32 TikTok Logos for Digital Creatives and Influencers

TikTok is a social media app where users create and parcel short-form television contented. It has been a place for video recording challenges, life hacks, dance crazes, post forwarding, and more .
The platform is excellent for creating a robust digital presence. It is one of the most popular apps for businesses and personal brands because of the ease it provides in cross-promotions .
The app has been downloaded 2 billion times on Google Play and the App Store, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence. This video recording platform has over 800 million active monthly users. That ’ south more than Snapchat or Twitter users !
This huge community calls for a greater motivation to create a TikTok logo for a better brand identity. You want to have an established presence to grow as a content creator. Having a distinct and consistent post scheme can help you reach a wide audience and become a long-familiar influencer.

This roundup will help you find the aesthetic TikTok logo designs that will impress your followers. We ’ ve got a variety of designs in shop for you. You ‘ll find designs for comedy logos, dance logo, and more. Find the overview below :

Shape logos

Big brands have long used shapes to create a logo. BBC has a square logo, while Starbucks has a lap logo. The adopt brands are some of the best examples of a well-designed human body logo .
Incorporating different shapes into your plan has its advantages. First, it provides ocular depth to a logo. You can use this to frame plan elements like example and text to give it prominence. A human body can make your brand pop when featured on the timeline .
additionally, you can besides shape psychology to create a thick meaning to the plan. Consumers associate different homo traits with figures. For case, people see circles as harmonious, triangles as edgy, and the like. You can associate your TikTok brand with the desired trait by using a particular shape .

America Play Button by artlogic

BeardedJoker by FourtuneDesign

Downs Adventures by nicholash

joule letter-joom vlogger logo by Masum Billah

LikeMall – Logo Design Exploration by Eugene MT

Making Stuff N ‘ Things by Edu Morente

RV Midlifers by Fierro

tiktok logo by warehouse_logo

Vidoo by ansgrav
Pro tip: Check the logo of other creators
Before you decide on a contented godhead logo, you want to make surely you have an original design. differently, you might end up with a logo that looks alike to another godhead. like mark identities confuse the consultation and dampen the impact of your logo .

Text logos

Typography provides a bare way for you to represent your trade name. The text-based nature of this design does not rely on shapes and drawings to make a compel logo. It uses semblance, space, and fonts to create a straightforward trade name mark .
The benefit of using text design is the minimized ocular clutter and distraction. Audiences focus only on your brand name .
There are two options when choosing a text logo. You could either create a wordmark design that features the entirety of your screen mention. This allows your viewers to become more familiar with your complete name preferably than an acronym. On the other bridge player, you could create an initial logo that shortens your brand name. This makes it easy to read and concise .

AVid by mrgnl

Game It by invention new

Girl Griller by prodesigns99

good Morning India by braviajones14

Jesus Tok by Tidjane Tall

Karnivore Kurt by Maxo-Biz

NewsToks Logo by Ron Cortez

sportwatch by Greedin

SwypeGaming by acme777

The Paranormal Files by Gigih Rudya

The Struggle of Being Human by Fandiart

TikTok Logo by Stephen Hyun

Tiktok logo in urdu by Ashhar Shams
Pro tip: Stick to two to three colors
It is easy to think that you can keep a logo release of clutter when creating a inscription logo. however, you still want to be careful of adding besides many colors to the design. Adding besides many colors may make it look incoherent and oversaturated. Professionals recommend using only three different colors when it comes to logo design .

Illustration logos

Some of the most significant artists today have an exemplification logo. Just take a look at Billi Eilish ’ s Bhlosh logo or even at the celebrated YouTube logo of Cocomelon .
Like well-known creators, you can use drawings to gather attention to your brand. It benefits your logo to find illustrations that are relevant, creative, and simple .
however, it is crucial to find a design that is communicative even without having any intricate details. You don ’ thyroxine want anything excessively flashy. Doing this will make your logo adaptive and easy to apply to different market collaterals .

Doodle Story Book by Abdies

Comedic Chameleon by Buck Tornado

Funky Locks conceptual logo by Ryan Flynn

good Belly Dance by Blairwitchii

Logo design for a travel vlogger by Divya Soni

MATT WARD by Steadybydesign

Monkey smart by mrgnl

Mr. Kong by mrgnl

tiktok by ayshdesign

Viral Eye by khushigraphics

Pro tip: Try flat design
Going for a flat logo helps you have a logo that looks bang-up on digital devices, which is capital if you ’ re trying to build a trade name on-line. This 2D style of illustration reduces ocular depth, resulting in a logo with improved legibility. flat design is typically characterized by geometric shapes and vivid discolor palettes .


There is a quote from generator and CEO James Hartman that goes, “ Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competence, and dependability. ”
Ensuring that your ocular identity reflects your qualities will help you create a meaningful connection with your audience. You will get closer to establishing a bulletproof TikTok brand .
Start finding the perfect logo by running a logo design contest. DesignCrowd is one of the best crowdsourcing platforms to do this. It has a huge residential district of freelance graphic designers who can help you get the ideal logo. Receive up to 50 design proposals in your inbox today .
The BrandCrowd logo manufacturer is besides capital for individuals who are down to DIY. It has a library of logo that you can customize according to your trade name colors, typography, and TikTok icons. You will find designs that are perfect for influencer logo, vlog logos, and more. Try it right here.

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DesignCrowd is an on-line market providing logo, web site, print and graphic design services by providing access to freelance graphic designers and design studios around the worldly concern .

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