Best small business website builders in 2022

The best small business web site builders rank among the best web site builders available, and provide users with business-specific features and tools to use when building a web site. They allow any commercial enterprise to build a web site merely, cursorily, and at a reasonable price. The providers we found to be the best little clientele web site builders enable you to create a site that ‘s professional, meets your business requirements, and offers functionality and tools to keep your business ‘s on-line bearing tick over : including ecommerce, bookings, subscriptions or market. If you ‘re on a budget, many top platforms rank among the best bum web site builders, offering you a less-expensive but still-professional site creation platform that ‘s right for your needs, and enables you to save for other projects.

There ‘s no one builder that works for all business users and uses, and you can quite intelligibly be overwhelmed by the number available. We ‘re here to help : read on, and see which services we considered the best modest business web site builders across performance, ease-of-use, pricing, customer back, and more .

The top 3 best small business website builders right now

Wix: best all-round builder for small businesses Wix: best all-round builder for small businesses
Wix has hundreds of templates, a suite of tools, and a flexible, beginner-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Its fairly-priced plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee : ideal for modest businesses starting out. You get the full builder with its exempt design, while paid plans provide an ad-free, feature-packed locate builder.
Squarespace: top for native tools and templates
With over 500 professionally-designed templates available, native tools designed for businesses, and batch of options for customisation, Squarespace provides visually-appealing designs for small business sites, including on-line stores.
GoDaddy: ease-of-use and high security
GoDaddy’s web site builder is packaged with its vane host services, and arsenic well as being simple and easy to use, it offers compatibility and better security as separate of the software. other features include excellent support and mighty analytics, and its drag-and-drop interface allows for personalization.

What are the best small business website builders?

Wix is our pick of the best small business website builders. It ‘s a little expensive compared to main competitors, but comes with a cortege of business tools that help you maximize your site ’ second performance .
On top of this, the Wix Editor is arguably the most potent web site building interface in the world. It enables pixel-perfect drag-and-drop editing, and there are more than 500 templates that you can use to get your locate started .
Squarespace is the best choice for professional templates and native tools, while GoDaddy and Strikingly offer bright builders for those looking to get a dim-witted site on-line promptly. Weebly is great for those wanting ecommerce functionality, via Square, one of the worldly concern ’ s leading payment processors .
1 & 1 IONOS ’ s MyWebsite is an excellent choice for scalable sites, while WordPress, despite not being a site builder in the technical sense, offers excellent design flexibility : though expect to spend time building your site .
HostGator ‘s Gator Builder is a decent budget option, and offers comparable blueprint flexibility to Wix ; Constant Contact is best if you ’ re plan to use electronic mail marketing to promote your business ; and Zyro offers another beginner-friendly choice .

The best small business website builders, compared
Website builder Cheapest business plan Free version? Free domain? Storage Bandwidth
Wix $23 a month (Business Basic) 20GB From 2GB a month
Squarespace $18 a month (Business) Unlimited Unlimited
GoDaddy $10.49 a month (Standard) Unlimited Unlimited
Strikingly $16 a month (Pro) From 1GB per site From 50GB a month
Weebly $9 a month (Pro) Unlimited Unlimited
1&1 IONOS MyWebsite $5 a month (Plus) Unlimited Unlimited
WordPress $25 a month (Business) ✔ (on annual plans) 200GB Unlimited
HostGator $3.84 a month (Express Start) Unlimited Unlimited
Constant Contact $10 a month (Starter) Unlimited Unlimited
Zyro $3.90 a month (Unleashed) ✔ (with high-end plans) From 1GB From 3GB

The best small business website builders available

Wix logo ( trope credit : Wix )


Best little business web site builder overall


Free version:


Free domain:



From 3GB


From 2GB a month

today ‘s Best Deals Wix Pro $ 23 /mth Wix Connect Domain $ 3.54 /mthVisit Siteat Wix

Reasons to buy

+ excellent design tractability + Choice of Wix ADI and Wix Editor + big number of templates

Reasons to avoid

– A little confuse to get started with – expensive compared to some alternatives Wix is a regular have at the exceed of lists of the best web site builder, and for our lead to the best modest business web site builders, it ‘s top for a good rationality. Take advantage of the Wix ADI ( artificial design intelligence ) tool to get on-line fast, or use the more powerful Wix Editor to harness the full power of the chopine. One thing that stands out about Wix is the template library, which contains more than 500 attractive designs that you can base your web site on. There ’ mho besides a great selection of add-ons available via the Wix App Market, and the spare forever plan is up there with the best we ’ ve seen. Wix is a little confuse to get started with, though, indeed expect to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the platform. It ’ mho besides at the expensive end of the spectrum, so it ’ s not a great choice for those on a nasty budget. There are four business-specific plans, with Business Basic – at $23 a month, with 20GB memory – more than enough for most small or medium businesses. Read our full Wix review. ( image citation : Squarespace ) If you ’ ve hear of web site builders, the chances are that you ’ ve hear of Squarespace. It ’ randomness one of the most popular site universe platforms in the universe, and it ’ mho easy to see why. For one, Squarespace offers a neat choice of modern templates that you can use to start your small business web site. All plans come with unmetered bandwidth and storage, and there ’ s a rate of bang-up ecommerce tools. The cheapest business-focused plan is the Business package, starting at $18 a month, with Basic and Advanced Commerce plans for those with on-line sales at $26 and $40 a month. The editor is relatively knock-down, but it doesn ’ metric ton offer the pixel-perfect design tractability that some of the other options on this tilt do. It ’ mho besides a little confusing, so you should expect to spend some time familiarizing yourself with it when you ’ re getting started. Read our wax Squarespace review. ( double credit : GoDaddy ) If your chief priority is getting a basic web site on-line as fast and efficiently as potential, the GoDaddy web site builder could be your best option. Although it ’ s quite basic, the editor program is elementary and intuitive. In summation, GoDaddy boasts a selection of basic ecommerce tools, a wide analytics portal vein, and excellent defend resources. There ’ mho besides a great free design that you can use to test the platform, and four bounty plans ranging from $6.99 to $17.49 a month, increasing to $9.99 to $24.99 a month after reclamation. The Standard, Premium, and Ecommerce plans are ideal for businesses starting out, growing, or selling on-line. On the downside, design tractability is very limited. You won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have access to any advance tools any, which can make it hard to personalize your site. The templates are besides quite basic, which can make it intemperate to build a occupation web site with any kind of size or complexity. Read our full moon GoDaddy review and our GoDaddy host review. ( trope credit : strikingly ) With its knock-down so far intuitive editor and choice of beginner-friendly site creation tools, Strikingly is another great option for web site build newbies. It ’ south designed specifically for landing pages and one-page sites, and it comes with a suite of alone features. Standout among these are the bare memory and blog modules, which you can use to add ecommerce and blogging functionality to your one-page locate. The template library is a fiddling limited, and the free report comes with a one-page restriction, but overall, there ’ s a lot to like here. When it comes to paid plans, the Pro and VIP packages are best for businesses, at $16 a month and $49 a month respectively. Read our broad Strikingly recapitulation.

( image credit rating : Weebly ) Weebly is a great option for little businesses that want to add an on-line memory to their web site. It features an excellent range of ecommerce features, and its on-line store tools are controlled by Square, one of the world ’ s most popular requital gateways. On top of this, Weebly boasts a selection of templates for sites of all shapes and sizes. Its free forever design is a bang-up option for those who want to try the chopine before purchasing a subscription, and the agio plans are very competitively priced. For small businesses, Pro, Business, and Business Plus packages ( at $9, $18, and $28 a month ) offer the best levels of web site services as your business grows. note, though, that the builder is a little limited. You will be restricted to predefined element positions, and it can be hard to achieve the blueprint that you want. Read our wide Weebly inspection. ( persona credit : 1 & 1 IONOS ) 1 & 1 IONOS MyWebsite is a beginner-friendly web site builder that ’ s very competitively priced and backed by a survival of big features. Every design comes with a free world, outright storage, and unmetered bandwidth. There international relations and security network ’ thymine any free forever plan, but the introductory prices are very competitive. One standout feature of the MyWebsite web site builder is its excellent multilingual site tools. There ’ s a built-in translator, which can be used to translate your capacity into 62 different languages. Individual sites support up to 25 different languages at a prison term, which makes this a capital option for little businesses targeting different terminology groups. When it comes to price, MyWebsite offers the Plus and Pro web site builder plans at $ 5 a calendar month and $ 10 a calendar month, while for more advanced sites its now & List Local Essential and Creator + List Local Essential packages ( spare for the first month, then respectively $17 and $23 a month ) offer web site builders with marketing and advanced ecommerce functionality. Read our entire 1 & 1 IONOS MyWebsite review. ( double credit : WordPress )


Best for design tractability


Free version:


Free domain:

Yes (on annual plans)


From 200GB



nowadays ‘s Best DealsVISIT SITE

Reasons to buy

+ Industry-leading design tractability + Thousands of templates and plugins

Reasons to avoid

– quite confusing for beginners – Hosting and technical management aren ’ thymine included now, WordPress international relations and security network ’ t technically a web site builder. But it ’ s such a potent choice for building little clientele websites that we precisely couldn ’ t leave it off this list., it should be mentioned, is the barren blog and basic web site builder, while is the pay web site creation software and management tool. At its simplest, is a unblock CMS that provides the splashboard and tools for you to create and manage your web site. The design tractability on crack is matchless, and you will have access to thousands of templates and plugins through the official WordPress stores. Bear in take care that you will require one of the best web site builders for WordPress, and then one of the best web host services ( namely, one of the best WordPress host platforms ) to get on-line, though. ‘s pricing plans differ when it comes to paying annually or monthly, with the annual plans including a free domain among early features, but costing more. For businesses, the Business plan is $25 a month, and includes 200GB of storage space alongside a raft of features and tools. You have full code access and complete control over every view of your locate, enabling you to build precisely what you want. note, though, that WordPress can be a short confusing to get started with, and it will take you some time to get your web site on-line. Read our comprehensive WordPress review. ( image credit : HostGator ) Although it ’ s a relative newcomer to the web site build up global, HostGator ’ s Gator Website Builder stands out as excellent. All plans come with unmetered storage and bandwidth, arsenic well as a unblock knowledge domain for the first base class. The builder is arguably the most powerful after Wix, and this is largely due to the advance drag-and-drop interface. unfortunately, there international relations and security network ’ t a barren constantly plan or a release trial, but prices are depleted and there is a 45-day money-back guarantee. evening the cheapest of the three plans, Express Start at $3.84 a month, features a dislodge knowledge domain, three electronic mail campaigns a calendar month, and a three product on-line store. Scaling up from there, the most expensive design is express Store at $9.22 a month, which offers 10 electronic mail campaigns a month, unlimited products on an on-line store, and no transaction fees should you choose to utilize ecommerce. Read our wide HostGator review. ( trope credit : changeless reach ) Although it ’ s better known for its excellent electronic mail commercialize tools, Constant Contact offers an intuitive, beginner-friendly web site builder that ’ randomness big for small businesses. For starters, the builder is identical easy to use, enabling even those with very minimal web site build have to get on-line fast and efficiently. All plans come with outright storage and bandwidth, basic ecommerce features, and a bang-up short SEO toolkit to help you optimize your search locomotive rankings. On top of this, you will benefit from the chopine ’ second excellent electronic mail market tools if required, making this a leading choice for businesses that plan to use this marketing stream extensively. The cheapest design, Starter, is $10 a month, and comes with a wide roll of business and ecommerce support tools. There are a few downsides, though, including a luminary miss of advance blogging tools. You will besides have to pay for a premium plan before you can publish your site. In saying that, the unblock adaptation does let you test the builder. Read our Constant Contact revue. ( image credit : Zyro ) Zyro is one of the most intuitive web site builders in the earth, from leading web host Hostinger. The graphic designer is a small on the elementary side, but it ’ s still more than good enough for those looking to get a simple locate on-line with a minimum sum of fuss. One standout sport is the company ’ sulfur excellent customer service, which includes on-line live new world chat and electronic mail ticket. There ’ mho besides a neat set of AI tools, including an AI writer, logo builder, and web log claim generator. Benefit from bare ecommerce tools if you want to add an on-line store, and select a design from the template library base your locate on. On the downside, Zyro has no free forever plan. Prices are quite deceptive, and you can expect to pay importantly more than the advertise price when it comes meter to renew your subscription. The Unleashed plan for businesses is $3.90 a month, and offers inexhaustible bandwidth, repositing, release emails for three months and a dislodge domain for a year, with more advanced plans offering ecommerce functions. Read our full Zyro review .

Small business website builder FAQs

How do you choose one of the best small business website builders?

When you ‘re trying to choose one of the best small occupation web site builders, it ‘s worth keeping keystone factors in take care to help make a commodity choice. First of all, decide why exactly you need a small business website, and clearly identify your available budget, a well as the top tools you require.
If you want ecommerce tools, remember that not all builders offer ecommerce. Remember besides to check if you require web hosting on top of your builder : this is n’t likely, but it ‘s important in particular if choosing WordPress .
Consider how much time you can spend building your site : choose a beginner-friendly builder like Weebly or GoDaddy if you want a locate finished promptly and easily ; opt for a more mighty option like Wix if you want to spend more time finalizing your site ‘s search and feel .
What ‘s key to remember, however, is that most builders are available on free trials or free-forever plans. As such, it can quite literally pay off to spend time researching builders before you choose ; testing each out for free ; and then opting for the gainful plan from the supplier you ‘ve earmarked .

How we review small business website builders

We review all web site builders in like ways, whether reviewing those focused on small businesses, ecommerce, or detached blogs. First of all, we test the builder and editor by creating custom sites. In doing therefore, we can then say for surely where the platform resides on the difficulty scale, between beginners and progress users. We test our site’s uptime and response times once online, as these metrics are integral to website performance. If your commercial enterprise locate is offline or dense to respond, you can lose custom, money, and time. On a more specific, small business-focused site footing, we examine specific small business tools and features, which could be ecommerce-related, or could be more target elements like AI tools or content creation. We compare builders to competitors, and discuss and explore in detail what each pricing plan offers, so you know which one to invest in for your business site. other common areas of our reviewing work include examining platform-specific features, ampere well as trialling customer support and service responsiveness and knowledge. The last thing you want is to have a problem with your occupation site, and then have a slow-to-respond, less intelligent support service.

Further reading on website builders and web hosting

Learn more about drag-and-drop editors besides, as most belittled business web site builders utilize this engineering. If you ‘re wondering about world wide web host, discover the differences between network host, WordPress, and web site builders ; and learn more about what world wide web host is, and how to choose a web hosting service. When it comes to the providers above, check out our bit-by-bit guides outlining how to make a web site with Wix, with Squarespace, with GoDaddy, with Square Online, with HostGator ‘s web site builder, and with WordPress. We besides put providers up against one another in comparisons pitting Wix v Shopify ; Wix vs Squarespace ; Squarespace vs Shopify ; GoDaddy vs Wix ; Wix vs Squarespace v Weebly ; and HostGator vs IONOS volt GoDaddy .

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