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As Houston car accident lawyers, we understand that dealing with an indemnity company feels like a job. however, it ’ s something that many people have to do at some point. Oftentimes, one of the first questions we hear after an car accident is how to get in touch with the right person at an indemnity company. Is the process different when you ’ re not at mistake ? Do I need to tell my indemnity company, the other person ’ s company, or both ? When person else ’ randomness negligence causes your motor vehicle collision, you broadly report it to their insurance caller. While it ’ s a estimable mind to let your policy party know, you don ’ thyroxine pursue compensation from them in this case. however, there are certain exceptions, such as when the early driver is uninsured. At Nguyen & Chen, our Houston car accident lawyers know how cursorily this process overwhelms the average person. When you collaborator with our firm, we handle all communication with the insurance companies on your behalf. As such, it ’ s a good mind to schedule a free case evaluation angstrom soon as possible.

How crucial is insurance after a car accident ?

Every state in the US requires minimum liability insurance for all drivers from car insurance. even when your policy doesn ’ t cover your own damages, you have to carry one that covers the injuries of other drivers in the consequence you cause a collision. When you fail to do so, you face major fines and have to cover the costs out of pouch. On the other hand, when a driver hits you and doesn ’ thymine have insurance, it ’ randomness authoritative to have options to pursue compensation from your own indemnity supplier. When you know the accident is not your fault, it ’ randomness authoritative to work with Houston car accident lawyers to take the proper legal steps .

Should I contact the other driver ’ mho insurance caller ?

This is significant. Do not contact the negligent driver ’ s insurance ship’s company on your own – even when you just want to report the incident. When you have to file a claim against a negligent driver ’ second insurance policy, your best bet is to work with an car accident lawyer who communicates on your behalf. Oftentimes, policy providers try to avoid drawn-out negotiations and trials by getting people to settle early for less than they deserve. Too frequently, people contact the other driver ’ randomness supplier only to receive a lowball volunteer. broadly, they want you to settle and disappear without draining their net income. Our Houston car accident lawyers ensure that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate happen. unfortunately, indemnity providers rarely prioritize the interests of victims in an accident. rather, they focus on their policyholders, profits, and shareholders. As such, it is frequently in your best interest not to accept their initial village offer. If the negligent driver ’ sulfur indemnity company calls you with questions, direct them to your lawyer. even when they ask how you are, a dim-witted, polite “ I ’ thousand approve ” gets twisted into an accusation that you ’ re lying about your injuries. Everything you say to an insurance company matters. That ’ sulfur why it is crucial to partner with a team of Houston car accident lawyers who advocate for your best interests .

Why You Should Partner with an Attorney

When you collaborator with an car accident lawyer, you have an advocate on your side. Our legal team represents you in all communication with the other person and their indemnity supplier. After a car accident, your priority is your health and your future. It ’ south important not to let a short-run problem overshadow your future. In early words, we handle the indemnity thus that you can focus on heal. Oftentimes, dangerous injuries leave people laid up for weeks or months. Dealing with an insurance company entirely adds unnecessary stress to your life. hush, it ’ mho hard not to worry about the future. As medical bills pile up, you start to feel overwhelm and wonder what to do. For our Houston car accident lawyers, the goal is to alleviate this concern. We strive to maximize your settlement to protect your future. With an experience Houston car accident lawyer on your side, you have person who knows the ins and outs of the process. While you stay on chase for convalescence, they focus on recovering compensation for you. This saves you the hassle of communicating and negotiating with a team of policy adjusters .

How to Negotiate with Insurance Providers

When you collaborator with our Houston car accident lawyers, we contact the indemnity company and file your claim with a requirement letter. This letter states the total of money we want for your recompense. however, the company rarely pays this amount instantaneously. Oftentimes, indemnity providers use an range of tactics to deny or reduce your colonization. For case, they might downplay the severity of your injuries. alternatively, they may claim that you exaggerated the entire of your expenses. however, you know the truth. The fault lies with the negligent party, and your injuries are deoxyadenosine monophosphate dangerous as they feel. Furthermore, some injuries change your life and continue to require medical care. silent, the insurance providers attempt to push rear on our demands. finally, we enter negotiations with the company, and this process length varies. It ’ sulfur important to be patient, though. This frequently involves collecting and highlighting tell to prove fault and the extent of your injuries.

Throughout the serve, we keep you informed of modern offers. While we advise you at every tone, the decision is ultimately yours. You choose when to accept or reject their offer. When you partner with our Houston car accident lawyers, you have the exponent. Our job is to offer advice and fight on your behalf. furthermore, we can not accept any offer without your blessing. In some cases, rejecting a settlement means we take your case to litigation and into woo. At Nguyen & Chen, our Houston car accident lawyers are practiced trial attorneys who are never afraid to fight for what ’ s right .

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