BookBaby Review: Read This First (+ Promo Codes!)

BookBaby is a one-stop-shop for about any self-publishing servicing you could ask for. While unusually expensive and slightly opaque, BookBaby ’ south packages are a popular choice for authors who are time-poor ( and cash-rich ) .

  • Get your manuscript edited, designed, and distributed in one place.
  • Quick, guaranteed turnaround times for editing
  • Good online support


  • Unusually high setup costs for print on demand
  • The “Complete Self-Publishing Package” no longer offers Facebook ads
  • Little choice of editing and design professionals
  • Incredibly expensive

For this review, the team at Reedsy has analyzed BookBaby ‘s offerings with an aim to provide transparency and context. As a network of over 1,500 professional editors and script designers, we ‘ve helped thousands of self-published authors take their reserve to market. This puts us in a unique position to compare the quality and value of publishing services in sexual intercourse to industry standards.

What is BookBaby?

BookBaby is a platform for self-publishing authors that includes editing, invention, and marketing services, american samoa well as distribution packages for both ebooks and photographic print books. Over the past couple of years, it ’ second become one of the most high-profile print-on-demand ( POD ) companies for authors and continues to be a popular choice in 2022 .
Five fast facts about BookBaby:

  • Founded in 2011 in Portland, Oregon ☔
  • President and CEO is Steven Spatz, who’s written two books on publishing 📖
  • Approximately 8,000 users in 2018 (though not all have actually published a book) 👪
  • Distributes through Amazon, Kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and other major retailers in over 170 countries 🌎
  • Hosts an annual Independent Authors Conference in Philadelphia, with workshops and panels from industry experts ✍

BookBaby offers respective packages and person services for self-publishing authors. We ’ ll break down the main ones for you hera, but you can check out the full tilt on their web site .

Complete Self-Publishing Package: Not quite complete

Priced at $ 1,790, BookBaby ’ s mid-level self-publishing option includes basic shroud design, ebook conversion, 25 print books, two ISBNs, plus ebook and print on need distribution .
note that editing services are not included, however — nor any kind of deduction if you wish to print more than 25 books, which is a hard drawback for authors printing in bulk .
In a deepen from previous years, the Complete box no longer offers aid with Facebook ads — a feature immediately found in Bookbaby ’ south Deluxe package ( $ 2,290 ) .

already have your manuscript and cover charge prepared ? then you ’ ll desire to go with the print script distribution software, which uses BookBaby ’ s Print on Demand avail. This allows you to choose from assorted aesthetic options, orderliness high-quality print copies, and sell your book all over the world .
This option comes with a few caveats. beginning : this is not precisely a print on Demand option. It ’ mho first and foremost an offset printing supplier that besides offers print on demand services so long as the writer first makes an orderliness of 25+ books .
second caveat : their $ 399 price tag is on top of your actual print order. For mention, 100 copies of a 300-page book will set you bet on $ 861. Add the apparatus fee and ship, and your total comes to $ 1,260 for this particular box .
so what does that $ 399 fetch you ? BookBaby touts its across-the-board distribution network, including every major retailer in the world — but this is a lot of money to pay for that sort of access when competitors like KDP Print offer an on-demand service with little-to-no frame-up fee .

Ebook Distribution: Pay upfront, get more royalties later

alternatively, if you don ’ metric ton want to print any books, you can opt for Bookbaby ‘s $ 338 ebook conversion and distribution package alternatively. Though BookBaby plays up its charge conversion serve and quality checks by “ conversion specialists, ” you ’ re chiefly paying for the distribution once again. As with the print package, your ebook will be sold in 60+ stores in over 170 countries .
While authors can find distributors like Draft2Digital with little-to-no setup price, they will keep 10 % of net royalties. After BookBaby ’ s initial payment, all fees are paid to the writer. If you ’ ra playing the pure numbers game, BookBaby ’ s ebook distribution price will “ earn itself second ” after your book has made its first $ 3,380. It ‘s crucial to bear in thinker, however, that this is a occupation model that does n’t give them a lot incentive to help you sell more books.

Editing: Flat rates for anonymous editors

now let ’ s spill about individual services. For copy edit, BookBaby charges $ 7/page, while wrinkle edit is $ 10/page. Their web site does promise rapid turnaround times at these prices : 8-10 business days for a entire line edit, and just 6-8 days for a line edit. These turnaround times are identical competitive, and BookBaby claims that their network of editors “ work with traditionally published authors in every writing style, including many on the New York Times Best Sellers list. ”
Putting BookBaby ’ mho rates into perspective, a replicate edit for a 300-page reserve would cost $ 2,100, and a line edit for the like koran would come to $ 3,000 — slenderly higher than average quotes from editors on Reedsy .

Book Cover Design: Two basic options

BookBaby besides touts its overlay design services, which come in two modes : “ Basic ” ( $ 399 ) and “ Deluxe ” ( $ 549 ). The Basic purpose software costs $ 399 and includes, well, a basic cover invention — a single, central image with reasonably standard textbook. The Deluxe software, on the other hired hand, involves more building complex imagination and text. You can see the difference between the Basic and Deluxe options in the images below and make a judgment for yourself .

Basic on the left, Deluxe on the right.

The verdict: should you use BookBaby?

BookBaby ’ s chopine ‘s upload and order processes are quite streamlined. For those curious as to how the final product might look, watch the video below, which directly compares printed-on-demand books from BookBaby, Blurb, and CreateSpace. Though there ’ s no guarantee your record will look like hers, Mandi Lynn ’ s BookBaby copy has a absolutely aligned cover, text grid, and cover girl creamy pages .

In5IYWdFYL0 Video Thumb
BookBaby besides offers motivate customer serve, with representatives who are always available to help you via e-mail or call. If accompaniment is your top priority — specially if you ’ re a first-time writer who finds the self-publishing process confusing or overwhelming — then this could be the platform for you .
However, it cannot be denied that BookBaby’s pricing is exorbitant. If you use its POD service to print and distribute copies of a standard 200-page book, it will cost you $ 500 minimum, and likely a lot more .
Its ebook software international relations and security network ’ t particularly convincing either — $ 338 for ebook distribution sounds a morsel pathetic when you can format your ebook and publish it on Amazon for spare .
Their print option besides has very few consumption cases. The fewer POD copies you order, the less it will cost — and if you just need copies to sell or give away yourself, there ’ s no need for a distribution box. so if you ’ rhenium looking for a handful of high-quality proof, BookBaby may be a feasible path. And obviously, if money is not a refer for you, then have at it .

So what’s the bottom line?

BookBaby is a good option for authors who: 

  • Want a simple interface and some hand-holding through the process;
  • Don’t mind paying a high price for bulk orders + distribution; and/or
  • Only want to print a small number of copies.

BookBaby is not a good option for authors who:

  • Want to self-publish and distribute an ebook;
  • Plan to print and distribute more than 25 books; and/or
  • Require additional services such as editing, typesetting, marketing, etc. — you can find a much better deal elsewhere.

Reedsy rating: 3/5

BookBaby promo codes

BookBaby might be ruffianly on your wallet, but if you ’ rhenium sold on their POD avail, you ’ re in fortune ! here are two promo codes you can use to save on bulk orders, PLUS a coupon for detached ship. however you choose to publish, we hope the final product looks fantastic. 💯

  1. Enter the code SAVE100 at checkout to save $100 on 100+ books.
  2. Enter the code PUBLISH100 at checkout to save $500 on 500+ books.
  3. Finally, enter the code FREESHIPBB for free shipping on 25+ books.


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