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Truck Accidents

Because of their size, truck accidents can easily cause serious personal wound and fatalities in a road crash. Unlike a car accident, where you have to deal with another driver, getting into an accident with a truck, such as a tractor preview or dump hand truck, may have more than one party responsible for the accident. such cases are highly complex and pose unique legal challenges that many personal injury law firms in the DC Metro area can not handle .
We are one of the few DC personal injury law firms that handle all types of truck accidents. Whether you ‘re a pedestrian, a passenger, a car driver, or a truck driver, we are here to listen to your story and give you the best representation possible for your claim. We have no scruple about taking on a large truck party to get so you and your family can continue with your lives.

Before you even leave the accident setting, the hauling company will already be hard at work building a defense against you. so do n’t wait ; hire our experience hand truck accident lawyers a soon as possible to get your personal injury claim started .

Metro Accidents

approximately 600,000 DC Metro residents use the MetroRail underpass system every day. And unfortunately, the alimony and manage of the Metro are not where it needs to be. Lack of railway sustenance, poor people coach, and careless trail operation can result in good injuries for many passengers .
Filing a title with the WMATA is not simple. You need to follow specific procedures, and you entirely have a limited clock to file your claim. unfortunately, not every personal injury lawyer can handle a lawsuit against the WMATA. But Regan Zambri Long does have the experience to get you compensation for your Metro accident .
washingtonian Magazine has called Patrick Regan “ the Washington lawyer you call when you want to sue the WMATA. ” Both he and Salvatore Zambri had served as lead lawyers for cases involving the deadly 2009 Metro crash on the Red Line, which resulted in nine deaths and 50 people sternly injured .

Wrongful Death Cases

No measure of monetary compensation can replace a life sentence. however, losing a love one can result in large debt for the class, including aesculapian bills, loss of income, and funeral costs. When the surviving family members are grieving for the loss of a love one, they now have to contend with the fiscal burden placed upon them by person else ‘s negligent actions .
however, a successful wrongful death claim can alleviate some of the fiscal adversity your family is enduring. Our DC personal injury lawyer will fight for your loved one ‘s justice and ensure you get bazaar compensation to help you move forth .
We understand at this clock, the last thing on your mind is filing a personal wound lawsuit. But the oklahoman you begin the process, the easier it will be to recover damages from the accident, helping you and your family move on .

Product Liability

Unsafe and bad products harm consumers and workers from time to time. These include checkup devices, prescription drug drugs, construction materials, foodstuff, and car parts. In addition, bad products can result in good injuries that can take person years to recover from.

If you or your loved one suffers harm from manufacture products, a personal injury lawyer can help you seek compensation. however, product liability claims can be challenging to prove. That ‘s why you need a skilled lawyer who has the cognition and know to help you with your event. With decades of have, our product liability attorneys know what is required for a successful claim .
From food poisoning to dangerous aesculapian devices, the DC personal wound lawyers at Regan Zambri Long PLLC are here to help you with your case .

Medical Malpractice

Errors caused by aesculapian negligence are one of the lead causes of death in the United States each year. Yet, we trust our medical professionals with our health and our lives. And all it takes is one err to change your life everlastingly .
medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare provider fails to provide appropriate discussion or omits an action. From a late or misdiagnosis to birth injuries to surgical errors, checkup malpractice can cause hard damage to your life .
We represent families whose sleep together ones suffer injury or die due to medical mistakes or other lapses in care. Our attorneys besides help victims of nursing home maltreatment drive justice .

Workers’ Compensation

If you get injured while working for person, you are entitled to workers ‘ compensation from your employer. unfortunately, not all clientele owners and insurance companies cooperate after workplace accidents .
If your employer or their insurance denies your claim in Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas, contact our workers ‘ compensation lawyers. Our attorneys will work relentlessly to help you secure compensation for checkup treatment, lost wages, american samoa well as early damages .
We will besides represent you if your employer takes punitive actions against you for demanding compensation .

Premises Liability

property owners and businesses are legally creditworthy keep their premises up to code. however, insufficient light, uneven floors, defective fastball alarms, and unmaintained stairs can cause hard injury. even a simple mooring and fall accident in a grocery store can result in high medical bills and passing of wages. You ‘ll need a skilled DC personal wound lawyer to help you with your claim .
According to premises indebtedness law, the business or place owner fails in their duty of care to their visitors, resulting in a personal injury claim against them. however, it ‘s not that simple to make a call. You ‘ll need evidence and a law tauten that knows how to get that proof .
Regan Zambri Long can besides help you pursue compensation if hazardous conditions in a build induce an accident that hurts you. The lawyers represent victims of chemical photograph, pond accidents, pawl bites, construction accidents, ski and snowboard accidents, and more .

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