Copyright and Logo Usage of Social Media Logos and Icons

Following copyright law is significant in everything you do within your occupation. You can not afford the legal gamble of violating the copyright of other businesses or organizations. So it is important to know what you can and can not do legally regarding logos and copyright .
The Copyright Process

The Rules About Logos

A logo is intellectual property. It is not a written document such as a script, article, or birdcall. But it is an detail that is protected by copyright police and trademark in most cases .
The only time that a logo would not be protected by copyright and trademark was when the owner did not bother to get it register.

In the case of social media logos, all of these are recorded under the represent name including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other major social media platforms .
It is significant to follow the rules regarding the legal use of social media logos and icons so that you won ’ t be penalized or find yourself in irreverence of the law .
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company owners are identical finical about the manipulation of their son. This has become one of the most significant reasons that people find themselves in legal hot water. That ’ s because your logo should be something that is protected from any handling or altering. social media companies are very protective of their logo .
While they do want people to promote the versatile social media platforms and use them to share your content, there are particular rules on how to use them .
Social Media Icons

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Icons

The take after list of “ Dos and Don ’ triiodothyronine ” should serve to remind you of what is allowed on the versatile sociable media platforms regarding the social media logos .


Do :

  • Use the phrase “Follow us on Twitter” with the logo.
  • Download the Twitter logo and icons.
  • Use uppercase letters for Twitter and Tweet
  • Clarify if a book is on Twitter or by Twitter

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate :

  • Manipulate or change the logo.
  • Create your own button using the Twitter logo.
  • Use someone else’s company screenshots.
  • Pretend to partner with Twitter or give that impression.
  • Create your own buttons or marks using the Twitter logo.


Do :

  • Use Facebook “like” button with the “like” button plugins.
  • Use the “like” button on print ads.
  • Use the “f” logo off of Facebook to refer to your Facebook page or groups.
  • Use a visual or text image to refer to Facebook when using the “like” button.
  • Use the “like” button or “f” logo from Facebook to ensure you are using the latest version.

Don ’ triiodothyronine :

  • Include the trademark or copyright symbols with your Facebook branding.
  • Use the “like” button logo in online ads.
  • Use the FB logo for any purpose.
  • Create a link to the “f” logo on Facebook’s log-in page.
  • Modify the “f” logo by changing it in any way including the original design and color.


Do :

  • Associate the name with the
  • Use the ™ or Registered logo on a white, off-white, or black colored background.
  • Use words to indicate a link to your profile.
  • Make sure it is obvious that the “IN” part of the LinkedIn logo is not a part of your own logo.
  • Use a standard Linkedin screenshot for educational or illustrative purposes
  • Download the proper formats of the LinkedIn logo

Don ’ thymine :

  • Place the LinkedIn logo on a colored background (except for white or black)
  • Alter the logo
  • Use the logo or trade name with the disclaimer of ownership
  • Use graphics or photos that are superimposed


YouTube is very finical about how and when their logo is used. A fast way to get into trouble with YouTube is to use their logo in ways that they do not approve of. It can even get you knocked off of YouTube promptly .
Do :

  • Make the badge clear and visible.
  • Choose a badge color that is one single color only.
  • Choose a background that you will place the badge on.
  • Use contrast between the badge color and background color.
  • Download the YouTube logo.

Don ’ thyroxine :

  • Incorporate YouTube logos into your own.
  • Remove, change, or distort the YouTube trademark or logo in any way.
  • Modify the YouTube wordmark in any way.
  • Give the impression of an affiliation with YouTube.
  • Display the badge as the most prominent element of your websites.

Summary: The Legal Use of Logos of Social Media Platforms

many people mistakenly think that if something is copyrighted or trademarked that you can not use it at all. That is not true. Copyright simply means that the generator or holder of the copyright has all rights to do with their intellectual place what they want and to decide how it will be used .
Copyright possession just means that you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner before you are allowed to publish it or use it in any way legally .
Copyright Stamp

Common Myths About Copyright Law

There are many misconceptions about copyright including such ideas as the follow :

  • I paid for it so I own it.
  • No one will know.
  • If I give credit, I’m ok legally.
  • If I use a segment of the song, it’s okay.
  • I’m only publishing it locally or to a small group.

All of the above-preconceived ideas are false. Paying for work, such as a song, a video recording, or other intellectual place does not give you permission to use it however you want. You must always get permission from the copyright owner before you can legally use it. besides, the way that you use it will be limited to the specific terms that the copyright holder allows you to do .
social media outlets expect people to contribution things through their sites. This is why they exist in the first identify. But this does not give you free reign to use your social media logos in any way that you want .
The Evolve Creative Group features, even more, details about the rules involving copyright and trademarks with social media platforms. Read more about the requirements and allowances regarding the use of social media logos on their site .

About Your Logo

When it comes to your logo, you will want to think about getting your logo copyrighted and registered vitamin a well with the U.S. Trademark function. This will protect it from misdemeanor and guarantee that you will have a legal recourse in the consequence of person abusing your logo or using it illegally .
It is important to outline the ways that you want others to use your logo on their sites and materials a well. Your logo is uniquely yours, and you should protect it so that merely you and your company may use it in the way that you want to.

Being careful to respect the rules of others ’ son, equally well as securing your logo, are both very important to keeping your business out of the legal hot water, adenine well as protecting your attributes from violation and pervert .

Design a logo.

If you don ’ t have a logo or want to change your logo, call on us at We can help you create a great business logo adenine well as avail you to secure your copyright and hallmark for your logo and protect your company ’ sulfur assets .

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