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beloved students ,
hope you are all well .
Because of the Coronavirus situation we are going through, the starting date of this jump Semester is postponed to March. however, to ensure your academic advance, our Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Eric Yang announces that the on-line courses will be offered to you starting from February 24th. The on-line courses will be supported by the potent on-line course system from Kean University and Wenzhou-Kean University, and you will be using the Blackboard platform to interact with your professors and fellow classmates, so that the needs of academic communication, group discussion, assignments submission, and academic evaluation will be fully fulfilled .
We hope the classroom teaching will be back to convention around the begin of March, however, the demand date has to be far discussed ascribable to the continuing Coronavirus situation. To prioritize campus safety and your health, after you return to campus, we will continue to offer courses both on-line and offline ( classroom teaching ) for a certain period of prison term ( dependent on the Coronavirus situation then ), so that every one of you can keep up with your academic progress.

Kean University owns first on-line education system and resources ; its on-line education is ranked No. 2 among all the higher institutions in the State of New Jersey ( Value Colleges ). presently, our staff and staff are preparing for the creation and offer of on-line courses under the supervision from the School of Online Learning, Kean University. other knock-down and compromising platforms/tools with both synchronized and/or nonsynchronous functions will besides be used to help the successful offer of high-quality on-line courses, so that you can gain immersive learning experience taking these courses online.

The on-line courses of Kean University are rigorously designed with unite course structure under rigid regulations, which enable effective quality management towards the staff ’ sulfur teach, and the interaction between the faculty and the students or among the students themselves. Your professors will be trained on on-line course construction and teach during February 10th–16th and February 17th–20th respectively, and they will send each course overview, course of study, and reading grant to you via e-mail during February 10th–24th before the on-line courses begin. You will besides receive emails from the School of Online Learning, Kean University on February 10th, 12th, and 17th, on how to use Blackboard – the on-line learning guidelines and methods, and how to develop your think patterns suitable for on-line education through SmarterMeasure appraisal engine. The design and construction of all on-line courses will be completed before February 21st, and will be offered to you on Blackboard. All the on-line courses will begin on February 24th .
The technical team of our University has already carried out relevant technical confirm towards the successful offer of high-quality on-line courses, and will make every campaign to reduce the technical problems that you and your professors may face. If you need technical patronize, please contact ithelpdesk @ .
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