Choosing A Business School? Consider The ‘Four C’s’

Choosing A Business School? Consider The ‘Four C’s’

With Round 3 decisions promptly approaching, many candidates may be anxious about deciding which B-school they ultimately want to attend .
Fortune recently spoke to experts who offered a few crucial considerations that all MBA candidates should think about when making the bad decision .
When deciding on an MBA program, it can be helpful to consider what experts call The Four C ’ mho : career, Curriculum, Culture and Community, and Cost.

“ much like the admissions process, choosing which business school to attend is uniquely aligned to your career goals, ” Nellie Gaynor, a erstwhile associate degree film director of admissions for the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, tells Fortune .
besides, aspects such as culture and community can besides help you decide whether or not a B-school is a good match .
“ Size and location often play an significant character in this regard, ” Stacy Blackman, founder of Stacy Blackman Consulting, writes. “ Larger programs in urban centers, such as Harvard, Wharton, and Chicago Booth, typically feel much more competitive and intense. Smaller business schools and those located in rural settings normally foster a close-knit community feel. here, many students live on campus and socialize with fellow students and faculty regularly. MBA programs with smaller cohorts take pride in their down-to-earth, collaborative cultures. ”
An MBA surely isn ’ metric ton bum. In fact, the cost for a full-time, biennial MBA tops $ 200,000 at every peak 25 B-school in the US. And because the cost of an MBA likely international relations and security network ’ thyroxine getting any cheaper any time soon, it ’ randomness important to consider finances when making your decision .
If you receive fiscal aid offers from schools—especially those not ranked in the top 20—experts suggest leveraging your help box and asking another B-school to match it .
“ If a candidate has an offer in hand from one business school for, say, a $ 40,000 eruditeness, that candidate could turn around to another plan asking for the lapp amount, or a ‘ match, ’ ” Sydney Lake, of Fortune, writes. “ While the plan may not be able to offer the same total, you could end up receiving at least a better fiscal aid software. ”

At the end of the day, the MBA decision is a personal choice—one that ultimately will affect you the most. And while factors, such as prestige, hold some importance, experts say it ’ s significant to look at the big picture .
“ Prestige is alone one piece of the larger puzzle when deciding between business school offers, ” Gaynor tells Fortune. “ Students who are motivated, goal-oriented, ambitious, and know what they want to achieve in their business career are more likely to look at the overall software that is being presented to them, including academics, scholar life, localization, ‘ fit, ’ and other significant factors. ”
Most importantly, no matter what B-school you decide on, make surely it ’ s one that feel correct to you .
“ Do a gut-check and make sure the business school you decide on is the one your instincts are leading you to ampere well, ” Gaynor tells Fortune. “ This is a personal, self-reflective process adenine a lot as it is a coherent one. ”
Sources : Fortune, Stacy Blackman Consulting, P & Q

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