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Why you need CannaSell SK Responsible Cannabis Sales

CannaSell SK Responsible Cannabis Sales All retail owners and managers are required to take train in responsible sales of cannabis before a permit will be issued to allow sales of cannabis. Employees are required to take the education before starting their use .

Who needs to take CannaSell SK

CannaSell SK certificate is mandate for the pursue full-time and half-time staff :

  • ¬†where cannabis is provided under the authority of a cannabis permit:
    • permitted premises owners, managers, supervisors, retailers, and cashiers;
    • security staff (directly employed or contracted by the permittee); and
    • owners and managers of a company contracted to provide security.
  • where cannabis is being promoted by a registered cannabis representative:
    • the owner, operator or manager of a cannabis representative and their employees.

All full-time and part-time workers employed in permit retail cannabis stores must have CannaSell SK certification before they begin working in the store .

Who doesn’t need to take CannaSell SK

Cleaning staff in a allow retail cannabis store do not have to be CannaSell SK-certified.


Retailers are subject to inspections to ensure conformity with terms and conditions associated with their retail license. Retailers in transgress of operational rules will be subject to sanctions, including letters of admonition, monetary fines and suspension or cancellation of the retail license .

What is involved in taking CannaSell SK

The CannaSell SK run includes :

  • Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities
  • Cannabis Knowledge
  • What is Legal in Saskatchewan
  • Problematic Cannabis Use and Canada’s Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (LRCUG)
  • Intoxication and Impairment
  • Responsible Service Strategies
  • When and How to Refuse to Sell Cannabis

once you purchase the course, you will have 45 days to complete it online. You should be able to complete the course in six hours or less. There is a 35-question multiple choice on-line examination at the end of the course. To pass the examination, a score of 80 % must be achieved. You will have five attempts to complete the examination .
Upon successful completion of the course, your security is available for you to download from your on-line profile. Please save or print your certificate so that you can show it to your employer or an SLGA cannabis examiner as proof of completion.

Your certification expires after five years. You must recertify before the termination date on your CannaSell SK proof of certification. To do this, you must take the CannaSell SK platform again and pass the examination with the passing grade of 80 %.

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