10 Items And Accessories From BTS V’s Daily Life That You Too Can Use Without Going Broke

# 3 is just excessively cute ! BTS ‘ second V is a multi-millionaire who owns the most expensive substantial estate of the realm and wears the most deluxe clothing. At the same time, he goes for timbre over post, thus besides using low-cost items that the rest of us can actually purchase without breaking the deposit .
Check them out below !

1. Aveeno Lotion

FIrst up, V uses the Aveeno “ Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion ” in stead of aroma thanks to its pleasing lavender scent. It can be bought for a much as $ 8 USD, making it an low-cost cologne alternative !

2. Scented Candles

last January 2020, V posted a television clip of a heartily light up candle in the center of a darkness room .

He even once held it up to the camera and called it his “ darling candle. ”
Your browser does not support video .
Upon closer inspection, it ’ s the Baies/Berry Candle in the odorize of blackcurrant berries. The 190 gram candle is made in France and retails for $ 68 USD .
baies berries1

3. Brooches

V wore the “ Paint Palette Brooch ” while on his manner to the airport. The cute accessory is made by artist Kate Rowland who makes it with real layers of paint .
pain brooche
He loves it so much, he wore it more than once !
v kate rowland
You can buy it on her personal web site for £14 GBP ( around $ 19 USD ) .
v kate rowland2

4. Green Bracelets

V has worn the same sword of Korean-made bracelets ever since BTS ’ south debut album. Artist Choi Chang Nam of ccnmade thanked him for the awareness he brought to his business when he was on the verge of giving up .
bts v selfie
Support the small occupation by purchasing the like bracelet for fair ₩20,000 KRW ( about $ 17.60 USD ) .

5. Red Bracelets

V proudly wore his “ Single Original ” watchband from ccnmade while taking a selfie .
bts v
It besides retails for ₩20,000 KRW ( about $ 17.60 USD ) .
single original

6. Concert Bracelets

While performing onstage, V had on ccnmade ’ sulfur “ Silver Dragon ” watchband.

v concert
ascribable to its more complicated design, it costs a bit more at ₩50,000 KRW ( about $ 44.00 USD ) .
silver dragon

7. White Day Bracelets

In a photoshoot with Naver and Dispatch for White Day, V had on the “ Core Weaving ” and “ Stone Bridge ” variants from the same brand .
white day
They retail for ₩20,000 KRW ( about $ 17.60 USD ) and ₩38,000 KRW ( about $ 33.50 USD ) respectively .
core weaving

8. Gemstone Bracelets

During another concert stage, he added the beautiful purple “ Gemstone Trinity ” bracelet to his collection. Of course, it ’ s besides from ccnmade !
bts v gemstone trinity
This is the highest priced bracelet on the list at ₩55,000 KRW ( about $ 48.40 USD ). still, it ’ south worth it to be able to dress like V .
gemstone trinity

9. Beanies

now that we have wrist accessories covered, let ’ s move on to the headdress of V ’ randomness choice ! In the “ Butter ” dancing practice video…
Your browser does not support video .
Your browser does not support video .
…and in the GRAMMY nomination night video, he wore the like beanie .
Your browser does not support television .
It ’ sulfur from the sword TNP, particularly their “ Standard Beanie ” in the color mustard. It can be yours for ₩18,000 KRW ( about $ 15.90 USD ) .

10. Slides

finally, when V was looking casual and cool while making drinks, he wore Nike ‘ sulfur “ Off Court ” slides. Despite the sword name, it won ’ thyroxine cost you more than ₩39,000 KRW ( about $ 34.40 USD ) .
Your browser does not support video .
off court

Check out how a lot V ’ s early low-cost invest costs below !

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