C-beauty could be the next K-beauty storm – here are 11 rising brands to watch

As the world continues to reel from the pandemic, we ’ ve witnessed a steep dangle in global demand for cosmetics. Most recently, Becca Cosmetics has announced its blockage due to the impact COVID-19 has had on its sales. however, the like can ’ thyroxine be said for China ’ s beauty market, because occupation is booming. In fact, its commercialize is growing at an upbeat 12.6 % pace, according to a report by the China International Beauty Expo .
once dominated by the likes of L ’ Oreal, Estee Lauder, and early global conglomerates, the taiwanese market is slowly being taken over by Chinese brands. taiwanese beauty brands such as Perfect Diary have been giving these Goliaths a scat for their money. Thanks to their great quality and accessible price points, C-beauty brands have truly taken off in the past year. Yet compared to international brands, most of us are still under the depression that C-beauty lacks elements of prestige and reliance .
For most of the survive ten, C-beauty was largely known for producing “ copycat ” versions of premium external products at a a lot lower price. But that is all changing thanks to a new generation of emerging C-beauty brands. nowadays, C-beauty ’ s repute is set to switch from a cheap alternate to an industry trendsetter.

Challenging traditional norms of C-beauty, these rising brands are offering an upgrade in measure, and they ’ ve got China ’ s urban population to back them up. cook to discover the main players that are vying to take the top spot in the C-beauty industry ? Keep reading to find out more about these C-beauty brands and the products you need to try .

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1. Chioture

C Beauty Brands Chioture
Established in 2009, Chioture is known for its fun and capricious cosmetics. For its most holocene Lunar New Year collection, the trade name rolled out a stunning endow box that drew inspiration from mah-jongg tiles. The image featured lipsticks, a brim glaze, eyeliner, and blush palettes that were all adorned with mah-jongg tile prints .
Besides makeup, consumers besides flock to the brand ’ sulfur skin care crop, which harnesses the powers of natural ingredients. From moisturising sail masks to niacinamide serums, Chioture has your entire beauty routine down dab .

Try this: Chioture 15 Colors Eyeshadow Glitter Sequins Matte Eye Shadow

C Beauty Brands Chioture Eyeshadow
After a spike in popularity thanks to its bestselling lipstick, the sword successively launched respective other hits, such as the 15 Colors Eyeshadow Glitter Sequins Matte Eye Shadow .
available in six color variants, the eyeshadow palette features 15 pigment hues in felt, metallic, and glitter finishes to help you achieve the most bewitching center makeup look. These powders are besides satiny smooth, so they blend seamlessly with other shades and last for hours on end .
Where to shop: Chioture ’ s official Shopee store and Tmall

2. Perfect Diary

For years, larger Western brands systematically ranked among the top revenue-making companies in China ’ sulfur beauty industry. In 2019, however, the peak spot was last taken for the first clock by a local Chinese sword – Perfect Diary, which launched in 2016 .
Perfect Diary ’ randomness ascend has been fuelled by a combination of low-cost prices and social media platforms like Douyin ( TikTok for China ) and WeChat, collecting customer data to design and roll out new products quickly. It helps to be backed by influencers and actresses with huge on-line followings excessively, such as “ Lipstick King ” Li Jiaqi ( Austin Li ) .

Try this: Perfect Diary Weightless Soft-Velvet Blurring Loose Powder

C Beauty Brands Perfect Diary Powder
To set your makeup and prevent any transplant when you wear a masquerade, try the Perfect Diary Weightless Soft-Velvet Blurring Loose Powder. Irs lightweight rule mattifies, blurs imperfections, and minimises the appearance of large pores. It even softens the expression of all right lines and wrinkles without creasing or caking .
The unleash gunpowder sops up sebum besides, which helps your al-qaeda makeup end farseeing in our humid climate. The lone downside is that it comes in three hues : ‘ Translucent ’, ‘ Fair ’, and ‘ Natural ’, so it may not be ideal for those with dark skin tones .
Where to shop: Perfect Diary ’ s official Shopee memory

3. Kaleidos

C Beauty Brands Kaleidos
Known for its bluff eyeshadow palettes and far-out promotion, Kaleidos has already attained ball-shaped recognition with rave reviews from makeup artists and influencers. The Shanghai-based company was founded in late 2017, and they ’ ve since put out a wide compass of makeup products, from brushes to their bestselling Space Age Highlighters .

Try this: Kaleidos Space Age Highlighter in Sky Walker

C Beauty Brands Kaleidos Sky Walker
The brand ’ s Space Age Highlighter in Sky Walker will literally help you shine bright like a diamond. The iridescent blue shade has ultraviolet undertones to give your skin an nonnatural incandescence. Its vegan and cruelty-free formula is besides extremely lightweight, and has a fluent texture that much melts on your skin .
Layer it on your cheekbones or wear it like an eyeshadow dress hat for a chrome-like effect. We love how it comes in a cunning metallic box besides, evocative of batch candies from our childhood .
Where to shop: Kaleidos ’ official web site ( ships globally )

4. Girlcult

Launched in 2018, makeup trade name Girlcult steadily picked up fans abroad with its edgy packaging and alone color themes. Since its debut, the brand has launched a collection named after a chinese authoritative about fabulous beasts .
It flush went on to collaborate with Kobitos, a queerly adorable japanese cartoon character whose dub translates to “ arsenic peach ”. Girlcult ’ s blush from this collaboration sold over a whack 570,000 units since its establish, which solidified the label ’ randomness status in the constitution earth .

Try this: Girlcult x Kobitos Blush

C Beauty Brands Girlcult Blush
With the japanese cartoon character ’ s peach head stamped on the soft tap powder rule, this bloom will put a smile on your face each prison term you open it up .
Where to shop: Girlcult on Tmall

5. Judydoll

An low-cost beauty trade name that ’ s been rising the ranks in popularity among chinese netizens is Judydoll. The mark is known for having products that make low-cost dupes for higher-priced cult favourites – perfective for smasher junkies who are on a close budget .

Try this: Judydoll Shimmer Highlighting Powder

C Beauty Brands Judydoll Highlighter
apart from its powder blush, which makes a near victim for Clinique ’ randomness Cheek Pop, the mark besides has a victim for M.A.C Cosmetics ’ Extra Dimension Skin Finish highlighter – its Shimmer Highlighting Powder. The delicate and fine powder glides on the bark to give you a beaming radiance.

Where to shop: Judydoll ’ s official Shopee shop

6. Rainology

Rainology is the Kinfolk magazine of C-beauty brands – it adopts a minimalist subscribe on constitution and wants nothing to do with ballyhoo. The label ’ s Singaporean-Chinese founder, Rain Xiao, designed storefronts for Shiseido and L ’ Oreal Luxe while starting up Rainology in 2018 .
Besides cosmetics, such as their eyeshadows and complete polishes, Rainology besides offers makeup brushes in warm, crude colours that were inspired by China ’ sulfur Terracotta Warriors .

Try this: Rainology Brow Pencil

C Beauty Brands Rainology Brow Pencil
Perfect your brows with Rainology ’ sulfur Brow Pencil. With a cheeseparing tap, this automatic eyebrow pencil twists up easily and features a spoolie brush on the other end. It even comes in cool shades of grey to suit asian brows better .
Where to shop: Rainology on Tmall

7. WEI Beauty

traditional taiwanese medicine has been around for more than 3,500 years and includes assorted forms of herb tea music, acupuncture, cupping therapy, gua sha and more. By incorporating key techniques and ingredients into its products, WEI Beauty is now the leading TCM brand in the beauty industry .
If you ’ ve ever browsed on-line on Sephora.sg, you would ’ ve spotted WEI ’ second products when you ’ ve looked up moisturisers and sheet masks. They ’ re all formulated with TCM ingredients to bring your bark second to its poise state. Plus, these ingredients help improve the skin ’ s natural defense system besides .

Try this: WEI Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask Set

C Beauty Brands Wei Golden Root
For those who have been struggling to manage maskne, the WEI Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask Set is here to help. Packed with Golden Root and China cadaver, the masquerade goes on piano and smooth to minimise the appearance of large pores and reduce blemishes for a clear, more beaming complexion .
Where to shop: WEI Beauty on Sephora.sg


C Beauty Brands Hedone
Digital Chinese sword HEDONE is China ’ s answer to the Euphoria-inspired makeup swerve that american english Gen Zs are obsessed with. This modern brand defies every beauty norm, and treats makeup as a joyride for self-expression rather than self-perfection. The forward-thinking post injects its makeup products with a load of fun and fun, so ask glitter, sequins, and intense eyeshadow shades .

Try this: HEDONE x The Powerpuff Girls Eyeshadow Palette in Brain Hole Bubble

C Beauty Brands Hedone Eyeshadow
Pastel eye makeup has been in the constitution spotlight for a hot hour, and there ’ s no easier way to experiment with the course than with the HEDONE x The Powerpuff Girls Eyeshadow Palette in Brain Hole Bubble. Featuring four shades in one compact palette, you can swipe on some pastel pink, k, blue, and yellow to create a soft, rainbow eye front .
Where to shop: respective retailers on Shopee

9. Zeesea Cosmetics

Zeesea Cosmetics is an emerging makeup tag that has impressive formulas and stunning box in its range. This year, it has collaborated with the british Museum to bring us Alice in Wonderland-themed eyeshadow palettes. Each palette is embossed with motifs from the authoritative narrative and comes in three different color stories .

Try this: ZEESEA x British Museum Alice in Wonderland Face Makeup Primer

C Beauty Brands Alice In Wonderland
need to perfect your free-base in a blink of an eye ? No problem. Zeesea has three colour-correcting makeup primers in its Alice in Wonderland solicitation to help with that. Go for # 1 Purple to brighten a sallow, yellow complexion. # 2 green lets you bring down the inflammation and reduce the appearance of acne scars, while # 3 is a tone-up product that gives you a more beaming complexion .
Where to shop: Zeesea ’ s website or its official Shopee store

10. Florasis Beauty

Out of all the C-beauty brands on our list, Florasis Beauty is possibly the most chiseled label. It amply embraces the “ guochao ” drift, from its products, to packaging, brand ambassadors, angstrom well as market subject that draws on ancient chinese polish. For the uninitiate, “ guochao ” refers to the resurrect of hip, homegrown Chinese brands that are challenging international brands for domestic market share .
The brand ’ s beautifully packaged products have even garnered the care and praises of Redditors on the r/AsianBeauty subreddit, so you know you ’ re getting a touch of deluxe with Florasis Beauty. even fame constitution artist Wayne Goss has sung its praises on his YouTube impart .

Try this: Florasis Luoshenfu Palette

If there ’ s one beauty intersection you have to own, it ’ s the Luoshenfu Palette. This gorgeous curved palette opens up to resemble an elegant fan. Use these shades on your lids, boldness, and cheekbones. It ’ s a piece of art all on its own .
Where to shop: Florasis Beauty ’ s official storehouse on Taobao and respective merchants on Shopee

11. Flower Knows

If you ’ re into cosplay, chances are, you ’ re familiar with Baozi and Hana. After all, they are two of the most celebrated male celeb cosplayers from China, and they ’ re the founders of cosmetics brand Flower Knows. last year, they launched a gorgeous new Unicorn collection, which you can easily get off their official Taobao store .

Try this: Flower Knows Unicorn Liquid Lipstick

C Beauty Brands Flower Knows Lipstick
You ’ ll besides want to get your hands on the Unicorn Liquid Lipstick, which look like mini charming wands with their gold headliner toppers. nibble from six charming hues that will give your lips a juicy finish .
Where to shop: Flower Knows ’ official Taobao memory

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