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Let ‘s face it, cold calling is the least favorite step in the sales cycle for most sales reps. They prefer to close leads, not spend valuable clock time invested in prospects who just are not concern or unable to make a purchase.

OnBrand24 is one of the most experienced B2B call kernel outsourcing companies in the diligence. We are experts in B2B lead generation and developing qualify prospect opportunities to generate new business .
OnBrand24 outbound representatives turn general leads into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) and Product Qualified Leads (PQL).
The cost per lead can vary by diligence, however, OnBrand24 Solution Architects develop customized lead gen platforms to fit each of our Outbound partners .
Our outbound programs are designed to attract and convert prospects into customers who express interest in your products and services.

OnBrand24 outbound representatives are professionally discipline and skilled at building relationships to transition your prospects into customers. They gauge a prospective customer ’ s degree of sake to qualify them as leads .
OnBrand24 uses respective leave generation strategies and tactics depending on the platform of choice .
Using the veracious lead generation cock international relations and security network ’ thymine enough. You need twist, professional, and seasoned outbound lead gen agents in orderliness to be successful, increase your gross, and drive down your overhead .
Call us for a demo of our lead generation strategies.

The Best Call Center Solution For Your Business

Our solution managers will work with you to grasp your effect selling message, product benefits and commercialize demographics to build a customize B2B lead coevals crusade that fills your sales channels and lowers your per-lead costs .

How Do Our B2B Call Centers Fill Your Sales Pipeline?

With OnBrand24 ‘s B2B call centers ; you’ll get a focused team of dedicated B2B lead generation specialists who are measured entirely on the success of predict center leads. That ‘s what we ‘re all about. That ‘s what we do .
B2B Cold Calling & Telemarketing – Our professionals can work directly from your customer information database or from cold calling lists based on your particular needs. Live call center agents will “ swarm ” the markets you need to reach, cursorily cold calling hundreds of accounts, surfacing sales leads and delivering invaluable appointments .

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Our appointment setting professionals have the skills and prepare to quickly call prospects in your prey markets and gain access to key decision makers. Once contact with decision makers has been made, our appointment setters know the triggers to use in arrange to get the high gear quality sales appointments that help you close more deals. Click here to learn more about our B2B appointment setting services.

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Call Center Reporting

We provide advanced detailed report to our clients covering the outbound calls made on your behalf. foil and accountability are core values of OnBrand24 ’ s border on to delivering great address center service. You can learn more about our call center report and technology here .

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Increase call center leads

An outsource sales team can be completely focused on lead generation. We find that many sales teams have staff that are far to qualified in their specific field to spend their time qualifying leads. Let a qualify team of focus and experience specialists, feed appointments to your sales staff which lets you sales staff do what they do good close the business .

Who Needs To Outsource Their B2B Lead Generation

Any party that want to improve the count of leads that their sales staff is able to respond to. Products that solves a specific quantifiable pain for its customers is the best fit to generate more call center field leads .

How Much Does Outsourcing My B2B Call Center Cost?

The cost is $ 35 per hour with a 200 hour minimum for the pilot. typical programs are seeing a 5 to 1 return on their investment.

Contact us to find out more about our expertness in outsource lead generation services, including our across-the-board experience and success with multiple run generation campaigns .

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