Business Class Internet For Home Offices at AT&T Business.

*The broadband internet access service is AT & T High Speed Internet-Enterprise ( HSIA-E ) where available. If HSIA-E is not available, the service is AT & T Wireless Broadband.

AT&T HIGH SPEED INTERNET-ENTERPRISE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: AT & T High Speed Internet–Enterprise ( HSIA-E ) is a broadband internet access avail provided on AT & T owned fiber and copper facilities within a twenty-one department of state footprint. HSIA-E provides asymmetrical and symmetrical access speeds up to 1 Gbps. The Service is composed of an internet access line ( Service Component ) and AT & T Equipment. AT & T owns the Equipment and will replace it if necessary. Service handiness depends on web site address and is subject to change. HSIA-E Service requires a professional facility. professional initiation includes the delivery of the AT & T Equipment along with any necessary filters, splitters, jacks or basic electrify. AT & T will make commercially fair efforts to planning HSIA-E. however, provisioning of Service is contingent upon the handiness of local access to Customer ’ s placement. Customer understands that the actual bandwidth delivered is not determined until the time of servicing facility. In the event of disturb with the Service, Customer is responsible for reporting the perturb and participating in on-site cooperative test with AT & T HSIA-E Customer Care to assist in the diagnosis of the worry. The HSIA-E Minimum Payment Period per Service Component is 12 months. In the event Customer terminates the Service before the minimum payment period prerequisite, Customer is responsible for paying early on termination charges in accordance with the Customer ’ sulfur Service Agreement. Multiple internet connections, unless protected by an internet security product or service, may significantly decrease Customer ’ s overall network security system level. AT & T maintains a comprehensive privacy Policy that applies to uses of AT & T ’ s products and services, american samoa well as the use of its web site. AT & T ’ s Privacy Policy is available at hypertext transfer protocol : // Please refer to the AT & T High Speed Internet – Enterprise Business Service Guide at hypertext transfer protocol : // for a full-service description including terms and conditions .
AT&T WIRELESS BROADBAND SERVICE RESTRICTIONS: AT & T Wireless Broadband does not permit access to all internet end points or services. Plans are limited to use with business applications, including commercial enterprise video applications such as Skype, WebEx, Zoom, Facebook and YouTube. Plans may not be used for entertainment video stream, sound recording pour, web host, public/guest Wi-Fi, and early forbidden uses set forth in the Business Agreement. specifically, users can not access entertainment and other non-business websites that offer ( a ) video streaming entertainment services, including, without limitation, AT & T television, AT & T television nowadays, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and ( boron ) audio streaming entertainment services, including, without limitation, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, and Soundcloud.

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