Should I File a Car Accident Lawsuit?

You were injured in a car accident, you filed a claim with the other driver ‘s policy company, but village talks have stalled. You ( or your lawyer ) ca n’t seem to settle the call for what you think is a fair sum. Should you accept what ‘s being offered or take your casing to court by filing a personal injury lawsuit ? In this article, we ‘ll :

The Offer-Versus-Value Balance

The “ settle or sue ” wonder normally boils down to money—more specifically, the delicate libra between what the policy company is offering and what you ( and your lawyer ) believe when it comes to what your car accident case is worth .
If your lawyer believes your case is worth importantly more than what the insurance company is offering, and that it ‘s unlikely the insurance company will increase its offer in injury village negotiations, then it ‘s probably clock to file a lawsuit.

But how army for the liberation of rwanda apart do the two sides need to be before filing a lawsuit makes feel ? This is where it helps to remember that car accident wound claims do n’t very have a particular value ; alternatively, they tend to fall within a value range .
This is because region of the value of a car accident claim is the injure person ‘s annoyance and suffer, which is not typically subject to exact calculation. so, in reality, a title is not deserving, for model, $ 50,000. rather, it ‘s more accurate to say that the character is deserving between $ 40,000 and $ 60,000. When you think about the value of a car accident claim this way, you may get a better picture of what your car accident settlement goals should be. In a shell that ‘s deserving $ 40,000 to $ 60,000, your goal should be to settle the subject for somewhere in that range ( hopefully towards the higher end ) .

Examples: When to Settle vs. When to Sue

so, if you and your lawyer value your car accident sheath at $ 40,000 to $ 60,000, and the insurance company adjuster ‘s liquidation offer is $ 52,000, you take the offer and settle the case. That ‘s an easy decision. If the insurance company ‘s final offer is $ 38,500, it credibly makes sense to take it. It ‘s close enough to your evaluation of the case. If the final examination offer is $ 20,000, that ‘s besides an easily decision : it ‘s time to file a lawsuit .
now for a harder model. Let ‘s say the insurance company ‘s final offer is $ 30,000. In that situation, you ‘re surely justified in filing a lawsuit. The offer was n’t close enough to your evaluation of the event. But, keep in mind that if you put a case in suit, you most likely wo n’t be able to talk settlement again for at least a few months. This is because, once the case is in suit, the defense lawyer will want to do pre-trial probe and discovery, and the insurance company probably wo n’t be interested in talking colony until its attorneys have completed investigation and are ready to make a village recommendation to the insurance company.

besides, keep in mind that, if you file lawsuit, your lawyer ‘s out of air pocket expenses and case costs will start to increase importantly, and it ‘s possible that a subsequently settlement will not put a significant amount of extra money in your pocket .
Let ‘s look at another exemplar. Let ‘s say that, pre-suit, your lawyer ‘s costs are $ 1,000. With a $ 39,000 offer and a 1/3 contingency fee agreement, your lawyer ‘s tip is $ 13,000. so, you would net $ 25,000 from the settlement. Let ‘s say that you reject that volunteer and put the casing in suit. After a year of pre-trial investigation, the insurance company increases its put up to $ 54,000, but your lawyer ‘s costs have increased to $ 6,000. After the 1/3 lawyer ‘s fee and the costs, you would net $ 30,000 from the settlement, a year late. Was it worth a year ‘s expect to get $ 5,000 more ? only you can decide that .
The time stay and the increased expenses show that it ‘s normally only worth putting a case in suit if you and your lawyer feel that the claim is worth well more than the insurance company ‘s final pre-suit extend.

Your Lawyer’s Opinion Is Key

It ‘s your lawyer ‘s opinion that ‘s credibly most significant when it comes to deciding whether a lawsuit is the right motion in your situation. Valuing a case may not seem like skyrocket skill, but it is n’t adenine straightforward as you might think .
Chances are your lawyer ( or the larger firm ) has feel with car accident claims, or they probable at least have inside information about more than a few car accident case result. So it ‘s significant to trust your lawyer ‘s opinion .
Learn more about how an lawyer can help in a car accident case and getting avail from a personal injury lawyer .

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