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Pin Birdies Raised Garden Beds Pros Cons By the way… any links on this page that lead to products are consort links and I get paid a committee if you purchase. besides, this post was not sponsored by Birdies or Epic Gardening. Thanks in progress for your support .
You decidedly can build a raised garden bed from strike using wood, but that ’ s probably not the best use of your time. It can be cheaper, but in the long run, you aren ’ thymine actually save fourth dimension and money. The Birdies Garden Beds have been Australia ’ s # 1 betray raised sleep together for years. Raised garden seam kits made of Aluzinc steel are perfective for interfering people. You ’ ll have a garden up and running in the quickest possible direction. If you ’ re in the commercialize for a raised garden bed, you ’ ll want to know more about this one before you make a buy decision .
spring is the perfect clock to start garden. The long dark winter months are behind you. Whether you want to start with a few herb or go all out planting fruits and flowering vegetables, you ’ ll need a dependable and sturdy product to kickstart your new garden .

Here’s A Rundown Of What I’ll Provide In This Birdies Garden Beds Review

  • First I’ll share the features and benefits that you’ll find useful
  • Next, I’ll take a look at the drawbacks you might need to know about
  • Then, I’ll tell you a bit about the Birdies Garden Products Company & Epic Gardening 
  • And finally, I’ll provide a sampling of real customer and independent reviews in addition to mine to give you better insight into the product

healthy good ? Let ’ s get this begin !

Features and Benefits of Birdies Garden Beds

  • Made from 24 gauge corrugated Aluzinc steel 
    • A stronger and more durable version of typical galvanized steel
  • On top of the Aluzinc coating, is a layer of non-toxic, food-safe powder coating to seal the material and color of the garden bed.
  • Birdies last for 13+ years minimum with proper care. 
  • Modular, rounded steel garden beds vary in height and size to your liking to fit any garden space from square, to round, to rectangular. 
  • The modular “6-in-1” and “8-in-1” designs achieve different dimensions based on how you decide to arrange the panels.

Special Features (Pros) of Birdies Garden Beds

Lightweight & Strong. You can well carry the hale box this garden comes shipped in all by yourself. Don ’ thymine be fooled by how light these beds are because they last 4-7X longer than your standard wooden bed .
Rust & Corrosion Resistant. This 24 bore corrugated Aluzinc steel is very potent. It ’ sulfur 2-7X more effective against rust and corrosion than standard galvanize coatings. Competitors use a coat 3X thin than Birdies beds and do not use Aluzinc. Competitor beds corrode in ~3-7 years .
Style. Birdies garden beds come in 15 ” or 30 ” grandiloquent making it a very back-friendly choice. No more bending down to plant or harvest. You can sit well on a small chair or kneel to garden. The altitude allows for better land life, drain, and root emergence. additionally, the beds offer better pest underground. Most wooden designs only go adenine gamey as 6 ” or 11 ” .
Customizable Design. With the two modular designs, you can purchase one of two garden beds and choose 1 of 6 blueprint options or 1 of 8 plan options depending on how you arrange the panels during construction .
No Contamination. The Birdies Aluzinc steel will not leach or break down over time, making it wholly safe to grow food in .

Drawbacks (Cons) for Birdies Garden Beds

Vinyl Safety Edging. After assembling the bed, there is a condom distribution channel that protects the border of the bed. While this is a great safety feature, the border can pop off at one end. This doesn ’ metric ton happen all the meter, but occasionally it ’ ll detach. To secure the border in this one location, you ’ ll have to secure it down with a cartridge holder ( not included but well purchased individually ; a chip clip or office binder snip would even suffice ) .
Assembly. Assembling this raised bed with the include hand wrench will take you a very retentive time. The best room to assemble these beds is to use a hand drill. Using the drill method acting, you ’ ll have this set up in 20-30 minutes. If you don ’ t have a drill, you should borrow one for this task .
Made in Australia. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a pro, but I ’ thousand listing it under the cons since it ’ s not made in the USA. Birdies Garden Products who manufactures this intersection partners with a U.S.-based company Epic Gardening to ship these out to folks in the United States. The shipping distance from Australia to California is pretty far, considering the environmental impingement of bringing these to the U.S .

Video: Birdies Raised Garden Beds

Video Credit : LeaveMeAlone ImBusyFarming via YouTube – chatter here to watch directly on YouTube

Video Credit : Growmuse via YouTube – click here to watch directly on YouTube

About the Birdies Garden Products Company 

The Birdies Garden Products Company is Australia ’ s leading manufacturer of raised garden beds. They are the original manufacturer of raised garden beds made from Aluzinc steel. Birdies Garden products are “ Made By A Gardener For The Gardener ” and they understand the importance of growing your own clean vegetables and make it easy for you with their raised vegetable beds. Birdies makes a wide compass of raised garden beds that come in all shapes, sizes, materials and colors. They are known for their agile forum and premium quality. If you ’ re in the U.S. the only products you can rate right now through Epic Gardening are the modular, metal raised beds, the tree surrounds, and the weather cast-iron planters.

About Epic Gardening 

Founded by Kevin Espiritu in 2013, Epic Gardening has helped 100,000,000+ people around the global learn how to grow food. His team has tested hundreds of products over the years, and merely promote those that are well in class. Kevin has written books on urban gardening and gardening in grow bags. Epic Gardening works with the Australian-based Birdies Garden Products to distribute their chancellor raised garden beds to the U.S. grocery store .

Birdies Garden Beds Reviews

now that you ’ ve looked at the features and benefits, let ’ s take a count at what real and actual customers like myself have to say about this product to offer a deeper sympathy of these garden beds. I have put together reviews that reflect the Birdies Garden Beds, with feedback from myself, and users on independent inspection sites .

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for Birdies Garden Beds

Self Sufficient Me Review 

This review web site says that “ 10 years on, and our original Birdies raised garden beds are inactive going solid and not showing much signs of wear or rust any ! ” Self Sufficient Me notes that while these beds may be pricey, they ’ re made well and identical attractive to have around your home. Read more hera. In another review post Self Sufficient Me says, “ If I did have to bend over constantly and get down on my knees to work in the eyepatch I ’ m not sure that my heart would be as invested in gardening nor my motivation to get outside and do the maintenance required. ” Read more here .

Growmuse Review 

Growmuse Review Birdies GARDEN BEDS

After spend hours researching wood and steel raised beds, I ’ thousand glad I chose to start my very first garden using Birdies Original 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Beds. I chose to configure my beds using Option 1 ( dimensions 51 ” x 35.4 ” ; uses 4 recess pieces and 6 side pieces ). These are fabulously easy to assemble and lightweight. After a year of growing tomatoes, herbs, greens, and root vegetables, I can say the beds are fabulously durable. They ’ ve gone through high heating system temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit and cold, snow-white winters below freezing. These beds have taken a beat through hail, rainstorms, and droughts, and have done identical well. I love that I don ’ t have to hunch over when planting seeds or harvesting my vegetables. They ’ rhenium besides the perfect altitude for a toddler to steal some greens while playing outside .

30 Something Farmer Review 

According to this review from the 30 Something Farmer, she in truth likes the altitude of these raised garden beds. Having them high up means you don ’ t have to bend over to garden. The review besides mentions she hasn ’ metric ton had any grass appear in the garden either with the beds being so high above the land. While pricier than early raised garden beds, “ these will last a very long time. Wood will finally over clock degrade. ” Wooden beds can warp, mold, waste, and get infested with pests. Replacing wooden beds can happen arsenic much as every five years. More of the review hera .

Bottom Line

If you ’ re raw to garden and want a durable, high timbre raised garden bed that ’ randomness easily to assemble and set up, you ’ ve come to the proper position. The Birdies Garden Beds are made with the strongest Aluzinc steel that won ’ t rust or corrode. They ’ ra lightweight enough for one person to assemble, so you start gardening this season quickly and for many seasons to come. The modular design allows you to customize your garden bed. With the ability to choose one of six or one of eight designs, the options are endless as to how you want to layout your new garden space .
Birdies has been a drawing card in the raised garden bed space and their products don ’ triiodothyronine disappoint. A assortment of reviewers ( including me ) from different climates recommend this raised garden layer .

Buy Birdies Garden Beds With “GROWMUSE” Coupon Code 

I love these beds so much and worked with Epic Gardening to get you 5% off your Birdies order. Use coupon code GROWMUSE at check .

Let me know what you think of the Birdies Garden Bed and if you have any questions! Comment below. 

By the way… any links on this page that lead to products are affiliate links and I get paid a commission if you purchase. besides, this post was not sponsored by Birdies or Epic Gardening. Thanks in overture for your subscribe .

What are Birdies Garden Beds Made Of?

24 bore corrugated Aluzinc steel, a stronger and more durable version of typical startle steel.

Are Raised Garden Beds with Aluzinc steel safe to grow food in?

Yes, there ’ s a layer of non-toxic, food-safe powder coating to seal the substantial and color of the garden bed .

What designs do the Birdies beds come in?

Birdies garden beds have a height of 15 ” or 30 ” grandiloquent. With the two modular designs, you can purchase one of two garden beds and choose 1 of 6 design options or 1 of 8 design options depending on how you arrange the panels during construction .

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