B&O PLAY Accessories by Hard Graft

Bang & Olufsen announced a slick accessory solicitation entirely designed by UK-based Hard Graft to complement their BeoPlay headphones. The collaboration is a natural extension of both brands ’ competencies in advanced invention, superior craft, gamey choice materials and user-convenience. The three new earphone carry and store solutions include :

  • PINCH ($49): A smart and elegant cable, which features a tidy and hanging loop for your Form 2i or BeoPlay H6 headphones and offers a convenient leather and wool cable management solution for easy storage of your most treasured headphones.
  • POINT ($64): A compact “fortune cookie” that protects your BeoPlay H3 in-ear headphones, consisting of a leather and wool pyramid that gently encases the small earphones.
  • PEAK ($199): A playful pouch that perfectly protects your BeoPlay H6 or Form 2i headphones due to its full leather pouch with protective padding that transforms into the headphone stand.

B & O PLAY was launched in 2012, yet is securely grounded in the 89 class history of Bang & Olufsen, as it interprets and applies the same core values to a newfangled character of contemporary, portable intersection that easily integrates into daily life and delivers high-quality experiences. “ As B & O PLAY attracts a design-conscious end-user who seeks best-in-class technology and intuitive process, we feel the fashionable, deluxe polish of the Hard Graft line-up mirrors our trade name values and perfectly complements our earphone and earphone solicitation, ” states Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, Executive Vice President of B & O PLAY .
Since its origin in 2007, Hard Graft has been making fine leather and felt goods of the last quality with a great attention to detail and a acuate center for multi-functionality and serviceability. “ We love to take a beautifully designed object, involve some leather and wool and turn this cherished product into something more by adding excess functionality and a brash personality to the intersection that it protects, ” states James Teal, Founder of Hard Graft .
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Price and Availability
The B & O PLAY Hard Graft accessary collection will be offered to North american consumers at www.beoplay.com/hardgraft at the following prices :

  • Hard Graft Pinch Heritage case $49 (heritage)
  • Hard Graft Point Heritage case $64 (heritage)
  • Hard Graft Peak Heritage case $199 (heritage or black)

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