Camilla yard sale goes towards charities throughout Mitchell Co.

CAMILLA, Ga. ( WALB ) – An Albany charwoman is going out of her way to help charities in Mitchell County. Deborah Sanders, president of the united states of Sanders and Company, has an readiness to make the most with every token, which is something she ’ south been about for the past 22 years .President of Sanders & Company, Deborah Sanders eagerness to make the most with every item is...President of Sanders & Company, Deborah Sanders eagerness to make the most with every item is something has she’s been about for the past 22 years. ( WALB ) Her motivation to help others came after a tragic personnel casualty.

“ I was raising money for the heart association and then two months late, my oldest buddy at the age of 47 died of a massive heart approach. so, I knew that this was what I was meant to do and it good snowballed. It ’ second gone from my house to this warehouse and it ’ s fair a heat of mine, ” said Sanders. Sanders ’ love has raised $ 140,000 to give back to charities in Mitchell County. “ By donating money to the food deposit, they can buy pallets of food alternatively of you fair bringing a bag of precisely canned goods. It helps the Boys and Girls club, it helps the after-school program, ” said Sanders. One business credibly wouldn ’ t be around if it wasn ’ thymine for Sanders ’ good deeds. “ If it were not for donations from people such as Sanders and other individuals. We could not make it, we could not make it without that, ” said Susan Jamerson, vice president of Stitches for Mitchell County .Vice president of an animal control called Stitches, Susan Jamerson was shocked by Sanders...Vice president of an animal control called Stitches, Susan Jamerson was shocked by Sanders contributions ( WALB ) Jamerson said she was shocked when Sanders donated $ 15,000 to her animal shelter. “ I was like ‘ oh god yes ’ because we could always use donations out here and a lot of people don ’ thyroxine understand it doesn ’ t have to be monetary. It could be food, blankets, toys, go help pay the vet bills, ” said Jamerson.

Sanders ’ contribution has helped renovate the pet protection enormously .Jamerson said Sanders has donated $15,000 to Stiches throughout the years.Jamerson said Sanders has donated $15,000 to Stiches throughout the years. ( WALB ) “ It has allowed us to wholly rewire the inside of the kennel area angstrom well as new lighting and newfangled plumb. therefore now we ’ rhenium moving on to the next phase which is replacing the doors and the windows, ” said Jamerson. Jamerson said they plan to get window units that heat and cool, so they could maintain a certain temperature for the animals. Sanders wants people to keep this in judgment going advancing. “ Don ’ thyroxine ever throw anything away, donate it to person, person could use it because that ’ s merely what it ’ randomness all about, ” said Sanders. Some of the items that are in her warehouse include electronics, jewelry, shoes and more. And to drop off, people don ’ triiodothyronine even have to call. “ Since I have the build up, I always tell people they can drive up, drop off and drive away. very simple, very easy, they don ’ t have to contact me, ” said Sanders.

Sanders ’ warehouse is located at 3910 on Old Pelham road in Camilla. She plans to have her adjacent consequence on April 7 and it will go through April 10 from 8-5 p.m. Copyright 2022 WALB. All rights reserved.

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