The Booty By Bret Program
Booty by Bret is an low-cost, flexible, and highly effective glute-building program created by the earth ‘s foremost adept in gluteus train, Bret Contreras, PhD, CSCS, and personal flight simulator for 20 years .

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The workouts in this course of study are the demand workouts used at Glute Lab by members of Bret ’ s Glute Squad and are highly efficient to maximize aesthetics, torso composition, potency, and athletic goals .

As a member of this program with Booty by Bret, you will receive access to :

• 3 modern full body workouts and 2 new optional gluteus workouts every 4 weeks .
• Each new full body exercise includes approximately 7 exercises per school term and each new gluteus exercise includes approximately 4 exercises per school term .
• Each exercise is accompanied by a highly detail instructional video recording, and a printable exercise PDF .

As a valued member, you will besides gain access to the Facebook residential district group, which gives far advice and steering on exercises .
here are a few notes to help you get started good away :
Your Program
All workouts can be found in the acme menu bar under the Your Program tab. There you will find your Full Body Workouts and Optional Glute Workouts. New workouts are added to the site every 4-weeks. You can besides view all of your workouts for the month in the Dashboard .
New Starter Workouts
If you are beginning the program this workweek, you may choose to start with the Main Workouts or the Basic Workouts .
Optional Glute Workouts
Booty by Bret offers extra and optional Glute Workouts for members who prefer to train more than three days per week. If desired, please choose 1-2 workouts from the Optional Glute Workout choice to complete your exercise workweek .
Please note: The Main Workouts in loot by Bret are highly efficient and extra workouts are not necessary .
Exercise Library
Please be certain to review Bret ‘s notes and instructional videos every month before starting your new fit of workouts .
detailed demonstrations of the exercises featured in the Workouts can be found in the Exercise Library .

Booty by Bret is meant to be implemented as a standalone program. Given how difficult the workouts are, Bret does not recommend that you perform other weight unit lifting workouts at the lapp clock time. ample recovery time is an crucial component of seeing advance in the gymnasium.

The Booty by Bret course of study can be completed with little to no equipment. Each month we will outline three options, choose which choice best suits you and the equipment you have access to : Option A: Fully equipped gymnasium Choose this option if you have entree to a amply equipped commercial or home gymnasium. Option B: Dumbbells and bands This is a great choice if you only have access to limited equipment. Option C: No equipment at all Booty by Bret can still be performed with no equipment, for this choice we will chiefly utilize bodyweight exercises. Booty By Bret members achieve amazing results utilizing either option A, B or C. however, option A ( a fully equipped commercial or home gymnasium ) provides the greatest potential for long term progress. You may choose different options per exercise based on your available equipment, but we still always suggest chiefly opting for option A where possible. If A is not potential then opt for choice B. If B is not possible then opt for option C. This academic degree of flexibility is offered so you can still make advance with the equipment you have, and is besides sometimes use by members who find a particular choice uncomfortable, irritating or differently impractical. Some members choose to build up their equipment over time, starting with bands and gradually adding more items.

If you ’ re choose choice A program, the comply equipment is required : Power rack or squat stands. adjustable bench. Barbell with plates and collars. Dumbbells.Squat quick study. Chin up stripe. Glute Loop or another mini band. topographic point to hip thrust ( bench, aerobics steps, Glute Bench, Thruster, etc. ). Balance pad ( for kneel and Nordic Ham Curls ). These are common pieces of equipment and you should be able to find them in most fitness facilities. For far information you can besides contact customer support or post your questions in our Facebook support residential district. You may besides wish to purchase from BC Strength, the official product range for Booty By Bret. Booty By Bret members receive 10 % off any purchases made through BC Strength. once you have activated your account, simply voyage to the Dashboard and chink on the allow link for your region. You will be redirected to the discipline web site and have your unique rebate code auto-applied to your cart .

The Booty by Bret program is allow for all fitness levels. Beginners are highly encouraged to spend time learning more about the exercises featured in this program and to adhere to appropriate modifications as needed. As a member of Booty by Bret, you will no doubt increase your lastingness discipline cognition, improve your form, and build confidence in the gymnasium .

Do not worry if you do not know how to perform all of the exercises needed for the Booty by Bret broadcast. Bret provides detail instructions and video for you to be able to learn and perfect all of the individual exercises needed to follow the program effectively .

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