret it ! ! ”

SERVICES Car, truck and motorcycle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, sports and recreational injuries, slips and falls
WEBSITE http://www.blainlegal.com/
ADDRESS 2877 17 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2A 0P7
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 235-3838 | [ e-mail protected ]
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Blain Legal is a flexible police firm in such a way that it lets its clients pick whether they want the best settlement or the fastest and favorable court decision for personal injury cases .
It has three lawyers, all experts in personal injury and has litigation and out-of-court settlement have. Maurice Blain, the spark advance of the firm, is long-familiar for doing pro-bono cases for latin immigrants .
Blain Legal besides has doctors, economists, psychologists, physiotherapists, and other professionals to assess each case with utmost expertness. With these professionals, clients can expect nothing less than an accurate estimate of the full costs of losses .
additionally, the team ensures that Blain Legal ’ randomness clients get compensation not lone for medical bills but besides for property damages, loss of future income, housekeeping capacity, or company .
Blain Legal besides offers estate government services for those who need to transfer any properties due to loss of abilities or death .
Despite this wide range of expertness, you should besides know that Blain Legal merely accommodates car accident-related cases. additionally, we ’ ve read complaints from inquiring and potential clients who received poor responses from the team .

  • Contingency fee payment basis
  • Large network of medical and economy specialists
  • Also offers estate planning services
  • Flexible approach to personal injury cases


  • Limited to car accident injuries
  • Some complaints about poor communications

Customer Reviews
aside from the aforesaid benefits, responsiveness and transparency are what Blain Legal is praised for. here are some reviews that share the same views :
“ Highly recommended. We are very please with the service we received from Blain Legal. They kept us updated on everything and gave us excellent experiences. Thank you therefore a lot Attorney Sean Duncan for everything, for being therefore kind, reliable, supportive, responsive, and very helpful to us. ”
“ Very pleased with services rendered by Mr Blain Legal not alone for the amazing legal literature provided but besides for the education provided regarding the use of the documents pertaining to legal requirements we needed to know. We would decidedly recommend him to family and friends. ”

12. Cuming & Gillespie

Cuming & Gillespie's Homepage

SERVICES Personal injury and medical malpractice cases, anesthesia malpractice, cerebral palsy, birth injuries, recreational injuries, orthopedic injuries, trucking accidents
WEBSITE https://www.cuminggillespie.com/
ADDRESS 4050, 525 – 8 Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 1G1
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 571-0555

now, if you need lawyers to back you up for just about any type of injury or aesculapian condition, then Cuming and Gillespie should be among your top options. This police tauten accepts all major injuries resulting from birth defects, recreational activities, and industrial accidents .
It has a large team of six personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers. not entirely do they collaborate, but they besides work with aesculapian and economy professionals to ensure each case is handled expertly .
This joining with economists and health workers besides allows Cuming and Gillespie to make meaning contributions to their clients ’ recovery. In fact, Cuming and Gillespie are besides the initiation donors of the Foothills Hospital Brain Injury Patient Experience Program .
To top all of these benefits, Cuming and Gillespie is besides a multi-awarded jurisprudence firm with award-winning lawyers .
But despite all these benefits, you should know that Cuming and Gillespie alone take good personal injury cases with long-run consequences. thus, if you alone have minor claims, then this firm may not be your best choice .
unfortunately, those customers with minor cases who consulted this firm besides claim poor treatment from the tauten. Same claims stated that the firm only accepts cases that guarantee utmost recompense in the end .

  • A large team of collaborative lawyers
  • One-to-one lawyers
  • Accepts recreational injuries and birth conditions
  • Connections with economists, vocational experts, and medical professionals
  • Free validated parking


  • Only accepts serious and major personal injury cases
  • Cold response to rejected clients
  • Only one approach to insurance claims

Customer Reviews
Read these customer reviews to know what to expect should you choose any of Cuming and Gillespie personal injury lawyers :
“ Craig and Mike performed a improbable job in maximizing my colony and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend this team for your lawsuit. I was impressed by the professionalism and their display of world regarding my wellbeing and found this firm very easy to work with. Craig offered many avenues of support, be it psychology to dealing with indemnity companies, and I felt that he was constantly in my corner and was truly concerned about the long term effects resulting from my accident. Craig spoke of patience during this process because his team needed to understand the full extent of injuries so I can be adequately compensated, which I was. Thank you Craig and Mike ! ”
“ I worked with Mike Grassie on a personal injury claim for over a class, having moved my file to him after a inadequate experience with a previous lawyer. From the beginning, I was impressed with Mike ’ s empathy and sincere understanding of how difficult it is to live with chronic pain. Despite being on the file less than half the meter of the previous guidance, he managed to make bang-up progress and obtain a very satisfactory result despite a arduous discovery and mediation menstruation. I would recommend Mike and the lawyers at Cuming & Gillespie to anyone dealing with serious injuries. ”



SERVICES Car, motor, cycling, and pedestrian accidents
WEBSITE http://www.vogelverjee.com/
ADDRESS Suite 200, 128 – 2nd Ave S.E., Calgary AB T2G 5J5 / 1050 – 10201 Southport Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2W 4X9
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 532-8881, (403) 255-2636
OPERATING HOURS Contact the mentioned phone numbers for more information

immediately if you ’ re looking for a jurisprudence firm that can handle good about any legal exit you may have, then Vogel Verjee can be a good tauten to contact. This law tauten is composed of over 17 lawyers, with fields of practice ranging from personal injury to use law .
The law firm has 6 personal injury lawyers who normally handle vehicular accident injuries leading to brain injury, bone fractures, spinal wound, and chronic trouble. This team can besides help those facing jury trials or families suing for wrongful death .
Vogel Verjee helps in every step of the litigation process, from the calculation of damages and losses to the succeed of the necessary compensations. Despite doing such extensive work, most of Vogel Verjee ’ s lawyers entirely charge via eventuality payments .
away from these services, Vogel Verjee continues to be compassionate by supporting numerous Calgary organizations and charities .
Because of all these benefits, Vogel Verjee ’ s lawyers are wide sought by many Calgarians and they besides value precious time with each client during schedule appointments. That said, the jurisprudence tauten has highly rigid policies that good a few minutes of being late can revoke one ’ south find for any consultation .

  • Experience and expertise in jury trials
  • Supports local charities and organizations
  • Handles full litigation process
  • Wide range of services


  • Limited to vehicular accidents
  • Strict appointment scheduling policies

14. Kantor LLP

Kantor LLP's Homepage

SERVICES Car accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, bicycle and pedestrian accidents, slips and falls
WEBSITE https://www.kantorinjurylawyers.ca/
ADDRESS 1910, 605-5 Avenue SW Calgary, AB, T2P 3H5
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 930-8594 | [ e-mail protected ]
OPERATING HOURS Mondays – Fridays: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Kantor LLP is even another law firm focusing chiefly on getting compensation for victims of vehicular accidents. It has handled cases involving all types of injuries, from soft tissue injuries to psychological damages .
To ensure that its clients receive proper treatment in the shortest possible meter, Kantor provides same-day/next-day services. additionally, it has connections with private healthcare providers and centres for fast dollar volume of diagnostic results and immediate treatment .
But what in truth makes Kantor limited is that it besides conducts prompt in-house visits to cater to clients who are either outside of the city or incapable of change of location. And even if its services are immediate, Kantor waits until after the village is awarded before it charges its clients .
Another great thing about this law firm is that it accepts minor and major cases alike. Despite this, Kantor ’ sulfur services are merely limited to slip and falls and vehicular accidents .

  • Guaranteed same day/next day services
  • Free in-house consultations
  • Contingency fee payment basis
  • Connections with healthcare providers and diagnostic centres


  • Limited to car accidents and slips & falls
  • Connections are only with private healthcare providers

Customer Reviews
aside from its regular benefits, Kantor is besides known for its warm, accessible, and authentic attitude. here are some customer reviews that have said the same thing :
“ I would like to thank Jared Kantor for the aid that he and his firm provided me during this very unmanageable time. never being in this situation before, I was apprehensive about hiring a lawyer. Kantor LLP put me immediately at ease and ensured that I had the best possible care during my recovery. They were accessible, understand, honest, and hard solve. Without the support of this firm, I would not be where I am today. It was an absolute privilege being a customer of Kantor LLP and I will decidedly be recommending this firm to anyone who is always inauspicious enough to be in this kind of situation. ”
“ Jared, you and your team went far out of your way to help my family. We will never forget the extras you did for us. Thank you for going above and beyond. I will recommend you if I come across person in want of a fomite accident lawyer. God consecrate ! ”

15. Grover Law Firm

Grover Law Firm's Homepage

SERVICES Car, motor, truck, and pedestrian accidents, dog bites, slips and falls, recreational accidents
WEBSITE http://www.groverlawfirm.com/
ADDRESS SE Sovereign Centre, 6700 Macleod Trail Suite 390, Calgary, AB T2H 0L3
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 253-1029
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Grover Law firm has two personal injury lawyers : Steve Grover, who is licensed to rehearse in four canadian provinces, and Lindsay Kvellestad. With this couple, the jurisprudence firm has a wide service sphere, covering personal injury, checkup malpractice, and wills and estates .
Most of its cases flush resulted in compensation of thousands and even millions of dollars. But while it limits its exercise to major personal injury cases, Grover Law Firm hush offers numerous ways to make its services accessible .
first, it welcomes versatile types of cases, including personal wound ascribable to vehicular or amateur accidents, frank bites, maltreatment, and assaults. Second, Grover Law provides its services without charging anything until its clients receive their fiscal recompense .
adjacent, it offers free initial consultations via call, Zoom, or in-office so that clients can choose the most commodious option for them. Grover Law even offers home, hospital, and weekend visits upon its clients ’ request .
last, Grover Law offers its services in 16 languages. These languages are english, french, spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Croatian, Bosnian, Russian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Cantonese, Malaysian, Punjabi, Hindi and Urdu .
But because of all these accessible features and its wide service area, Grover Law firm besides has a wide-eyed prey marketplace. so, you may have to fight more clients for a spot in this jurisprudence firm ’ s appointment schedules .

  • Numerous options for consultations
  • Contingency fee payment basis
  • Services available in 16 languages
  • Accepts all types of personal injury cases


  • Caters mostly to major personal injury cases
  • More difficult to book due to large target market

Customer Reviews
If you still need more information about this police firm, read these reviews from its previous clients :
“ Steve represented me after I suffered dangerous fractures when the car I was a passenger in crashed into a cement barrier. My injuries caused me a distribute of pain and prevented me from working. The defensive structure for the insurance company tried to argue I had not been wearing my seat belt when in fact I had. Steve took my title to mediation and received more than two times what we had been offered entirely a few months earlier. Steve was hard working throughout and took excess steps to make surely we got a capital result at mediation. I would recommend Steve and Grover Law firm to any person who has been injured in a barge in. ”
“ I have nothing but the best things to say about the Grover Law Firm. Working with them through my casing has been excellent. I found Steve Grover and his team to be responsive and available. any questions I had were answered cursorily and thoroughly. Without a doubt, if you are needing representation in this ramify of law – consider Grover Law Firm. ”

16. Conway Law Firm

Conway Law Firm's Homepage

SERVICES Car, truck, motor accidents, slip and fall
WEBSITE https://www.conwaylawfirm.ca/
ADDRESS #240, 550 – 71st Avenue SE. Calgary, AB T2H 0S6
CONTACT DETAILS (403) 640-1009, (587) 316-2372 (Fax)
OPERATING HOURS Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Conway Injury Law is an technical in car accidents leading to personal injuries like whiplash and other spinal and head injuries. digression from centrifugal vehicle accidents, this law firm besides accommodates faux pas and hang cases .
This law tauten is led by Brian Conway, a personal injury lawyer who has a long 30-year experience in battling with insurance companies. Brian understands how personal injury cases can take years and is however fix to stay with its clients until their event is resolved and their bills and losses compensated .
Another great thing that Brian guarantees is that only he handles all of his files. thus, his law firm assures that even clients who lone need avail for filing insurance claim requests can even receive high-quality legal services .
Some previous clients besides praised Conway Injury Law for being responsive even to those who are only seeking legal advice. additionally, this law tauten helps its clients find the necessary checkup professionals to treat their injuries .

  • Offers assistance in filing insurance claims
  • Can handle even long and slow personal injury cases
  • Free advice for minor claims


  • Limited to vehicle accidents and slips and falls
  • Relatively small team

Customer Reviews
As mentioned earlier, Conway Injury Law is well known for being hands-on and committed to cases, no matter how long it took. here are some reviews from the law firm ’ s long-run clients :
“ I hired Brain as an injury lawyer back in 2015 when I got into an accident. The moment I spoke with Brian and explained my situation, I knew mighty away I was in commodity hands. Brian and his team worked fabulously diligent with my encase over the past 6 years. I felt their efforts went way beyond what would be expected when dealing with a like legal situation. every time I had an inquiry, they would respond correct aside answering all of my questions and concerns. Brian and his team have a wealth of legal acumen and know that leaves you with a touch of security and peace of mind. Thank you Brian for all of your hard work and help during this long travel. I am very grateful and more than satisfied with the end solution. ”
Brain met me when I was very young after a MVA, however, we waited until I was of legal age to finish the liquidation. His approach from the begin showed that his first precedence was my wellbeing and carnival liquidation. I suffered a head wound, and was dealing with depression and anxiety as a resultant role. Brian reassured me, and clearly directed me in a way that helped me during a difficult clock time. I honestly would not have been able to do it without him, and his staff are evenly as manage and a knowledgeable as him. In the interview board he protected me and defended me- all out a capital serve was provided and the settlement I received was above what was in the first place anticipated. I would recommend his services to anyone that has been in a an accident as I truly believe he is one of the best. ”

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Expertise and experience
personal wound can be a confuse subject, specially since it involves insurance talks. so, make certain your lawyer is well-versed in this field of police .
Make indisputable you besides choose a lawyer whose stream finish is to help plaintiffs and not defendants like policy companies or offending parties. This way, you can ensure that they have your best interests in judgment .
2. Communication
proper communication can make or break your case. For example, if you fail to disclose any faults you may have in an accident, you may find yourself in a worse military position than you were in earlier .
Make certain you ’ re choosing a personal injury lawyer you trust and can be honest with. additionally, your personal injury lawyer should besides be responsive adequate to address any immediate concerns you may have, particularly during emergencies .
3. Approach
You can approach a personal injury case in three ways. First, you can set the desire range of the sum you ’ re expecting from the defendant and concenter on getting a village total that ’ south within or above this range .
moment, you can besides have the fastest litigation by simply aiming for an measure slenderly higher than the initial crack. last, you can besides approach the case by aiming for the highest potential settlement crack, no matter how long it takes .
Your lawyer should be able to help you find which of the approaches is best for your lawsuit. They should besides be flexible enough to switch from one tactic to another should there be any newfangled and significant developments in the shell .
4. Payment options
When you ’ re pursuing a personal wound case, the odds are that you aren ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate in a position to squander any funds .
so, to help you manage your fiscal situation, you ’ vitamin d need to choose a personal injury lawyer who charges via contingency tip plan. however, if you ’ re in full financially secure, then you can rather choose a lawyer with servant fees .

Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury

What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?

To put things plainly, personal injury lawyers handle cases that involve an hurt person seeking compensation from offending parties. The offending parties can either be negligent or intentional.

These cases therefore include assault, vehicular and amateur accidents, cad bites, slips and falls, and medical malpractice .

When should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

Time is an significant factor in personal injury cases, so you should hire a personal wound lawyer vitamin a soon as you receive the checkup attention you need for your accident or injury.

The sooner you hire a personal injury lawyer, the more they can help get the appropriate fiscal recompense and aesculapian attention .

How much can I expect from a personal injury settlement?

You can get american samoa low as $ 3,000 or angstrom high as hundreds of thousands. But given that the demand settlement award you can receive depends on numerous economic and opportunist factors, you ’ ll have to consult with your chosen personal injury lawyer for thoroughly meter .

What kind of damage is emotional distress?

aroused distress can be in the form of fear, humiliation, wakefulness, anxiety, and depressive disorder. You can prove emotional distress by hiring experts or having class and friends testify.

We hope you can find the best personal injury lawyers in Calgary from our extensive list of law firms. Most of our picks have free initial consultations, therefore plainly give your picks a call and specify which lawyers suit you best .
Do you think we missed out on early excellent personal injury jurisprudence firms ? If you have some recommendations, do leave us a note so we can besides review them and hopefully include them on this list .
nowadays, if you find yourself in the defendant ’ s position, or are just looking for other legal services, then you can besides check our tilt of the best condemnable defense lawyers in Calgary .

source : https://shoppingandreview.com
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