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Fast and dependable business broadband is substantive to the success of many modern businesses. And with more companies now being run from home, and video recording calls now just american samoa common as in-person meetings, a good occupation broadband connection has never been more crucial .

Business broadband for working from home

If you run a business from base, or are thinking of setting one astir, it ‘s a beneficial estimate to get a business broadband connection preferably than relying on just your home broadband service. In addition to giving you a number of add benefits, which we ‘ll go through below, home broadband is n’t very designed to be used to run a commercial enterprise. In fact, some business Wi-Fi providers include it in their T & Cs that home broadband must not be used for occupation or professional purposes ( thus be sure to check yours ) .

Business broadband for offices

If you have office space, then business broadband is a must, and both can be claimed back as occupation expenses on your ship’s company ‘s taxes. Have a count at our Uswitch commercial enterprise broadband deals to find the right box for your arrangement when you following interchange broadband, or read on to learn the most crucial things to consider when you compare broadband for business deals.

Best business broadband deals on in May 2022

Static IP address for business internet

An IP ( Internet Protocol ) address is a count code that identifies every calculator connected to a certain net. It then enables them to exchange information with one another over the internet. With most home broadband connections, you ‘re assigned a active IP address. This means it changes every time you connect. however, with bounty business broadband connections you are normally provided with a inactive IP address, which means that the identifying issue constantly stays the like. static IPs enable you to entree more advance internet features that are helpful to a occupation, particularly when running an office full of colleagues who are working together all sidereal day. With a static IP address and you can :

  • Run a server
  • Build your own website
  • Create an email address that sends directly to an email account of your very own domain

Important factors when you compare business broadband

  • Web hosting and email addresses: Look out for antivirus and anti-spam filtering features.
  • Site creation: Sites such as EasySiteWizard help you quickly and easily set up a website for your business.
  • Business Voice (VoIP): Receive an inclusive VoIP business line for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Extranet: This provides employees with one place to store and share information, which is backed up daily and password-protected.
  • PC Security: Protection suites safeguard your PC from hackers and viruses when you’re online and protect you from infected flash drives when you’re offline.

Other business broadband factors to consider:

  • Static/fixed IP addresses can give your business a real look of professionalism. This is great if the majority of your transaction and correspondence take palce online.
  • The main problem with static/fixed IP addresses is that they can be vulnerable to hackers, so good internet security is an essential.

Which providers offer business broadband and phone deals?

A distribute of UK business broadband providers now offer fairly-priced, high-speed packages tailored to the needs of companies at any size .

BT Business broadband

BT Business offers standard broadband packages with superfast speeds and dependable customer serve. Its broadband packages range from those desirable for small-to-medium enterprises with light custom needs, all the direction to larger firms with dozens ( or even hundreds ) of connected devices in manipulation at any one fourth dimension. Customers can besides choose to add fluid broadband with free Wi-Fi minutes on selected broadband packages. In addition to a minimal 10GB of use allowance, BT besides provides 10 electronic mail addresses with spam security through Outlook Web Access.

Virgin Media Business broadband

Thanks to its ultrafast cable broadband network, Virgin Media Business is able to offer identical high-speed and coherent broadband that ‘s faster than most character connections — allowing speeds around 500Mbps all the way up to 1000Mbps ( or 1Gbps ). Customer hold is another strong deal point for Virgin Media ‘s business broadband, with help on-hand from a dedicated, UK-based team 24/7 via a freephone act. other key features of Virgin Media Business Broadband include inexhaustible downloads and calls, ampere well as business-grade SLAs and wireless routers as standard on all packages .

Plusnet Business broadband

Plusnet takes the same award-winning customer-focused set about to its Plusnet Business broadband connection, with clients benefitting from a intelligent, UK-based digest team that is on call 24/7 every sidereal day of the year. Plusnet Business broadband customers can expect a connection speed of up to 76Mbps on their fiber broadband packages, which are available with 12 or 24 month contracts .

TalkTalk Business broadband

TalkTalk Business broadband packages offer speeds of up to 76Mbps and prioritised commercial enterprise traffic. It ‘s besides known to have some of the most competitive prices on the market, so could be a great choice if you ‘re looking to save on overheads. Companies besides benefit from TalkTalk ‘s wealth of industry experience, great customer service and the tractability to customise a call line and broadband manage to meet their needs and add extra services for a small extra accusation.

Its customer support is excellent, with dedicated, UK-based specialists on call from 9am to 5pm. TalkTalk ‘s greatest aftercare record was highlighted when it scooped a Cisco Customer Service Award for its standards of customer support .


bOnline is a little business broadband specialist, providing three mighty and low-cost connections to help equip small businesses in the digital age. specifically, bOnline offers broadband on a 12-month contract with speeds ranging from 18Mb to 80Mb .

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