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Have you been injured in an car accident that wasn ’ t your fault ? If therefore, are you struggling financially due to lost wages and medical bills ? Do chronic pain and a long recovery serve hold you back from living your life amply ?
If you are answering “ Yes ” to these questions, reach out to the Ivey Law firm, P.C. today. Our team of feel car accident lawyers in Houston are here to fight on your behalf to secure the compensation you deserve so you can move forward with your animation .

Determining Fault and Liability in Your Car Accident

In Texas, the court uses the convention of modified comparative fault. This means that even if you were partially at demerit for the accident if the other party was 50 percentage or more responsible, you can still receive compensation. The court will decide on the proper amount of damages the case is deserving, then reduce the compensation by the share that aligns with blame. however, if the court determines that you were 50 percentage or more at mistake, you would not be awarded damages at all .
For case, if a plaintiff claims they suffered severe spinal cord trauma from a rear-end collision, the court would look at the attest of the case to determine fault. If the defendant was speeding but the plaintiff ’ s brake light was knocked out, the court may determine that the plaintiff was 25 percentage at fault. If the court then determines the award measure is $ 100,000, that amount would be reduced by $ 25,000 because that would be 25 percentage of the demerit reduced.

You need an know cable car accident lawyer by your side during your lawsuit. Having an advocate who can investigate your casing, consult with the leading experts, and present your case to the jury is essential to achieving a satisfactory result .

Causes of Car Accidents in Houston

Human error is the leading lawsuit of car accidents in Houston. This includes :

  • Distracted driving, such as texting or using your phone;
  • Failure to follow traffic laws
  • Reckless driving, including speeding or tailgating
  • Driving while intoxicated

even accidents apparently caused by poor road conditions or defective vehicle equipment can be caused by the other driver. Failing to maintain a safe distance when the roads are wet or slippery or failing to keep the vehicle in road-safe condition means the other driver can calm be held liable .

Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer for Your Case?

The beginning thing to realize is that indemnity companies will do whatever they can to avoid bombastic payouts. This can include blackmail accident victims into accepting undesirable or unfair settlements, painting the victim as being the one responsible for the accident, or claiming the injuries aren ’ triiodothyronine real or aren ’ thyroxine dangerous .
meanwhile, you ’ re plainly trying to overcome serious injuries without experiencing fiscal downfall !

Working with an experience, consecrated car accident lawyer in Houston is necessary to secure a fair and friendly consequence. You need person who will stand up to the insurance companies and battle to hold creditworthy parties accountable for their negligence a well as have you the fiscal compensation you deserve .

Statute of Limitations

In Texas, you need to secure legal representation deoxyadenosine monophosphate soon as you can to start moving on your lawsuit. accident victims entirely have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim in court, and you don ’ thyroxine want to miss the opportunity. besides, the sooner you work with an lawyer, the sooner they can begin building your case .

Why Choose the Ivey Law Firm, P.C.?

We know there are hundreds of personal wound lawyers in the Metro area, and all of them are claiming to be the best car accident lawyer in Houston. however, at Ivey Law firm, P.C., we don ’ t have to make claims. We have dozens of five-star reviews from satisfy clients and have secured millions of dollars in damages to show for our work .
Founding lawyer, Jack Todd Ivey has been officially designated by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization as a attest specialist in personal injury law and brings over 25 years of experience to his clients. In summation to experience and knowledge, he besides is passionate about fighting for what ’ s right and will do whatever it takes to secure fair and allow compensation.

From the first reference to securing a settlement or completing your font, we ’ rhenium by your side every step of the way .

Schedule a FREE Consultation with a Car Accident Lawyer in Houston Today

If you ’ ve been injured in a cable car accident through no fault of your own, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate try to navigate the legal system alone ! Our know attorneys are here to advocate on your behalf to secure fair compensation so you can focus on what ’ s in truth significant : recover and bring around. Reach out to us today at 888-335-0015 or fill out the form below to learn more .

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