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business indemnity helps protect your business from fiscal passing due to threats like property damage, larceny, lawsuits, and employee injuries or illnesses. coverage varies depending on what kind of occupation you own, your diligence ’ south legal requirements, what addition protections you purchase, and more. Some types of business insurance include, but are not limited, to :

  • Property Insurance – A general property insurance policy provides coverage for buildings, contents, equipment, and other real and personal property owned by your business.
  • Liability Insurance – A liability policy is designed to help protect your business from financial loss due to a lawsuit related to injuries, deaths, or damage to property of others caused by your products, business operations, or employees.
  • Workers’ Compensation – This coverage helps protect your employees from loss of wages or income due to a work-related injury, illness, or disease. Georgia law requires that employers with 3 or more full- or part-time employees carry workers’ compensation coverage.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance – Georgia has a financial responsibility law which requires you to have insurance, or be a qualified self-insurer, for liability claims resulting from motor vehicles you own or operate in connection with your business.
  • Life & Health Insurance – Many businesses offer life and health insurance as part of their employee benefits package to attract and retain qualified employees.

again, these are precisely a few examples of the types of indemnity available for your commercial enterprise. To find out what policies you are required to have, you should speak with an insurance means or agent who is familiar with your operations and industry. They can besides help you explore and determine if there is any extra coverage you want to purchase .
You can learn more about occupation indemnity, coverage options, and more by reading Download this pdf file. The Business Guide to Insurance, authored by Georgia ’ randomness Insurance and Safety Fire commissioner, John F. King.

insurance Complaints

Insurance Complaints

If you have a complaint about your indemnity provider or agent, or how a call is being handled, the Department of Insurance ’ s Consumer Services Division may be able to help you .File a Complaint

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