Best WordPress hosting in 2022

The best WordPress host is designed for users who are building a web site or want to build a web site with the best WordPress web site builders. One of the leading CMSs, WordPress offers flexibility, customization, and open-source site creation for humble cost : as such, many of the best web host services offer competitively-priced and feature-packed WordPress host plans. With WordPress hosting, your site can benefit from easily setups, managed host, and top features and tools including plugins, one-click installers, and much more. you can ensure your WordPress site is set up with the best potential host, and equipped with clear features such as one-click installers, plugins, and much more. Read on to see which providers we ‘ve ranked among the best WordPress host.

The 3 best WordPress hosting services available

Bluehost: top host's excellent WordPress service Bluehost: top host’s excellent WordPress service
Bluehost ‘s WordPress plans use VPS architecture for improved operation, and you get what you pay for, starting from $2.75 a month for a free domain, 50GB repositing, and more. With oversee hosting available besides, Bluehost ‘s the top option for WordPress host.
InMotion Hosting: flexible, feature-packed hosting
InMotion Hosting offers six WordPress plans covering all site types, with slowly upgrade and downgrading available. All sport great features and tools, including unlimited bandwidth and e-mail addresses, starting at $5.99 a month, while a 90-day money-back guarantee is industry-leading customer military service.
GreenGeeks: eco, unlimited WordPress hosting
GreenGeeks offsets its host with 300 % green energy matches on all plans, while still offering top performance. Three WordPress plans, starting from $2.95 a month, offer near-unlimited host and excellent have sets.

What are the best WordPress hosting services?

Bluehost is our pick for the best WordPress hosting provider, as it offers its own architecture, intelligently allocates resources, and gives users great-performing network host for competitive prices .
InMotion Hosting provides a wide array of WordPress hosting plans aboard industry-leading customer support ; while GreenGeeks is the eco-friendly horde of option for those seeking WordPress hosting that wo n’t cost the earth .
HostGator offers excellent-value WordPress host with some peak tools ; tsoHost provides UK-based WordPress sites with excellent hosting plans ; and 1 & 1 IONOS is designed to benefit those raw to hosting and with stricter budgets .

The best WordPress hosting services, compared
Web hosting service Entry level price Unlimited bandwidth? Storage Website connections
Bluehost $2.75 a month (Basic) From 50GB From one (scales up with plans)
InMotion Hosting $5.99 a month (WP-1000S) 50GB From one (scales up with plans)
GreenGeeks $2.95 a month (Lite) 50GB From one (scales up with plans)
HostGator $5.95 a month (Starter) Unlimited From one (scales up with plans)
tsoHost $4.90 a month plus VAT (Basic) 30GB One
IONOS $0.50 a month (Business) 100GB From one (scales up with plans)

The best WordPress hosting available right now

Bluehost logo ( trope credit rating : Bluehost )


Best WordPress hosting for professionals


Entry level price:

$2.75 a month

Unlimited bandwidth:



From 50GB

Website connections:

From one (scales up with plans)

today ‘s Best Deals BlueHost Choice Plus $ 5.45 /mthVisit Siteat Bluehost

Reasons to buy

+ low-level apparatus optimization + WP Pro plans include authoritative extras

Reasons to avoid

– steep price hike after the beginning terminus Bluehost has spent time and resources optimizing its low-level setup for WordPress, alternatively of plainly going with a standard shape. It uses its own VPS -based architecture to entree intelligently allocated resources via KVM hypervisor, and achieves maximum WordPress performance through a custom PHP-FPM frame-up called NGINX. With Bluehost, you know precisely what you ’ re going to get with your software. For exemplar, there are no equivocal references to unlimited storage or bandwidth. You get what you pay for. The basic design starts at $2.75 a month in year one, rising to $7.99 a month after renewal. For this, you ’ ll get one web site with 50GB SSD storage, a free domain valid for 12 months, plus $ 50 to spend on marketing. All plans include a site analytics dashboard, free SSL security, as many subdomains as you need, illimitable MySQL DB, and access to the Bluehost Marketplace – where you can purchase premium plugins and themes at a discount rate. All modern account holders can besides benefit from a free-to-use advisory service called Blue Sky, designed to give new WordPress users a crash course. Bluehost ’ s Plus plan starts at $5.45 a month in class one, rising to $10.99 a month after renewal. This software gives you inexhaustible storage and enables you to host any number of websites. It besides includes a free content delivery net ( CDN ), WP staging environment, and spam auspices. The Bluehost Choice Plus design besides starts at $5.45 a month for the first base term, but rises to $14.99 on reclamation. This design has all the features of the Basic and Plus plans and more. All plans come with a 30-day guarantee refund in case you are dysphoric with the service WordPress Pro is Bluehost ’ s herculean managed WordPress hosting solution. Prices for this service start at $13.95 a month, and there are lots of excess features included. Everything is outright, there are malware detection and eradication services, commercial enterprise analysis tools, and JetPack site analytics besides. Read our Bluehost recapitulation. ( prototype credit : InMotion Hosting ) InMotion Hosting offers four WordPress plans, providing users with a bunch more option. The plans on offer cover all types of sites, from start-up blogs to resellers and corporations. Deciding which of these plans works best for you might be a little more time consume, but it ’ s a lot easier to upgrade, or even downgrade, as the traffic to your web site grows or diminishes. What ’ s more, InMotion ’ s low-end plans aren ’ triiodothyronine barren of key features—a common tactic used by many early web hosting providers to encourage users to opt for a more expensive plan. Its basic WP-1000S plan costs good $4.99 for the first gear year, rising to $9.99 on reclamation, but even this choice includes unlimited bandwidth and electronic mail addresses, 50GB SSD storage, WordPress pre-installed, SSL, auto-updates, regular backups, SiteLock security, and cPanel site management. You ’ ll besides get extras like BoldGrid and WP-CLI. The only caution is that the plan has a 20,000 monthly travel to specify, but that should be more than adequate for a small- to medium-sized web site. Upgraded plans include extras like agio themes and plugins, support for multiple hosted sites, and a consecrated IP savoir-faire. But very, the rationality to opt for a bounty plan is the increase in resources. It is possible to find a cheaper option, but we found InMotion Hosting to be trustworthy, authentic, and aboveboard, so it ‘s worth paying a little extra. Try it for yourself. There ‘s a 90-day money-back undertake on all plans, so there ‘s very nothing to lose. Read our InMotion Hosting review. ( trope credit : GreenGeeks ) With hosting accounting for a large symmetry of greenhouse flatulence emissions, GreenGeeks offers a rare alternative in its eco-friendly host. It achieves this via offering a 300 % green energy match with every one of its host plans. This environmental approach does n’t come at the expense of performance or accelerate, with SSDs used and plans coming with a barren Cloudflare CDN consolidation. You can choose from one of five different data centers in Europe and North America to have your site hosted at, including Chicago, Phoenix, Montreal, Toronto, or Amsterdam. On the WordPress side of things, GreenGeeks offers three unmanaged plans, ranging in price from $2.95 a month at the entry level up to $10.95 a month on the Premium plan. All three offer loose initiation and migration, detached backups, free SSL certificates, and release CDNs, aboard automatic WordPress updates, and a unblock domain name for the inaugural year. Beyond those features, its WordPress packages offer unlimited databases and bandwidth, with only the cheapest design having a repositing restriction ( 50GB ). Via cPanel management, host is made dim-witted, while phone, e-mail, and 24/7 live chat accompaniment are available alongside an on-line aid center. Security-wise, real-time scan offers continued security against malware, while automatic nightly backups provide peace of take care. If there ‘s a downside, it ‘s the miss of 24/7 earphone support, but the three WordPress plans offer value for money. Read our full GreenGeeks recapitulation. ( image credit : HostGator ) HostGator has a repute for offering powerful host at a very competitive monetary value, and this includes its range of WordPress hosting packages. Its Starter plan costs $5.95 a month for the first three years of host, and rises to $9.95 after that. With this design, you ’ ll receive a web site migration, inexhaustible e-mail addresses, storage, and bandwidth, an SSL certificate, malware detection and removal, and a monthly visitor allocation of 100,000. At the other end of the scale, HostGator ’ s Business plan includes extra CPU world power, 500,000 web site visits a calendar month, and patronize for up to three separate sites. You ’ ll besides get smart hoard and a CDN to boost your web site ‘s performance, plus 24/7 support in case you run into any unexpected issues along the way. On top of this, you get rid world privacy security to help secure your locate from identity larceny and, in the process, reduce the sum of spam you receive. even with all of this, the price is merely $9.95 a month for the first three years and $22.95 a month after. We found HostGator ‘s service to be authentic and more than adequate for our needs, but the company does offer a 45-day money-back guarantee in font your experience international relations and security network ’ metric ton indeed good. This doesn ’ thymine cover knowledge domain adjustment fees, but it ’ s a far better cope than you can expect to find from may other providers. Read our HostGator recapitulation. ( effigy credit : tsoHost )


Best WordPress hosting offering value


Entry level price:

$4.90 a month

Unlimited bandwidth:




Website connections:


today ‘s Best DealsVISIT SITE

Reasons to buy

+ Value for money + basic plan includes 24/7 support

Reasons to avoid

– few extras tsoHost, a UK-based host provider, offers WordPress basics at an low-cost price, preferably than advertise high-flown claims and make hard-to-prove assurances. Its Economy plan includes a detached sphere name, and you can transfer your stream site. There is no bandwidth specify and a 50 % discount on standard SSL. Backups take stead on a casual basis and, with a individual cluck, you can restore your locate from as far back as 30 days. You receive 100 mailboxes with 200MB of storage, 100GB of file repositing, and an allocation of 100,000 page views per calendar month. We were besides pleasantly surprised to find that the Economy plan included 24/7 ticket and electronic mail back, while earphone and live chat services operate from 7am to midnight GMT. All this comes at a price of barely $4.90 a month paid per annum. tsoHost ’ second Deluxe plan is a little more comprehensive examination, and includes outright storage and hosted websites, plus 500 1GB mailboxes. The price of this design is $7.80 a month paid per annum. The Ultimate plan costs $11.70 a month paid per annum, and besides includes outright memory and hosted websites, plus inexhaustible 10GB mailboxes, and amongst early things, a unblock SSL certificate. With toHost, you won ’ metric ton find a farseeing list of attractive extras like SiteLock malware protective covering, optimized add-ons, or a customizable CDN. But for the price, you get a lot of bang for your buck. The most important thing is that despite a miss of bells and whistles, tsoHost is placid a very able supplier, and smaller websites could do a draw worse than opting for this service. ( image citation : 1 & 1 IONOS )


Best WordPress hosting for newly users


Entry level price:

$0.50 a month

Unlimited bandwidth:




Website connections:

From one (scales up with plans)

nowadays ‘s Best DealsVisit site

Reasons to buy

+ First-term is well-priced + free domain and SSL

Reasons to avoid

– Less ideal for experienced users 1 & 1 IONOS is a major player in the web host diligence, and has a dedicate product for about any chopine you can imagine, including WordPress. New users can opt for its most basic managed plan at a cost of alone $3 a month, but even this relatively bare put up outperforms most of 1 & 1 IONOS ’ s competitors. The plan includes unlimited bandwidth, monthly visitors, and one e-mail history, plus 25GB repositing. This is a fortune for just a $3 a month package. a well as all the necessity WordPress management functions, 1 & 1 IONOS offers pre-installed plugins, a free personal adviser, guided frame-up, auto-updates, and 24/7 support, which includes a call service. There ‘s besides a business design available for $0.50 a month at present, which offers 100GB storage, 10 databases, five e-mail accounts, and maximum CPU resources. however, on reclamation after the beginning year, it rises to $8 a month. The whole chopine is built on NGINX, PHP 7.2, OPcache, with up to 2GB RAM assured, so your blog can benefit from increase performance. The basic plan even includes SSL and a free domain. We were identical shanghai by the plain wealth of features provided by 1 & 1 IONOS at such an low-cost price. Our advice to novices would be to sign up for the cheapest plan for a year, taking advantage of the release knowledge domain included, and use that time to learn more about WordPress and how to get the most out of the blogging platform. Afterward, you could continue with this very low-cost option or ascent to something a short more mighty. 1 & 1 IONOS doesn ’ thyroxine just provide to modern users, though, and has plans for all drug user levels. We were particularly impressed by its Unlimited plan, which includes inexhaustible WordPress sites, storage space, databases ( a maximum of 1GB ), and 10 electronic mail accounts ( with a 2GB restrict ). On top of this, you get RailGun CDN access, a Wildcard SSL, and SiteLock malware scanning, all for $8 a month .

WordPress hosting FAQs

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is web hosting specifically aimed at WordPress sites, utilizing the message management organization ‘s website-building elements and optimized for hosting sites created with WordPress .

What’s the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is designed specifically to offer web hosting for WordPress sites , while other web hosting plans and types are available for use with any type of website.
Another difference between vane host and WordPress host is apparent when comparing managed vs unmanaged hosting. With WordPress hosting, most packages provide users with wangle host, meaning that they are in control of updates, security, gain functionality, and the overall administration of your site ‘s host .
This then enables you to focus on what ‘s significant : many other hosting types meanwhile are unmanaged, meaning you ‘re responsible for these factors alternatively .

How to choose the best WordPress hosting

Although cheap WordPress host is an attractive choice, in most cases it won ’ metric ton give you the advanced feature second, high performance, or consistency you need for a democratic site with lots of traffic. If you can live without this functionality, no problem. If not, you need to find a premium host plan. There are besides lots of expensive managed WordPress packages out there, with many providers charging a agio for advanced features like malware protection or server optimization, which can be unmanageable to verify. In most cases, world wide web hosts tend to offer a specify issue of WordPress plans, and many providers will market their plans in such a way as to guide a drug user ’ s decisions. For model, it ’ mho common to find in any list of plans one that lacks world power, one that is intelligibly overpriced, and one in the middle marketed as a special deal. This final one is the plan the providers want you to purchase. Opting for a mid-range plan does make the decision process easier, but as your locate continues to grow, it could limit your options for upgrades. With indeed many low-level details to consider, it might seem a little complicated rule and deciding on the best WordPress hosting package for your blog. But it needn ’ metric ton be. arsenic long as you don ’ metric ton require any specific functionality, choosing a well-known, reliable provider and taking its mid-range plan will be more than sufficient for your needs .

How to choose a managed WordPress hosting plan

If you ’ re a novitiate and don ’ t have the fourth dimension, resources, or technical experience to manage your host design personally, it might be a more desirable choice to choose a managed hosting plan. With a wangle design, your WordPress hosting supplier will deal with all the technical elements for you, so you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. In many cases, the horde will migrate your existing WordPress blog —that is, of course, if you already have one—and provide you with some pre-installed themes and plugins to make it easier to customize. There will probably be an auto-update facility in place, and a security service like SiteLock will be responsible for keeping your site free of malware. We would besides expect to see 24/7 support from a restricted technical digest team. Some of the best managed plan providers go far still, with optimized servers to boost the performance of the WordPress sites in their care, and early extras like a CDN for greater cosmopolitan speeds .

How we review the best WordPress hosting services

In reviewing the best WordPress host services, we approach the process in the same way that we would any other web hosting provider. First of all, we test response times and uptimes over two weeks via a WordPress test site we ‘ve built. If a builder is included with the host ‘s plan, we ‘ll use it ; if not, we ‘ll build one with another provider, import it, and test a separate feature or tool. following, we test web security and how easy it is to set up an SSL certificate. As mentioned earlier, deciding on managed or unmanaged host is important for WordPress host : whichever you choose, you ‘ll want to know how responsive and knowledgeable customer support and service staff are.

WordPress host costs can vary quite dramatically depending on the type of locate you have. As such, we examine pricing plans available in-depth and in detail : web host is a commercialize known for confusing price, and exponential increases after a discounted first base term. We besides compare hosts we’re testing and reviewing to main competitors, to assist you in finding the right supplier for your WordPress host requirements .

Next steps with WordPress and web hosting

Moving forward with WordPress ? Learn how to make a web site with WordPress besides. Make certain you take a look at our other buy guides for web host, including the best VPS host, the best overcast host, the best outright host, the best linux host, and the best Windows hosting .

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