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car accidents can cause devastating injuries that require dearly-won aesculapian treatment and have a lasting impingement on your choice of biography. Under New Mexico law, you have a right to be compensated for your losses if person else is creditworthy for the damage done to you. Albuquerque car accident lawyer Bert Parnall and Parnall Law are here to help. We pursue wax and bazaar recompense in car accident claims so our clients can focus on getting the medical discussion they need and moving advancing with their lives.

At Parnall Law firm, our consecrated car accident lawyers manage all legal aspects of your car accident claim. We can help you manage insurance matters, medical bills, fomite repair costs, and other issues surrounding your accident .

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Bully You

If you have been hurt in a cable car accident in Albuquerque or the surround sphere, you need to speak with the knowing car accident attorneys at Parnall Law nowadays. We ’ ll provide you with a free legal consultation and answer any questions you may have about your call. Contact us now to discuss the next steps in your encase. Contact Us now to Discuss Your Next Steps call option ( 505 ) 207-0144

How We Help Albuquerque Car Accident Victims

many cable car accident victims feel overwhelmed after a dangerous crash. They see medical bills piling up and wonder what to tell the policy party about the accident. When you enlist the assistant of the skilled Albuquerque car accident lawyers at Parnall Law firm, we will immediately take action to protect your rights and take the effect off of you. You can count on our team to :

  • Conduct an independent investigation to establish the facts of your case. We’ll collect every piece of evidence to determine who was at fault for your injury. We undertake numerous investigative techniques and tap multiple sources to get to the bottom of how and why our clients were injured.
  • Immediately send letters of representation. Once Parnall Law Firm, represents you, we will inform creditors, insurance companies and others that we are your attorneys. That means they will have to come through us to get to you. You can answer any question or unwanted contact with, “Talk to my attorneys,” and leave it all to us.
  • Aggressively negotiate a settlement or file a lawsuit. We prepare each case as if it is heading for court, but most cases end in a car accident settlement. In many cases, it may be far easier on the client if a full and fair settlement can be reached in a timely manner. If a proper settlement cannot be obtained, our dedicated car accident lawyers will be prepared to put forth a strong personal injury case before the judge and jury.
  • Frequently update you on the status of your case. You will come to know Bert Parnall and the Parnall Law Firm, well. Our job is to keep your case moving forward. Although there will be very little required of you to pursue your case, we will be in touch regularly to keep you as up-to-date as you want to be. We can also help with some of the common headaches of dealing with a car accident, such as finding proper medical treatment or getting estimates for car repairs.

We’re here to fight for your rights when you’ve been wronged. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our have Albuquerque car accident attorneys. back to Top

Steps to Take Immediately After an Auto Accident in Albuquerque

The steps you take immediately after an car accident can be identical crucial as they relate to your health and your ability to recover compensation. The one thing that has to be done after any car accident is to seek aesculapian care. You should be certain that you visit a hospital or undergo some kind of full medical examination that allows you to have a checkup record created american samoa soon as possible after the accident. It can be far more unmanageable to claim recompense for injuries if you ’ ve wait days or weeks to visit a doctor. other important steps to take after an car accident include :

  • Call Police — Always contact the local law enforcement agency so a police report can be filed in connection to your crash. The police report could provide important information for an auto accident claim. A negligent driver could also be ticketed for violations of local laws that caused crashes. Keep in mind, though, that the police do not have final say when it comes to civil liability for a crash.
  • Take Pictures — You should try to use any camera available to you, such as the one likely found on your cell phone, to get as many photographs as you can of everything involved in the crash scene. Try to get pictures from multiple angles and distances so you can have a wide assortment of images to share with your attorney.
  • Seek Witnesses — If other people saw the accident, ask them for their names and phone numbers or some kind of contact information. Such individuals could prove to be very valuable witnesses if the other driver disputes any liability claims.

deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you are able, you should call a personal injury lawyer at Parnall Law. Be sure to do this before you say anything to any policy company. back to Top

Common Auto Accident Places in Albuquerque

Albuquerque has had the highest number of sum crashes in New Mexico every year, with the 19,532 total crashes in one holocene class far outpacing the 3,556 in Las Cruces, 2,594 in Santa Fe, and 1,345 in Rio Rancho, according to the Traffic Crash Annual Report from the University of New Mexico. The 35 crashes per 1,000 residents in Albuquerque was tied with Las Cruces for the second-highest rate in the state behind only the 60.7 rate in Taos. Some of the highest-density areas for traffic crashes in Albuquerque include :

  • New Mexico State Road 45 and Interstate 40
  • New Mexico State Road 47 and I-40
  • New Mexico State Road 556 and I-40
  • Louisiana Boulevard and I-40
  • San Mateo Boulevard and I-40
  • Carlisle Boulevard and I-40
  • Interstate 25 and I-40
  • New Mexico State Road 423 and I-25

It is important to understand that severe wrecks can happen anywhere in Albuquerque, and some major collisions can occur on early less-traveled streets .

Common Reasons for Auto Accidents in Albuquerque

Causes of car accidents are not always easily identified. detail investigations can be required in some cases to determine precisely what caused a collision. Some of the most common causes broadly include :

  • Speeding
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of Alcohol or Drugs
  • Medical Emergency
  • Reckless Driving
  • Construction Zone Violations
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Signs or Lights
  • Following Too Closely (Tailgating)
  • Improper or Illegal Turns
  • Other Traffic Violations
  • Failure to Adjust Speed for Inclement Weather
  • Failure to Maintain Vehicle
  • Defective Highways
  • Defective Vehicle Parts

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Types of Injuries in an Albuquerque Auto Accident

car accidents can cause a wide image of injuries. Some people are fortunate enough to walk away with lone minor bumps and bruises, but many others will have durable injury that not only requires drawn-out medical attention, but besides impacts their ability to work. Examples of common injuries in car accident cases include :

  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Facial Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
  • Fractures and Broken Bones
  • Lacerations and Cuts
  • Internal Organ Injuries
  • Burn Injuries

The syndicate of a person who is killed in an accident may be eligible to file a unlawful death lawsuit against the negligent party or parties who caused the clang. An experienced unlawful death lawyer at Parnall Law can help eligible syndicate members understand what types of compensation they could seek and assist them with recovering what they are owed .

Demanding Compensation After an Albuquerque Car Accident

negligent, foolhardy, distracted and intoxicated drivers are a danger to everyone on the road. Manufacturers who sell defective centrifugal vehicles, car parts or vehicle systems ( such as airbags, brakes, tires, etc. ) besides pose a dangerous threat. The feel Albuquerque car accident attorneys at Parnall Law firm, will work indefatigably to hold any at-fault parties accountable for the injury they have caused you. Our give legal team has helped countless innocent crash victims pursue the recompense they need and the judge they deserve. The types of recompense we may demand after a car crash include :

  • Payment for your medical bills, including any future treatment you may need for broken bones, neck or back injuries, knee injuries, scarring and disfigurement, or whiplash
  • Compensation to fix or replace your vehicle
  • Lost wages, as well as payment for reduced earning potential if you are not able to do the work you did before
  • Compensation for physical and emotional pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages, which can be awarded in extreme cases to punish the at-fault party

No measure of money can make things wholly right after a catastrophic car accident. however, you deserve an lawyer who will fight fiercely for every bite of recompense you deserve. At Parnall Law firm, our skilled legal team will collect all records related to medical bills, fomite repairs, and missed time from work. We will besides consult with medical professionals and fiscal experts to estimate how much your injuries will affect you into the future.
Schedule a free consultation today with our dogged Albuquerque car accident lawyers. back to Top Fight Back Against the policy Companies predict ( 505 ) 207-0144

Our Car Accident Attorneys Are Committed to Albuquerque

The Parnall Law firm, legal team has been assisting car accident victims in Albuquerque since January 2009. Bertrand R. Parnall is an Albuquerque native who began practicing personal injury law in his hometown in 2004. previously he was a spouse in a law firm that assisted victims of unlawful injuries and insurance company abuses, and he had worked as a senior trial prosecutor in Valencia County, convicting murderers and rapists through jury trials. Bert Parnall has assembled a legal team of attorneys and paralegals a dedicated as he is to compassionate and determined advocacy for clients who have suffered serious injuries in car crashes that could have been prevented. New Mexico car accident statistics paint a sobering picture of the need for this type of representation:

  • There were 398 fatal car accidents in New Mexico in 2016, 100 more than the year before, according to the University of New Mexico, which compiles state traffic crash data on behalf of the New Mexico Department of Transportation.
  • Bernalillo County, home to Albuquerque and the state’s most populous county, had the highest number of fatal car accidents in 2016, with 99 ─ a quarter of the state’s total. That number was up from 64 in 2015.
  • On an average day in New Mexico, 111 car crashes occur, involving 282 people, injuring 46 and killing one, according to the most recent annual report from UNM and the Department of Transportation.
  • The most common contributing factors to New Mexico car crashes are distracted drivers (22 percent), failure to yield right-of-way (13 percent) and tailgating (10 percent).
  • The top contributing factors in fatal car accidents in New Mexico are driving under the influence (53 percent), distracted driving (8 percent) and speeding (8 percent).

In our car accident injury practice at Parnall Law Firm, many of our clients are victims of collisions that involve another driver following excessively closely, failing to yield, underinsured or uninsured drivers, adolescent drivers, rideshare accidents, running a crimson light or making a left turn into another car, t-bone accidents, rear-end, and head-on collisions and hit and run accidents. In holocene years, we have besides seen more and more distract drive cases in Albuquerque, particularly distracted drive, texting while driving, drowsy drive and intoxicated drive cases, which are more probably to be fatal. Every day, we see individuals who are terribly injured and families that are devastated by the loss of a loved one after a car accident. In any casing where an impeccant person is harmed by person else ’ south negligence, that victim deserves to be made solid ampere much as is possible. And our feel for Albuquerque cable car accident attorneys work diligently in avocation of justice. back to Top

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

1 .When would someone need a personal injury lawyer? If you have been involved in a unplayful accident and sustained significant injuries, you need to consult with a personal injury lawyer to understand your legal options. After a dangerous wound accident, you will need to file a claim and deal with the policy adjusters. The indemnity party will try to minimize the measure it pays out in claims to protect its profit margin. It may deny your claim or offer a liquidation that is a divide of the fair value of the call. A lawyer will help you understand your legal rights and whether you have a valid personal wound lawsuit. A lawyer can collect attest to strengthen your claim and negotiate on your behalf with the indemnity party representing the at-fault party. A lawyer can push back if an insurance company tries to deny your claim or take advantage of you. If the case goes to trial, an experienced personal injury lawyer will know how to present your lawsuit to jurors to increase your chances of a favorable jury verdict. Attorney Bert Parnall is a champion. He and his legal team will fight for your legal rights if you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of person else in Albuquerque or anywhere in Central New Mexico. 2 .Why is a lawyer important? An know personal injury lawyer brings a knowing position to the process of negotiating with insurers and settling an injury claim. Based on years of experience handling similar claims, an lawyer will have a common sense of the fair rate of your injury claim. Most accident victims are uncertain what their claim is deserving. An lawyer will analyze the facts of your case and provide guidance about whether an insurance company ’ south village offer is reasonable based on the specifics of your case. If you have never dealt with a claim before, it may be difficult for you to know whether an put up is fair on your own. The policy company will have lawyers advising its staff during the settlement process. Having an lawyer on your side and looking out for your interests evens the play field. policy companies want to avoid going to court. The insurance company may agree to a higher liquidation in arrange to avoid litigation if you have a lawyer advocating for you. If you do not have legal representation, you will be at a disadvantage in dealing with the indemnity company. 3 .How do I find the right lawyer? You want a lawyer that has years of experience treat cases alike to your subject and has a phonograph record of verdicts and settlements. Ask the lawyer what share of his or her practice involves the practice sphere that applies to your case. You want an established lawyer who knows the local court system and has the resources and determination to pursue your subject to completion.

You want a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable communicate and sharing information. You want a lawyer who will listen to your questions and concerns and offer informative answers. You want a lawyer who will be accessible when you have questions and keep you informed of the condition of your case. You want a lawyer that has full references. Steer clear of any lawyer who promises or guarantees you a settlement or a certain consequence. No lawyer can ethically guarantee a sealed leave in a case. To find an lawyer, you may ask your friends, relatives or co-workers to recommend a lawyer who they have used. You can besides schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with an lawyer at Parnall Law to get an understand of your legal options. The reference will help you clarify your legal options at no charge whether you decide to work with our jurisprudence tauten. 4 .What the most common reasons that people hire personal injury lawyers? The most common reason to hire a personal injury lawyer is to provide representation after a cable car barge in caused by person else that resulted in serious injuries. The law allows people who are harmed by others ’ negligence to seek recompense. That is an adversarial summons. It is helpful to have an have injury lawyer standing up for you when dealing with an indemnity company representing the at-fault party. The insurance company may dismiss or delay your claim if you do not have a personal wound lawyer representing you. early reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer include pursuing recompense for injuries caused by insecure conditions at person else ’ south property or to protect a love one in a nurse home if you suspect your sleep together one is being subjected to neglect or abuse. In many instances, people who need legal guidance may have questions about a trouble oneself situation and need a personal injury lawyer to investigate the matter and find answers. Bert Parnall and the team at Parnall Law are available to answer your questions and discuss your legal needs during a free and confidential consultation. The attorneys at Parnall Law have helped thousands of accident victims obtain proper compensation and move forward with their lives .

How Much Will My Case Cost?

How Much will My Case Cost?

1 .How Much Will My Personal Injury Case Cost? Our personal injury attorneys handle cases on a eventuality fee basis. We understand that if you have been badly injured and out of work, you may be experiencing fiscal try. It ’ s unmanageable for most people, particularly those who are injured and ineffective to work, to come up with money to hire an lawyer. Recognizing this position, our attorneys at Parnall Law Firm handle cases on a eventuality fee basis with no upfront costs for the customer. If we agree to handle your case, you will be presented with a written tip agreement showing the fee you can expect to be charged if we are successful. We do not charge anything to start work on your case. We only get paid an lawyer ’ randomness fee if we win your case and obtain compensation for you. then we receive a helping of the award to cover our legal fee and expenses. The tip is a percentage of the measure recovered through an indemnity liquidation or jury award. It ’ randomness unmanageable to generalize about what a sheath will cost. The fact is that every personal injury case has factors that affect the distance of time it will take to resolve and the cost. Every encase is unique in some respects. Our attorneys at Parnall Law firm are available to review the details of your accident and discuss your legal options. Contact Parnall Law firm for a free consultation. 2 .What Costs Are Associated with Personal Injury Cases? There are a number of different costs associated with a personal injury case. They include : Attorney’s Fee — Most people would be ineffective to afford to retain an know personal injury lawyer on an hourly basis to pursue an injury claim. The attorneys at Parnall Law firm handle personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. A eventuality fee arrangement allows accident victims to retain feel legal representation without having to pay for an lawyer out of pocket. personal injury attorneys typically take approximately a one-third of any amount obtained in a village or jury award as requital of the lawyer fee. The share may vary depending on the stage at which the encase is concluded. The demand percentages and terms are spelled out in a written fee agreement that is reviewed and signed by the customer and the lawyer to avoid any misunderstandings at the conclusion of a case. Court Filing Fees — Courts in New Mexico accusation a file fee to file a civil lawsuit, including a process fee to serve a lawsuit and a tip for a jury trial. These expenses are advanced by the lawyer, then subtracted from the measure of colonization or court prize. Administrative Expenses — There are a number of many-sided expenses typically incurred, such as hiring a woo report to take a deposition, making copies of transcripts, getting copies of checkup records and gathering other documents. Expert Witness Fees — The price of hiring adept witnesses can be a major expense in a personal wound lawsuit. To build a strong case, your lawyer may need to hire physicians as checkup experts to testify about your injuries and checkup treatment and traffic accident reconstructionist and merchandise guard engineers to analyze how your car accident occurred. The costs of court file fees, conducting depositions, hiring adept witnesses and paying for any travel expenses are typically paid up front by the jurisprudence firm, then deducted from the final settlement or jury prize. 3 .How Much Will an Attorney Charge to Handle My Car Accident Injury Case? If you are seriously injured in an Albuquerque car accident due to another driver ’ s carelessness or negligence and have goodly medical bills, you need to consult with an feel personal injury. Parnall Law will review your case at no charge and explain your legal options. If we handle your case, we will take the character on the eventuality fee basis. You will not owe a legal free unless we obtain money for you. We will collect testify and present a demand letter to the indemnity company representing the at-fault driver. If the policy company responds favorably and your car accident font is settled out of court for $ 70,000, for case, then the expenses are deducted. Let ’ s say the case involves $ 10,000 in expenses. That leaves a balance wheel of $ 60,000. The lawyer ’ south tip would be a third gear of the remaining total or $ 20,000. You would receive a check for $ 40,000. 4 .How Much Does My Personal Injury Case Cost to Go to Court? many injury claims are resolved without going to test. Our attorneys at Parnall Law firm are skilled negotiators and will try to negotiate a clean liquidation with the policy company and avoid the expense and doubt of a trial. however, if the insurance company refuses to agree to a fair colony, it may be necessary to go to court to seek department of justice. Taking your lawsuit to court typically involves more expenses than settling the character out of court. Gathering evidence and cook for a test will incur certain kinds of expenses including motor hotel filing fees, the cost of depositions, probe costs, administrative costs, hiring expert witnesses, travel expenses for expert witnesses and preparing test exhibits. These expenses can be significant in a building complex personal injury case. Parnall Law Firm will advance the monetary value of the expenses. The expense will then be subtracted from the final settlement or jury award at the end of the case .

How Much is My Case Worth?

How Long Until I Settle My Case?

How Long Until I Settle My Case?

1 .How Long Until I Settle My Case? If you have been injured and are considering whether to file a personal injury lawsuit, you may have questions about how long the case will take to resolve and how promptly you may get compensation for your injuries. That can be a press motion, particularly if you can not work and are experiencing fiscal stress after a car accident or early personal injury accident. People who contact Parnall Law frequently ask how hanker it will take to negotiate a settlement of their personal injury claim. policy companies will press for a quick colony and try to pay you much less than you deserve. Attorney Bert Parnall and the legal team at Parnall Law have helped thousands of people in Albuquerque and Central New Mexico negotiate fair settlements of their injury claims. Over the decades, Parnall Law has obtained more than $ 40 million for clients through settlements and jury awards. Our goal is to pursue full compensation to help our clients move forward with their lives. An lawyer at Parnall Law is available to review the details of your accident and answer your questions. Each lawsuit has unique factors that affect how long it will take to resolve. 2 .How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take to Settle? Bert Parnall and the injury attorneys at Parnall Law are successful in settling most cases that we handle. But the length of time a case takes to settle may vary well depending on a number of factors, including the severity of the injuries and the medical wish required, the complexity of the investigation, whether the facts are in dispute and the willingness of the opposing insurance company to settle. If the indebtedness is not in doubt, the cases may settle within a few months without a lawsuit. But building complex injury cases in which the facts are in quarrel and the stakes are high may take respective years to settle. Just because your relative received a colony check in three months does not mean that your encase can be resolved that cursorily. 3 .What is Factored into a Settlement Timeline?

  • Medical Treatment The severity of your injuries and the length of the medical treatment affect how long it will take to settle an injury claim. It is important that you receive all the medical care necessary and have a clear understanding of any future medical care needed before entering a settlement agreement. If you receive a settlement check from the insurance company and then incur additional medical costs, you cannot go back to the insurance company and ask for more money. You need to have a clear picture of your medical expenses related to the injury.
  • Preparing the Demand Letter An attorney at Parnall Law will gather your medical records, medical bills and income statements to prepare a demand letter reflecting the full extent of your injuries and the impact of the injury on your life. It often takes four weeks to six weeks to obtain your medical bills. Depending on how quickly the hospital and doctors respond to our request, sometimes gathering the records takes longer. Generally, a draft demand letter with accompanying documents can be put together in eight to 10 weeks. We’ll meet with you to review the letter and seek your authorization to negotiate on your behalf. Submitting the demand letter to the insurance company or companies sets the stage for the start of settlement negotiations. It typically takes 30 days to receive a reply from the insurance company to the demand letter. We will attempt to start initial negotiations to settle the claim. The negotiations may take 30 to 90 days or longer. Sometimes, clients ask, “Why are the negotiations taking so long?” If we try to rush the negotiations process at this point, it may adversely affect the amount of the settlement. If we cannot reach a reasonable settlement with the insurance company, we will discuss litigation with you.
  • Litigation If a personal injury lawsuit is filed, the defendant named in the lawsuit has a certain amount of time to respond.
  • Discovery Process After you file a personal injury lawsuit, it is normal for each side to conduct discovery to find out more about the other side’s case. The defense attorneys will send written questions about your accident and injuries. We will try to provide complete answers to the questions and we will then have you review the drafts and add any additional information. After the written discovery, you will appear at a specific time and place to be questioned by the opposing counsel and provide testimony under oath. Your attorney will help you prepare for the deposition and be present during the questioning. Injury cases typically do not settle until after the deposition of the key parties in the lawsuit.
  • Trial While most car accident injury cases are settled, some proceed to trial. If the opposing insurance company refuses to agree to a reasonable settlement we will be ready to proceed to trial and present your case to a New Mexico jury. Sometimes, an insurance company will not focus on settling a case until the trial. The two sides may reach a compromise and settle a case on the eve of the trial or during the trial. A case can be settled at any point during a trial until the jury returns a verdict.

4 .How Long Does It Take to Negotiate a Settlement? The penetrate line is that multiple factors affect how long a case will take to settle. Anyone who tells you your car accident claim or personal wound case can be settled in a certain sum of meter or for a certain sum of money should be viewed with agnosticism. Lawsuit colonization negotiations are unpredictable .

Hear Our Clients’ Stories

Contact Our Car Accident Lawyers in Albuquerque Today

Let ’ s talk it out. You or a love one has been badly injured in a car accident that was person else ’ randomness defect. You have expenses from medical bills, car repairs and other losses, and you are facing a drawn-out and possibly uncertain convalescence. You have every right to want person to pay for the pain they have caused you. But the police and criminal courts focus only on whether laws were broken. Insurance adjustors have an obligation to their employer to pay you as little as possible. After a car accident, a dedicated personal injury lawyer is the only one who works to represent the innocent person who was hurt. Bert Parnall has dedicated his legal career to helping car accident victims like you. He has assembled a team of highly respected car accident attorneys in Albuquerque, with the finish of holding those at demerit accountable. Contact Parnall Law nowadays to schedule a free legal reference about your car accident claim. Get your questions answered. Know what you actually deserve for what you ’ ve been put through. Put an intelligent, feel for and determined team of legal advocates to work on your car accident font, and let us help lift the burden off you.

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