The ultimate guide on Facebook Branded Content

Whether you work as an independent blogger or as a marketing professional in a large international company, introducing your brand to the world at large can be a challenge.
In holocene years, social media platforms have spiked in popularity ascribable to the bluff degree of access available through smartphones and low-cost personal computers. In 2018, the number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide exceeded 2.32 billion .
sol if you want to reach a broad consultation, it will be a wise decisiveness to focus your marketing efforts on Facebook and particularly on branded subject creation. here you can find a bit-by-bit guide, which will help you to design highly-effective branded posts to benefit your occupation .

What is Facebook branded content and what it looks like

Facebook defines branded content as any mail made by celebrities, influencers, or media companies that features a third party product, trade name, or patronize for an exchange of prize. The post may contain any type of media such as text, photos, videos, Instant Articles, links, 360 videos or Live videos.

First of all, let ’ s find out how brand posts differ from average and sponsor posts. Facebook defines branded content as “ a creator or publisher ’ s contentedness that features or is influenced by a business collaborator for an exchange of value. ”
Branded posts differ from ordinary and sponsor posts due to the following classifiable features :

  • “With” + “name of the business partner’s page”
    label placed next to the publisher’s name
  • “Paid Partnership” label placed next to the timestamp
    (displayed in grey)
  • “About the partnership” button

An exercise of branded content – Screenshot source
If Facebook users click on the “ About this partnership ” icon, they will see extra information regarding the content creator and the company, which paid for its product promotion .

About this partnership control panel information – Screenshot source

How to create Branded Facebook Content

Before you are able to create your very first Facebook Branded Content, you need to request access to the Branded Content Tool .
Requesting access to Facebook Branded Content
Select the Facebook Page you ’ rhenium requesting entree for and chink “ Send ”. Next, you ’ ll get the following pop-up book .

once your request is approved you will be able to publish a stigmatize message post. To do then, drumhead over to your Facebook page and in the mail composer, choose the “ Tag Sponsor ” option .

next, fill in your business partner for this post

Marketers that want to amplify their stigmatize content can now promote it. guarantee that the “ Allow business partner to boost this mail ” choice is checked in holy order to give permission to the seller to boost the post. The seller, from their side, can utilise Facebook ’ s targeting and custom audiences to reach the veracious people. The aim audience will see that the post originated from the creator, even though the seller boosted it .

Facebook Branded Content Insights

In orderliness to access penetration on the performance of your branded content, you need to visit the “ Insights ” check on your Facebook page and then choose the “ Branded Content ” tab from the left menu .

Benefits of Branded Facebook Content

Do you wonder why it ’ s so authoritative to create brand posts ? You will get a comprehensive examination answer if you look through the list of benefits, which branded content has :

  • It’s not invasive. The properly-designed branded posts don’t irritate users as ordinary ads do.
  • It helps to improve brand loyalty. People genuinely appreciate honest advertising. And they tend to trust brands, which disclose the information regarding their partnership with influencers (content publishers).
  • It brings better results in the long-run, while Facebook ads help to achieve only short-term goals.
  • It increases reach and engagement. Content published by influencers gets in a few times more likes, shares, and comments than the same content posted on the company’s corporate profile.
  • It humanizes a brand. Followers start associating their favourite influencers with a brand.

Types of Branded Content

Depending on the preferences of your aim audience, you can create the watch types of Facebook branded content :

  • Photos
  • Vector images
  • Music videos
  • Short films
  • Infographics
  • GIF Animations
  • Memes

today, photograph and videos are the most universal and democratic types of post contented. however, if you target Millennials and Generation Z, don ’ triiodothyronine be afraid to diversify your contented scheme. Funny memes and hilarious animations may help you to draw the hearing ’ s attention to your stigmatize .

Set Content Standards

The high quality of branded content is a must because it represents the quality of the products and services you sell. You should set high standards of capacity production and comply with them under any circumstances .
For example, when you write a caption, you should control its quality in terms of grammar and syntax. You can set a rule to check every text for mistakes using proofread and editing services like Grammarly .
When it comes to ocular contentedness, you can set a predominate to never use low-resolution photos or unblock, not unique images from the net. Make a promise to utilise merely high-quality photos from photograph stocks like ShutterStock or DepositPhotos .

Introduce a Content Calendar

When it comes to branded content, it ’ mho significant to craft a strategic plan and design a contented calendar. It ’ south necessity to decide in progress how many posts you need to create a workweek and a month .
If you publish branded posts too often, your target audience will perceive your content as a spammy. As a solution, brand loyalty will decline .
On the other hand, if you publish new posts excessively rarely, you will not be able to achieve high results. so, it ’ s crucial to find a gold mean and print contented adenine often as your followers can consume it .

Use of Content Creation Tools

If you don ’ triiodothyronine know how to facilitate content creation process, check the following tools. They will decidedly help you to cope with challenging tasks .

  • Biteable. This is a user-friendly video editing tool. Biteable offers a great variety of easy drag and drop templates, which you can use for free.
  • iMeme. You can utilize this software to create funny memes, which will allow you to grab the audience attention immediately.
  • GIFMaker. Using this tool, you can convert multiple images into GIF animation or video animation just in a few clicks.

Engage with your Audience

The major aim of stigmatize content is to engage the prey audience and to drive curiosity around the product. For this reason, every post should contain an easy-to-answer question and/or brawny call to action. It helps to start a conversation with the followers and, as a consequence, to increase the phone number of comments, likes, and shares .
“ Don ’ t make your stigmatize military post look like a standard ad. Add a personal touch to every stake and try to humanise your brand message, ” says Ethan Dunwill, content director at HotEssayService. Feel free to use pronounces I, you, my, your to make your message sound more personal .

Add a personal contact to your Branded Post – Screenshot source

In Summary

As you can see, you don ’ t need to be a marketing guru to create high-quality post contentedness. You simply need to follow this guidebook step by step .
If you want to promote your trade name on Facebook, barely do it ! today is the justly meter to take the first step !
Bridgette Hernandez Bridgette Hernandez is a contented creator at IsAccurate and SupremeDissertations. She is a master in Anthropology and Digital Marketing. presently, she is working on a book, which will help small businesses and solopreneurs to promote their products online. Bridgette spends her complimentary clock playing the guitar, practising yoga, or cooking healthy sweets .


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