Campers Village has become Breathe Outdoors

By Carrie Malin
A group of friends camping in the mountains next to a lake.
We take a long, firm breath of relief as we proudly announce that we ’ rhenium hera. After years ( yes, years ) of legwork, we ’ ra able to share the long-anticipated news :

Campers Village has become Breathe Outdoors.

We have rebranded–or as we like to say–we ‘ve been “ born-again ” as Breathe Outdoors. We ‘re please to affirm that we are placid your locally-owned and operate Alberta outdoor retailer – the same as we have been for about 60 years. There ‘s no exchange in possession and our core values remain the same. You may nowadays be asking “ why rebrand then ? ” and that ‘s a bang-up question ! Let us answer it for you.

Black and white photo of Northweat Tent and Awning in Edmonton.

Where we came from

Did you know our inheritance spans an entire century ? In 1921, our parent ship’s company, Norseman, then called Northwest Tent and Awning, opened its doors in Edmonton, Alberta extend supplies and basic protection for settlers new to the area. Al Bryant then acquired the company in 1961. The camp craze struck in the 1960s–where Albertans were tidal bore to live the life of a pioneer, and so, Campers Village was born in 1963 as a factory shopfront selling tents and sleeping bags to aspiring first-time campers ! Over the years we expanded, both with new stores and a much wider product choice .
It ’ randomness safe to say that times have changed and “ pioneer ” is now a term used colloquially in history lessons. The “ camp craze ” of the 1960s allowed camping to become a life style preferably than a freshness. Products, activities, and communities have diversified and become more accessible to a wide audience. But the Campers Village mention and logo were, possibly, a little bite stuck in the past .

Our recent reality

The thing is, we understand our customers. In fact, we ‘re known for it ! We get rant reviews for our attentive customer service, stocking a curated survival of products, and sharing our authentic, adept product cognition. While the name and logo are a “ heritage trait ” associated with brand awareness in our community, we were interested to know if it was besides causing us roadblocks on the path to achieve our purpose to enrich the physical and religious wellbeing of people ‘s lives. From across-the-board focus group research, we got our answer : Yes, for some potential customers, our name and logo were reinforcing misconceptions about who we are and what we do .
Man hiking through the mountains.
Because the Campers Village brand was founded in the 1960 ‘s when camping was new and novel – the brand intelligibly had its focus there – on camping and hiking. now, camping and backpacking are just one element of an adventurous outdoor life style. For many years, we ‘ve supported thus much more than barely camping. From kayaking and canoeing to trail carry, rock climb, hiking, dog-walking, and gamble locomotion, we have products and advice that can help folks plan just about any type of outdoor venture. As outdoor refreshment has evolved, thus did we. We simply are n’t a “ Camper ‘s village ” anymore. We are a one-stop shop for people seeking to reconnect, recharge, and review in the outdoors .
besides, we believe that the outdoors are for everyone, no matter your ability, background, or experience, and we want to better align our post with that impression. If you do n’t camp, that ‘s o ! If you do n’t feel like hanging off the slope of a batch, cool ! We ‘re all connected in our beloved of the outdoors, and however you want to enjoy the outdoors, we are hera to help you do it your way .
last, we want to play a bigger character in the community than we ever have–we ‘re not just hera to sell gear. In the by we ‘ve been involved in community events, expert-led adventures, and partnerships within Alberta. That is not going to change. In fact, we want to become even more byzantine. We besides understand that our hope to experience nature goes beyond our physical fitness. Breathe Outdoors is here to help guide you through the design of your singular outdoor experience. We want to facilitate your future outdoor have and it ‘s our deputation to turn your divine guidance into gamble .
In the end, there was lone one solution to the stream hurdles we were presented with the Campers Village post : We needed a new appoint and post .

Reborn as Breathe Outdoors

If you ‘ve ever had to name something–from a fresh pet to a inauguration company–you must empathize with us that it can be a monumental task. For us, we were talking about changing a name and logo that our customers have come to know and love since 1963 ! What a job was ahead of us and we needed to get it right. Our new name and logo had to reflect us. Our aim, our values, and our goals. We undertook an across-the-board action and we ‘re gallant and excited to last share it with you as the fresh face ( and heart and person ) of our beloved company .
Two people and a dog paddling a canoe on a mountain lake.

Welcome to Breathe Outdoors:

“ golden sunlight lances through the trees, pulling long shadows from the wildflowers and brush downstairs. You stop on the shade path and look back to your partner a few meters behind. The hunched thrust of the mountain looms ahead. The vent is sweet with ache and perspiration .
You breathe in .
Your paddle dips mutely into the glassy water as you cut through the middle of the lake. Left. Right. Left. Right. The good morning sunday has burned off the last of dawn ’ south haze and you can finally see across to the far land. You look up. Two birds wheel idly disk overhead .
You breathe out.

“ Like this, ” you say, guiding her hand. Your daughter ’ s marshmallow comes to rest over a patch of blushing coals. She smiles, her front flash against the darkness. The marshmallow browns, bubbles then ignites. Below the winking light of the Milky Way you introduce her to the joy of a absolutely Well Done s ’ more .
This is Breathe Outdoors .
This is where feelings exceed fitness and connection comes above all else. Because association is why we ’ rhenium here. With the correct gear and the right advice, we can all have life-changing, spirit-filling moments in places we never thought possible .
It ’ s out there. Waiting for us .
All we have to do is breathe. ”
Breathe Outdoors Logo
Breathe Outdoors. A name chosen to serve as a continuous admonisher of our purpose. We believe that, along with the right gear and properly advice, we can all find moments in nature to refresh, reconnect, and recharge. We ‘re hera to inspire adventurers to create those experiences that take our breath away. We encourage everyone to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature that we have right in our backyard .
Like our appoint, our logo was besides designed with the outdoors in mind. The flowing script in the bible “ Breathe ” creates energy and inspires a sense of adventure. The twists and curves remind us of a forested drag or a wind mountain creek. We think of crisp mountain lakes and a wide-open Alberta flip when we observe the deep bluing coloring material. The word ‘outdoors ‘ anchors us in our determination and our diligence – we are unashamedly gear geeks and love helping people find the right clothing and equipment that make those spirit-filling moments possible .
Two hikers taking a break while surrounded by mountains and yellow larch trees.

A century down, a century (plus some) to go!

Yes, we ‘ve got a fresh face, but we ‘re hush the same caller you ‘ve depended on since 1963. We ‘re hush your trust locally-owned outdoor retailer. basically, our possession, our aim, and our congress of racial equality values have not and will not change .
There ‘s a fortune to be excited about moving forth, however. Expect to see a hard Breathe Outdoors brand bearing within the Alberta community. You ‘re even going to receive the authentic, knowing, friendly customer service you ‘ve come to know and love. We ‘re continuing to curate a great excerpt of products from all the top brands. Your favorite sales events, like our celebrated Friends & Family event, is n’t going anywhere. Additionally ( once its safe ) we will be reviving some past beloved events arsenic well as drumming up some bang-up new ideas .
We ‘ve besides been working indefatigably behind the scenes and are excited to roll out some Breathe Outdoors stagger, some big updates on our web site to improve your on-line denounce feel, and some cover girl renovations to all of our stores .
We powerfully believe our new brand will further connect us to our community and with each of you. We welcome all adventurers into our stores and we besides look forward to making a larger shock in our community .
We ‘re here for you, alberta ! We ca n’t wait to continue our travel with you alongside us.

We are all reborn in the outdoors. Campers Village is now Breathe Outdoors.
A couple by their campsite laughing and drinking wine.



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