Best Online Business Management Programs of 2022

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BestColleges is committed to delivering content that is objective and accurate. We have built a network of diligence professionals across healthcare and education to review our message and ensure we are providing the best data to our readers. Careers in clientele management are often lucrative. With this degree, you may choose to pursue a career in accounting, executive management, human resources, or market inquiry. Read on to learn more about how an on-line bachelor ‘s in business management can help you find a high-paying job in a variety of industries. An on-line knight bachelor ‘s degree in business management is a democratic, flexible, and versatile major that can prepare learners for a kind of successful, lucrative careers. This page features a list of the top-ranked commercial enterprise management programs in 2022, vitamin a well as information about admission requirements and fiscal care. We besides highlight electric potential business-related career paths for graduates and answer some frequently asked questions about business management degrees .
Students with a bachelor ‘s in business management can pursue a career in entrepreneurship, small business management, or bodied leadership. As a versatile and elastic major, business management can lead to many high-paying commercial enterprise careers, including top executive positions in commercialize, finance, and human resources .
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ), human resources executives earned a median annual wage of $ 121,220 in 2020. additionally, many graduates go on to earn an MBA or another alumnus degree in a business-related field .

What Can I Expect From an Online Bachelor’s in Business Management Program?

Earning an on-line bachelor ‘s academic degree in business management prepares graduates to serve as entrepreneurial thinkers and bodied decision-makers in little businesses and international enterprises. Students learn to manage corporate resources by applying their cognition of analysis and information technology. They besides explore topics such as law, ethics, behavioral dynamics, and quantitative analysis .
As the most popular major in the U.S., business programs can prepare learners for a variety of careers, including accountant, sales coach, fiscal analyst, and market research analyst .
clientele management programs cover topics such as account, entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare administration, and nonprofit organization leadership. This degree ‘s main objective is to ready learners to work in businesses or pursue a calibrate education in business management. A congress of racial equality of business management courses — ampere well as general department of education and elective classes — support that objective .

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What Courses Will I Take in a Bachelor’s in an Online Business Management Program?

Financial Accounting

Learners in this course study the rules and regulations related to preparing fiscal information for home and external sources in order to evaluate an administration ‘s fiscal health. Students learn to interpret and communicate fiscal account information and to understand the overall system of accounting .

Principles of Marketing

Students examine the fundamental concepts of market, which include an constitution ‘s functions for creating, commune, and delivering rate to its customers. Designed to meet organizational goals and customer needs, these functions include distribution, environmental monitoring, market research, target market selection, product excerpt, forwarding, and price .

Principles of Management

A writing-intensive run, students in this class examine the principles and fundamentals of management in arrange to understand formal organizational management. Topics include theories of planning and decision-making in an organizational context, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as the alone challenges of international management .

Managing Organizational Change

Students learn methods of effective homo resources management during periods of organizational change. The naturally emphasizes change management as it contributes to a company ‘s survival, growth, increased productiveness, and dispute management. Students closely consider change in complex, volatile, and external environments .

Global Financial System

This course exposes students to the global fiscal computer architecture, including the operational practices of global fiscal markets and multinational fiscal institutions. Course capacity focuses on external banking and international capital markets. Students besides explore the external fiscal environment and its functions, operations, and products .

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What Are the Admission Requirements for an Online Bachelor’s in Business Management Program?

entrance fee requirements for on-line bachelor ‘s in business management programs typically mirror those of on-campus options. however, on-line students must besides ensure their computers meet the technology requirements for the school ‘s learn chopine. Check out common admission requirements below .

Minimum GPA

Applicants typically need to hold a minimum GPA. For traditional learners, this normally applies to high school coursework. For students with some college-level experience, this may apply to former collegiate coursework. Applicants who do not meet minimum GPA requirements can contact the admissions agency to learn about alternate entree policies .

Minimum SAT/ACT Score

While some schools accept applicants who have not taken a standardize trial, many require examination results as part of the application software. entree may require a minimum score on the SAT or ACT. Some colleges — particularly community colleges — administer their own alternate admission or placement tests .

High School Diploma

Admission into a bachelor ‘s plan requires an applicant to hold a high educate diploma or the equivalent, such as a GED certificate. Some schools expect students to complete pre-collegiate coursework as character of their high educate have, while others accept any diploma. Homeschooled applicants may receive an exemption from these entree requirements provided they meet other standards .

Admission Requirement

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Minimum Age Standards

Though most on-line knight bachelor ‘s in clientele management programs welcome all qualify learners, some entirely serve adult students. In these instances, applicants need to meet a minimal age standard — normally 21-24 years. marry students and members of the U.S. armed services who are younger may besides qualify as adult learners .

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What Can I Do With an Online Bachelor’s in Business Management?

Graduating from a bachelor ‘s in clientele management program can lead to careers in analysis, market, sales, and personnel management. These positions tend to offer higher yield and more duty than the entry-level jobs available to people with an associate degree in business .
To advance their careers, some occupation professionals go on to pursue a chief ‘s degree in management, an MBA, or another advanced academic degree. however, most mid-level jobs do not require a graduate-level department of education. Additionally, some occupation professions call for licensure .
For model, a CPA needs to hold a state-authorized license, while a fiscal analyst can advance in their career with a securities agent license from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority .

Career Outlook

As one of the most democratic college majors, bachelor ‘s in business management programs offer a strong foot for professional growth and progress. Graduates can work in many business functions, including marketing, human resources, finance, operations, accounting, and communications .
As of October 2021, PayScale reported that the average base wage for professionals with a BS in business management was about $ 70,000 — significantly higher than the national average for all occupations. Professionals with ample experience and/or an advance degree can take home six-figure salaries .
Students seeking job constancy often gravitate towards these programs, as commercial enterprise careers are systematically in demand. The BLS projects 8 % increase for clientele and fiscal occupations from 2020-2030 .
See where a knight bachelor ‘s in business management degree can take you. Learn more about business management careers .

Career Paths

Management Analysts

Working in both in-house and advisory roles, management analysts help companies improve their efficiency and effectiveness. These professionals work with managers to reduce costs, increase income, motivate staff, and cover other departmental issues .
Median Annual Salary : $ 87,660 ( May 2020 )

Administrative Services and Facilities Managers

besides known as business office managers and functional managers, these professionals manage administrative aspects and help ensure businesses run smoothly. They oversee office staff, create and update policies to improve operations, contract with vendors to ensure facilities are properly maintained and keep secure, and outsource care or business provide requests.

Median Annual Salary : $ 98,890 ( May 2020 )

Financial Managers

These professionals ensure their companies remain financially feasible and healthy. fiscal managers accomplish this by creating long-run strategic plan around fiscal matters, overseeing investment activities, and reviewing fiscal reports to ensure the party meets its target. They besides oversee other fiscal staff to ensure they follow all legal requirements .
Median Annual Salary : $ 134,180 ( May 2020 )

Sales Managers

Sales managers lead sales teams to ensure they are maximizing profit by setting sales goals, meeting customer expectations, handling complaints, and working with the market department to build sword and merchandise awareness. They besides oversee sales representatives and set departmental budgets .
Median Annual Salary : $ 132,290 ( May 2020 )

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

These professionals create market plans that help build consumer awareness for products and services. They work with sales departments to lead marketing campaigns, use in-house teams and outside vendors to create ad materials, and evaluate newly media opportunities for ad and commercialize. They besides oversee other marketing staff .
Median Annual Salary : $ 141,490 ( May 2020 )

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Continuing Education

Completing an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in business management provides graduates with the skills and qualifications needed to compete for a kind of entry-level positions. While professionals can climb the career ladder by gaining industry experience, earning an advance degree can much accelerate this march .
For many occupation management graduates, the following coherent step may involve completing an MBA. These programs typically take 1-2 years to complete and normally require applicants to possess several years of relevant know .

How Do I Choose an Online Bachelor’s in Business Management Program?


The monetary value of an on-line bachelor ‘s in business management can vary drastically based on whether students attend a public or individual mental hospital. In general, attending a public school as an in-state resident is the cheapest choice. Students should understand the true program price before committing. They should besides compare the cost differences between on-campus and on-line programs .

Program Format

When looking at an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in clientele management, students will likely come across both synchronous and asynchronous offerings. Those looking for more flexibility typically go with the asynchronous option. Degree-seekers can besides choose between part-time and full-time programs. Additionally, some schools offer accelerated learning options .


If an on-line bachelor ‘s in business management does not require on-campus meetings, learners can basically choose from colleges and universities across the nation. That said, students enrolled in programs with on-campus requirements may want to pick an institution nearer to family to save on locomotion expenses .


Failing to attend an accredit educate can create issues when transferring credits to another institution, applying for alumnus programs, and finding work. Students should look for regionally accredited institutions and clientele programs accredited by AACSB .

Student Support

Finding a program that offers ample digest services can positively impact a student ‘s educational know. A big plan will offer college mentorship opportunities and access to top-tier internships. scholar services cover versatile patronize programs that are available to both on-campus and on-line learners .

2022 Best Accredited Business Management Programs

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How We Rank Schools

At BestColleges, we believe a college education is one of the most important investments you can make. We want to help you navigate the college choice summons by offering transparent, inclusive, and relevant educate rankings .
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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Bachelor’s in Business Management Programs

What kind of jobs can you get with a business management degree?

A bachelor ‘s in business management can prepare students for a variety of lucrative careers, making it one of the most popular majors available. Graduates frequently find work as sales managers, finance managers, homo resource executives, advertising directors, or health services managers. The degree can besides qualify students to apply to MBA programs .

Is a business management degree a BA or a BS?

At many schools, students can choose to pursue a BA or a BS in business management. A BA offers a broader academic course of study that incorporates more social and homo studies, while a BS typically emphasizes technical skills. Either degree can prepare students to pursue an MBA or a career in business .

What is the average salary for graduates with a business management degree?

According to PayScale data as of October 2021, a professional with a bachelor ‘s academic degree in occupation management earns an average wage of about $ 66,000 per year. A worker ‘s industry, location, and experience can influence their income .

How long does it take to get a bachelor’s degree in business management?

Earning a knight bachelor ‘s degree in any field typically requires about four years of full-time study. Students who take advantage of summer school, CLEP or DANTES exams, and/or credit-for-experience options may shorten their clock in school. additionally, learners who already hold an associate degree can frequently finish a bachelor ‘s program in about two years .

What business degree pays the most?

In the right character, any on-line business degree can lead to lucrative employment. however, online bachelor ‘s degrees in business management that emphasize information systems management can be specially lucrative. According to the BLS, calculator and data technology jobs paid a median annual wage of $ 91,250 in 2020 .

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