Best WordPress hosting of 2022

WordPress hosting From (per month) Storage (GB) 24/7 support Free SSL certificate Free domain name
Bluehost $2.75 50 YES YES YES
Hostinger $3.99 100 YES YES YES
Inmotion Hosting $4.99 50 YES YES YES
1&1 IONOS $3.00 25 YES YES YES
HostGator $3.98 60 YES YES YES

One key benefit of picking the best WordPress hosting for your site is that WordPress itself is free ( and open source ). even the cheapest shared host plan normally comes with a one-click WordPress installer, allowing the greenest of blogging newbies to have their inaugural post ready in less than 60 seconds ( we timed this, in fact ).

The best WordPress hosting services should offer respective key features including free SSL certificates, uptime dependability, web site security and one-click WordPress installation, amongst others. There ‘s a long list of hosting companies offering WordPress hosting plans, which can be overpower, so we ‘ve picked out five of the best to point you in the right direction. Whether you ‘re a first-time drug user or a big clientele, there ‘s something for you here, and with prices starting at identical cheap levels, even those on the close of budgets will find something to lawsuit .

WordPress host explained

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress is an open source content management system ( CMS ) that powers over 30 % of the internet. WordPress makes it easy to create, edit and do websites for beginners and advanced users alike .
By choosing a master WordPress hosting supplier, users do not need to invest in a powerful and batten server infrastructure but can alternatively rent one. WordPress host is optimised for all kinds of WordPress web projects, ensuring the best performance, fast loading times and the highest security .
Built by a community of global developers, WordPress is endlessly being improved and refined to provide the best functionality and performance for its users .
This clear source approach has made WordPress the web site creation and management platform of option for new and skilled users all over the world. Whether you are looking to build your e-commerce web site or start a blog, WordPress has all of the tools and resources to take your web site from an theme to an accomplishable dream on-line .

These are the best WordPress hosting services in 2022

( effigy credit rating : Bluehost ) Cheap WordPress hosting can have a bunch of appeal, but it normally wo n’t deliver the features, performance or dependability that high traffic sites actually need. If you ‘re the necessitate type, or preferably your web site is, opting for the best WordPress hosting supplier will give you much better results. Bluehost has created its own VPS-based architecture to deliver optimum WordPress operation via NGINX, a custom PHP-FPM setup and intelligently allocated resources through KVM hypervisor. ( If you ‘re not a host eccentric, this just means Bluehost has taken the prison term to optimize the subordinate frame-up of its platform for WordPress, quite than simply making do with a standard configuration. ) The company does n’t waste time by pretending to offer ‘unlimited ‘ resources, and rather tells you precisely what you ‘re going to get. For the Basic plan which starts at $2.75 per calendar month for the first term ( renewing at $8.99 ), this means 50GB of SSD repositing, a individual web site, and a free domain for one year. extra features for all plans include unblock SSL, unmetered MySQL DB, a site analytics dashboard, angstrom well as outright parked/subdomains. There is besides the Bluehost Marketplace where users can entree premium themes and plugins at exclusive prices. New Bluehost accounts will besides get a release service called Blue Spark, which is designed to help newcomers with everything WordPress-related adenine well as a release web site migration service. besides, with WordPress migration plugin you can move your websites with still. The Plus plan which starts at $5.45 per month for the first term ( renewing at $11.99 ) adds inexhaustible websites and web site space, and extra features like spam auspices, unblock CDN and a WP stage environment. The Choice Plus plan costs $5.45 per month for the foremost term ( renewing at $16.99 ) and adds tied more features. It ‘s good to know that Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you feel the serve fails to deliver. If you need more ability, Bluehost offers Managed WordPress Hosting that has been optimized for WordPress websites, with prices starting at $9.95 per month. These plans have many extra features including malware detection and removal, JetPack site analytics, business review tools and more ( along with inexhaustible everything ), making them compelling offerings. Features for all plans besides includes sphere privacy and protective covering, day by day scheduled backups, and a 30-day free trial of Microsoft electronic mail .

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( double accredit : Hostinger )

2. Hostinger

Best WordPress hosting for add security

Reasons to buy

+ good measure for money + Dedicated WordPress support team 24/7 Hostinger provides four different dedicated plans for WordPress-specific host, and its WordPress Starter design is one of the best choices for anyone looking to have a WordPress web site up and running promptly. For $3.99/month, you ’ ll get to build up to 100 websites. You ’ ll besides receive 100 GB of SSD storage space and outright bandwidth. Hostinger besides offers Business WordPress ($6.99/month) and WordPress Pro ($11.59/month) plans for web professionals, offering developer-specific management features for everyone from a accomplished blogging founder to a more seasoned network developer veteran. No matter which plans you choose, setting up is quick and simple, and Hostinger offers a one-click WordPress installation sport with all of their offers. once you ’ re logged in, there are enough of user-friendly tools, plugins, and features to help you farther with the setup summons and overall fine-tune of your locate. Of course, you can merely dive in and pluck things around on your own. besides, Hostinger ‘s web hosting operate jury, hPanel, offers a herculean solution for beginners and professionals. Like Bluehost, Hostinger ‘s services besides provide ace security features to fortify websites from electric potential security threats. Hostinger offers its LiteSpeed hoard engine – which is a authentic solution amongst its peers such as Apache, NGINX or Cloudflare protection. You ’ ll receive a free world of your choose, a release SSL security, and the solution lets you create up to 100 domain-based electronic mail addresses at no extra cost. WordPress acceleration features are besides give and are specifically tuned for faster WordPress performance. If you ever run into trouble, Hostinger has a dedicated WordPress customer support team available 24/7 .

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( effigy credit : InMotion Hosting ) Most world wide web hosts offer lone a few WordPress plans, and in some cases, even these might be set up to point you in a finical direction. You might see an underpowered plan, an overpriced one, and a especial deal on the mid-range design they in truth want you to buy. That makes it easy to decide, but it besides limits your upgrade options if your site grows over time. InMotion Hosting is strange in offering six WordPress plans, covering everything from small personal blogs to resellers and big commercial enterprise. Figuring out which is the best product for you will take a fiddling more think, but at least there ‘s room to upgrade – or downgrade – if your circumstances change. Better still, InMotion has n’t artificially limited the low-end plans by removing key features. tied the service line WP-1000S design – which costs $4.99 per calendar month initially ( on the 3-year choice ), $8.99 on reclamation – gives you 50GB of SSD repositing, outright bandwidth and e-mail addresses, preinstalled WordPress, SSL, backing, automatic updates, SiteLock security, cPanel locate management, and extras like BoldGrid and WP-CLI. The only significant topic is InMotion ‘s suggestion that the design works best for blogs with up to 20,000 monthly visits, and even that wo n’t be a problem for many smaller sites. Upgrading your plan gives you some extras – such as bounty themes and plugin subscriptions, a dedicate IP address, and support for hosting more sites – but it ‘s by and large about giving you more resources. There are cheaper deals around, but in previous reviews, we ‘ve found InMotion to be authentic, professional, and honest, indeed in short, any monetary value agio is likely to be deserving paying. You do n’t have to take our word for it, though – an especial 90-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of opportunity to find out for yourself ( and the confidence to offer that distance of guarantee menstruation is reassuring ) .

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( persona credit : IONOS )

4. 1&1 IONOS

Best WordPress hosting for novices today ‘s Best DealsVisit Site

Reasons to buy

+ identical entice price for the first term + SSL and free knowledge domain + 24/7 support including telephone Web giant IONOS seems to have a host product for every potential necessitate, and WordPress is no exception. Novice users can try out its service for a nominal $ 3 a calendar month ( $ 4/month after the beginning class ), even the design however outperforms many competitors. The bunch 25GB of storage means you wo n’t be running out of outer space in a haste, for case. There are no bandwidth or visitor limits, and you can set up as many e-mail accounts as you need. IONOS offers the core WordPress management functions that you would expect : a apparatus ace, preinstalled plugins, automatic updates, and 24/7 support ( including by call ). besides, you get a personal adviser loose of charge, a smart touch indeed. All this is built on a adequate to chopine – NGINX, PHP 7.2, OPcache, up to 2GB RAM guaranteed – to enhance your web log ‘s performance. Like Bluehost, Hostinger and InMotion Hosting above, IONOS includes SSL, e-mail and even a free sphere in its plans, which is a laughably good value at this price. If you ‘re a WordPress novitiate, it might be deserving paying for the plan for an initial year, claiming your free sphere, and taking the time to learn how the blog works. When your time is up, you can then renew if you ‘re felicitous, or if you ‘re not, use your cognition and experience to find a better merchandise more befit to your needs. IONOS is n’t just about newbies, though : there ‘s value for more demand users, excessively. In particular, the Unlimited plan gives you unlimited WordPress sites and memory space, inexhaustible databases ( 1GB soap ), and outright electronic mail accounts ( 2GB each ). Bonus features include a Wildcard SSL, SiteLock malware scanning, along with the RailGun content delivery network ( aiming to help your web site load faster ), and the price looks estimable at $16 per calendar month ( $8/month for the first year ) .

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( trope credit rating : HostGator ) HostGator made the number because it delivers knock-down hosting plans for a carnival price, broadly speaking, and its managed WordPress range is no exception. The Starter product may only cost $5.95 ( or $3.98 with our promo code ) per month for three years, and $ 9.95 afterwards, but you hush get a free locate migration, an SSL security, automatic malware signal detection and removal, unlimited electronic mail addresses and unmetered repositing and bandwidth, plus it can handle improving to 100,000 visits a calendar month. Ramping up to the high-end Business design gets you more central processing unit exponent, patronize for up to three sites and 500,000 visits a calendar month, yet still costs only $9.95 ( $9.18 with our promo code ) a month for the foremost three years, then $22.95 monthly afterwards. Smart hoard and a CDN are on hired hand to enhance your web site ‘s performance, 24/7 corroborate helps keep your locate up and running, and surprise bonus features include free knowledge domain privacy to protect from identity larceny and reduce annoying spam. We ‘ve had dear experiences with HostGator ‘s service, but if you ‘re not so lucky, there ‘s a generous 45-day money-back guarantee as a safety net. As with other hosting companies, this wo n’t cover any knowledge domain registration fees, but it ‘s still a better deal than you ‘ll much find elsewhere. Choosing the best WordPress hosting package can seem like something of a minefield when it comes to decisions over low-level details and early nuances of some of the offerings out there. however, you might not need anything particularly complex, and that being the shell, with no especial particular requirements in mind, you can simply opt for a authentic vane host with capable mid-range products that can handle everything most folks need .

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    Hostgator WordPress Cloud Hosting subscription options :

  • 36 calendar month plan – $ 3.96 per month ( $ 142.56 full cost )

Best WordPress hosting FAQs

How we test

How we test each WordPress hosting provider

Our reviewers get the full experience of each WordPress hosting servicing by signing up, creating an account and checking what each supplier does to help newly users. On the checklist, we go through facilitate of use, features, and what each WordPress hosting service offers for its price plans. We weigh up the details of what you get, and what you do n’t get, and rank each WordPress hosting supplier based on the quality of its features and the way it performs. Our reviewers conduct tests on focal ratio, uptime and dependability on each WordPress hosting supplier listed above that created the foundation to which this list was built on. With WordPress hosting, as it ‘s a human body of network hosting optimized to run WordPress websites, we test the tools and services that are specifically tailored to WordPress websites to pick out the best of the best. Features such as release web site migration, SSL and free sphere, and of course, 24/7 customer defend, are some of the independent offerings that our reviewers look for to compile the list of the best WordPress hosting supplier. For the sake of foil, our reviewers besides searched for the positives and negatives of each WordPress hosting supplier so that you have a gain understand of what to expect .

How to choose

How should you choose a WordPress hosting provider?

If you do n’t have the time or technical experience to handle all the technical ins-and-outs of running your WordPress mathematical process, you might prefer to buy a manage WordPress host plan, and have the host company handle things for you .
The host will often import your former WordPress web log, if you have one. normally you ‘ll get some preinstalled themes and plugins to simplify customization .
There should at least be an option to automatically update the locate, a security service like SiteLock will be on hired hand to keep your web log malware-free, and we would expect 24/7 support from a team with real WordPress cognition .
The best hosts go even further, optimizing their servers to boost WordPress performance, and sometimes throwing in extras like a subject pitch network ( CDN ) to deliver big speeds worldwide ( or that ‘s the idea, anyhow ) .

WordPress benefits

What are the benefits of WordPress hosting?

WordPress host makes WordPress faster, easier and more dependable .
To keep a web site procure and perform at its best, you need to update it regularly. The Managed WordPress Hosting option makes it easy with automatic updates for plugins, themes, PHP adaptation and WordPress itself to help projects run more smoothly.

WordPress Pro is besides available for professional customers like developers, designers and agencies with higher performance requirements – it provides the fastest possible apparatus on dedicate cloud infrastructure .

Is it worth it ?

Is WordPress hosting worth it?

decidedly. A WordPress site is an essential asset for many businesses and users, so it is critical it is as optimize, as secure and runs arsenic efficiently as possible .
WordPress Hosting provides everything needed for a hassle-free WordPress site. It takes the stress out of set-up and maintenance, meaning customers can concentrate on what actually matters – running their commercial enterprise or creating message for their locate – while the WordPress hosting supplier takes manage of everything else .

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