Kentucky Business Insurance

Getting custom-make business policy is simple with the Progressive Advantage ® Business Program. Our policy experts can help set up a policy to properly protect your support. There are 356,000 small businesses in Kentucky that employ over 710,000 people, making them an important function of the state of matter ’ randomness communities and economy. These businesses are required by state law to protect their employees with workers ’ compensation policy. small businesses in Kentucky should consider carrying occupation indemnity to protect from the fiscal stresses that can result from a variety show of accidents involving your business, including a customer err and fall or an employee injury. This protects against incidents like data breaches and cyber attacks. It includes first-party and third-party auspices for things like fact-finding services, data recovery and legal costs. Businesses that store or manage customer data, like credit card information, typically need this coverage.

Kentucky businesses that offer professional services should consider this coverage. It protects businesses from claims of professional negligence, both actual or alleged, and helps pay for defense costs. It ’ randomness besides known as errors and omissions indemnity ( E & O ). A BOP combines property and indebtedness coverage into one easy-to-manage policy. It ’ s a great option for minor to medium-sized businesses that lease or own commercial property such as a shopfront, warehouse or agency build up. Businesses in Kentucky are required to carry workers ’ comp indemnity if they have one or more employees. Workers ’ recompense insurance helps pay for expenses related to employees becoming injured or ill while working for you. This coverage protects against damage to your vehicles and trailers, a well as injuries or property damage related to their use. Your personal car policy doesn ’ triiodothyronine blanket vehicles while they ’ rhenium being used for clientele reasons. This is the most coarse business indemnity coverage and closely all businesses in Kentucky should have it. It protects against third-party bodily injury and place wrong, vitamin a well as personal and advertising injury .

How much does business insurance cost in Kentucky?

The monetary value of business policy in Kentucky is pendent on a assortment of factors such as your business ’ randomness size, location and specialization. For example, a business in Lexington with three half-time employees will have a different rate than one in Louisville with ten full-time employees .
The most important of these factors is the type of business you specialize in. For exercise, a landscape architect who only does work at labor grade is exposed to less gamble than a tree spare who works high off the ground and can therefore expect a lower policy cost.

Learn more about how occupation policy rates are determined .

Kentucky business insurance requirements

Workers ’ compensation indemnity is required for Kentucky businesses that have one or more employees. While this applies to most businesses, there are a few exceptions. agrarian employees and some domestic workers in a private home aren ’ metric ton required to be protected under a workers ’ comprehensive examination policy. For more information on Kentucky ’ s workers ’ compensation requirements, visit the Commonwealth of Kentucky ’ s Labor web site .
While extra commercial enterprise insurance coverages aren ’ metric ton required by police, it ’ s a good estimate to consider them to protect your business. An unexpected incidental might be unmanageable to handle without adequate policy coverage .

Kentucky professions we insure

We help little business owners from a wide variety show of industries, including these common professions :
Browse more examples of professions we insure .

Why choose Progressive?

Options – We can help you secure coverage at any stage of your business ’ sulfur development with the flexibility to adjust your policy as your clientele changes. Our agents will work with you to make sure you ’ re getting security that meets both your needs and budget .
Experts – As the # 1 commercial Auto Insurer in America*, you can trust us with all your business policy needs. Our team of particularly trained, in-house agents can assist you every footprint of the way to make sure you ’ re getting the best coverage for your commercial enterprise.

Convenience – There are several ways to get a quote whether you need a one Kentucky policy or a combination of business policy coverages. Simply start a quote on-line or call us to speak with an agent .

Business insurance for all Kentucky cities

We can customize business insurance in all Kentucky cities, including, but not specify to :

  • Louisville
  • Lexington
  • Bowling Green
  • Owensboro
  • Covington
  • Richmond
  • Georgetown
  • Florence
  • Nicholasville
  • Hopkinsville

More information

*No. 1 commercial car insurance company from SNL Financial ’ mho 2019 national written premium data .

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