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We strive to provide an experience that you will find at no other agency. Here is how:

What an agent should be –

  • advisor– helping you understand what you want from your insurance and how to match your risk tolerance with available products
  • educator – explaining the complex terms, products and conditions associated with commercial insurance
  • assistant – supporting your efforts to earn best-in-class coverage, conditions, and premiums
  • savoir faire – navigating the many different options to satisfy your customers’ requirements
  • advocate – explaining and demonstrating your insurability to underwriters to make sure you get the terms, conditions, and premiums you deserve
  • analyst – understanding complex commercial insurance policies, as well as certificate requirements to find effective solutions to your needs
  • salesperson – packaging and presenting you and your business to underwriters to ensure that they understand what you do, their risks in insuring your business, and everything you do to moderate that risk
  • prospector – searching a wide variety of markets to find insurers with appetites for your particular business


What our clients say about us –

Testimonials –

  • “Honesty and really, really interested and listening to what the client needs, especially when client gets in trouble.”
  • “Providing very good insurance coverage”
  • “Searching always for best prices”
  • “Broad Product Knowledge”
  • “Dominique is a student of insurance. He has a superior knowledge of the coverages provided by, and the limitations of coverages in, the various policy forms.”
  • “. .. save me time as someone I trust to tell me what I need, what I may be missing, and how to fill in the gaps.”
  • “Your staff has always been more than willing to discuss issues directly with my customers.”


My Unique Approach – Dominique Renaudpositioning you and your business to be as attractive as possible to insurance providers. This begins by understanding your personal risk tolerance, followed by analyzing your business in detail. This allows me to assist you in presenting your business as best-in-class, so that you earn best-in-class premiums, terms, and conditions.

My singular approach to acquiring business indemnity focuses onThis begins by understanding your personal risk tolerance, followed by analyzing your commercial enterprise in detail. This allows me to assist you in presenting your business as, so that you earn best-in-class premiums, terms, and conditions. ( return )

According to Google, an agent is “ person who acts on behalf of another person or group. ” Your insurance agent needs to be more than just a bridge between you and the policy company.We asked our clients what was alone about doing business with Houston Business InsuranceWe asked our clients what they liked most about their experience with Houston Business Insurance.I have been in the insurance diligence for over 30 years. I have had an independent agency since 2007, focusing on the complexities of commercial insurance. I am a lifelong apprentice, endlessly educating myself on the intricacies of commercial policy and studying thousands of policies. I consider myself to be an objective thinker, considering all angles of a problem, to find the most constructive solution for my client. During my career, I have developed a unique border on to business indemnity.

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