Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Online Degree Completion Program

With practical on-line courses that blend core topics with the latest trends and issues facing nowadays ’ sulfur clientele global, SDSU ’ s B.S. in Business Administration Online Degree Completion Program is designed to help you earn a business degree that works for you, on your schedule. ×

About the program

Designed by SDSU ’ s Fowler College of Business, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Online Degree Completion program at SDSU Global Campus can help you earn your business degree and take your career to new heights .
Estimated CostTotal Estimated Cost total Estimated Cost

$ 27,048- $ 30,360

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Online Degree Completion Program

Unit Cost Program Unit Range* Cost
Tuition $491 49-55 $24,059-$27,005
Associated Students $19 49-55 $931-$1,045
Technology $21 49-55 $1,029-$1,155
Student Engagement $21 49-55 $1,029-$1,155
Total Estimated Costs $552 $27,048-$30,360

* Everyone is unique, your admissions advisor will work with you to determine the right way that suits your needs .
Completion Time Min. Completion Time Min. completion time 2 Years
Course Format Course Format Course Format on-line
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The platform blends essential business topics with the latest trends and issues facing nowadays ’ second occupation earth, including digital selling, global markets, and international business. All courses are taught by adept faculty and lecturers who use their master backgrounds to augment your coursework with their practical experience, turning the virtual classroom into a singular academic experience that matches the rigors of SDSU ’ s on-campus offerings .

What Is A Degree Completion Program?

This degree completion plan is specifically designed for students who have started, but not finished, their four-year undergraduate degree. If you ‘ve completed 60 assignable semester units, satisfied all CSU requirements, and have a 2.75+ GPA, you can earn a valuable degree from San Diego State University that fits your busy schedule .

What Do Our Students Have to Say?

Diran Deukmajian photo and story “ With a wax time speculate and a class, it is future to impossible for me to physically go to class on campus while maintaining a full fourth dimension job and balancing family. The on-line BSBA program ’ s approachability any time of the day or night is elementary and informal. ”
– Diran Deukmajian, Owner, San Marcos Kitchen Cabinets

Is This Program Right For Me?

This on-line degree completion program is ideal for drive professionals who want to take their business careers to new heights. The course of study is designed for :

  • Aspiring professionals who want to enter the world of business with an edge on the competition
  • Working professionals who need a degree on their résumé to take the next steps in their career
  • Business owners who need solutions to the challenges their businesses are facing today

Whether you ’ re at the start of your career or you ’ ra concern in moving fore professionally, finishing your degree with SDSU Global Campus can help you achieve the professional goals you set for yourself .
Because the program is wholly on-line, you won ’ t have to sacrifice your current career and other responsibilities ; you can work towards earning your academic degree on your agenda. Best of all, upon graduation, you ’ ll have earned the same degree as our on-campus students, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Diego State University.

What Can I Learn?

View SDSU Degree Learning Outcomes
SDSU ’ s on-line B.S. in Business Administration Degree Completion program will help you gain a cardinal working cognition of the business world. You ’ ll teach about the issues facing business nowadays, and how all the different components of a business interact to contribute to the success and growth of that commercial enterprise in the private or public sector .
You ’ ll learn about a variety of business-related topics, with courses covering :

  • Marketing
  • Investments
  • Ethics
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • International Strategies
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Human Resource Management

With only a few exceptions, courses in this on-line academic degree completion program are taught by staff members with Ph.D. degrees and extensive professional experience. Your professors work to build a solid initiation of congress of racial equality business courses that focus on the latest trends in the business earth. Courses are facilitated by lecturers who routinely teach the on-campus translation of the path on-campus, or are subjugate area experts. together, they work together to deliver an on-line program that doesn ’ t sacrifice flexibility for quality .
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Labor Analysis
B.S. in Business Administration Graduate — Nationwide

Job Postings
Job Postings
last 12 months
Projected Growth
Projected Growth
Over 10 years
+1.69 %
Salary Range
Salary Range
$ 76,647

Source: BLS & Burning Glass Technologies, 2020

Job Postings

project and Program Managers
Sales Managers
client Support and Sales

business psychoanalysis
marketing Specialists

Job Growth

stick out and Program Managers
5.90 %
Sales Managers
1.20 %
customer Support and Sales
5.60 %
business analysis
10.20 %
market Specialists
11.50 %

Salary Range

visualize and Program Managers
$ 64,000- $ 99,000
Sales Managers
$ 64,000- $ 94,000
node Support and Sales
$ 55,000- $ 82,000
business analysis
$ 68,000- $ 91,000
marketing Specialists
$ 67,000- $ 102,000

According to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, there are around two million people in the U.S. each class who begin a postsecondary department of education for the first time .
Eight years late, one-third of those students have not earned any formal certificate. many have jobs, families, and early commitments that make a traditional on-campus college have an impossibility .
And if you ’ rhenium among those students, you may have realized that without a degree on your résumé, acquiring higher-level positions in the business global can be very unmanageable .
Earning a academic degree in Business Administration from SDSU Global Campus can help you overcome those challenges, putting you in a position to realize your career goals. With a solid foundational cognition of the clientele world, you can cursorily increase your likely earnings and your job prospects .
According to U.S. Bureau Statistics for 2016, with medial earnings of $ 2.4 million over a life, knight bachelor ’ s degree holders earn more than $ 775,000 ( 48 % ) than workers with some college or an associate ’ randomness degree and more than $ 990,000 ( 70 % ) with precisely a high school diploma .
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Why Should You Choose Us?


Earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from SDSU means you ’ re earning a degree that ’ s worth the investment. According to U.S. News & World Report, SDSU ’ s Fowler College of Business is a top-50 public undergraduate business program. This plan is in full accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business ( AACSB ). With a clientele degree from SDSU, you can enhance your career prospects, grow your clientele, and moderate change throughout your organization


This degree completion program is designed to serve today ’ randomness busy working professionals. You can earn your degree on-line, on your schedule. We mix the latest tools and engineering with tried-and-true teaching methods to deliver an interactional virtual memorize have. Through distant invigilate services and guided group discussions, you ’ ll be able to experience the lapp academician rigors and integrity as SDSU ’ s on-campus students. Best of all, you ’ ll earn the like valuable degree : a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from San Diego State University. Your degree won ’ thyroxine signalize that you completed your course on-line .


The course of study is highly diverse, which means that you ’ ll be prepared to work in many different roles throughout the occupation global. From finance and investments to ethics and human resources, SDSU ’ s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration course of study will help you build your cognition in many unlike areas of the business universe, resulting in a all-around education that you can leverage into an agitate and fulfilling career .

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