14 Best Email Marketing Software for Shopify [2022]

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We ’ ra lucky adequate to live in an historic period where starting an on-line business is something literally anybody can do .
The Shopify app storehouse is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms around for making business happen on-line, so it’s no surprise that plenty of other tools use integration with it as a selling point .
specifically with email marketing tools and commercialize software, there are so many email marketing apps available for marketing campaigns, and all of them sound then exchangeable. It can be a minefield, even if you have experience in selling campaigns !

circus tent 12 Email Marketing Services for Shopify

This is our exceed 12 tilt of the best Shopify electronic mail marketing tools ranked :

    1. ActiveCampaign: Best Overall Automations & CRM
    2. GetResponse
    3. Sendinblue
    4. ConvertKit
    5. SendX
    6. Constant Contact
    7. MailerLite: Easiest to Use
    8. DripShopify Integrations
    9. Mailchimp
    10. Campaign Monitor
    11. Omnisend
    12. Mad Mimi
    13. Aweber
    14. Klaviyo

here, we ’ ll take a attend at some of the crown names in e-mail market solutions for marketing automation integrating with Shopify .

Best Shopify Email Marketing Software Services

So what are the best e-mail market tools and market Shopify electronic mail apps for Shopify merchants ?

ActiveCampaign SCALES

ActiveCampaign SCALES

Take the best electronic mail automation and mix it with all the best parts of a CRM. result : ActiveCampaign. While I call it a “ light CRM ”, AC is no lightweight. I ‘ve been with them for years and LOVE the endless integrations and expandability.
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The way ActiveCampaign do things is actually very similar to a CRM, but will all of the functionality of an electronic mail marketing service with the typical e-mail campaigns you ’ vitamin d expect. ActiveCampaign’s userbase grew by 250% in the past year, so they’re certainly a company on the rise!

besides like Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign have four tiers for their electronic mail selling services, where the lowest price is $ 9 per calendar month. The key dispute is that ActiveCampaign caps the count of subscribers at this price target at 500. But, at the like time, you can send those 500 people and inexhaustible number of electronic mail campaigns .
Outside of that, the price is determined on the tier you select, relative to the number of subscribers. As you move up to the tiers, I find the price jumps to be fairly substantial, to the point where I’m not 100% convinced of the value of those jumps (largely depending on if you are fully using the sales and CRM features in your campaigns / online store integration).

You need to be at least on the second grade if you want ActiveCampaign ’ s branding off your emails, and a wide rate of customize campaigns .
In terms of serviceability, ActiveCampaign is perfectly fine, but I ’ m not sure it ’ s the ideal tool for person who ’ s wholly new to digital market strategy ( above and beyond an e-mail marketing scheme ). I can ’ thymine quite put my finger on it, but it does feel like you would need some existing cognition. It gives the impression that it in truth is aimed at professionals who have some experience with automated electronic mail, and they don ’ t have clock for babysitting with their campaigns .

ActiveCampaign besides features a robust abandoned haul trigger sequence ( triggered emails ) or a welcome e-mail sequence, with 7 different ways to segement your potential customers to return to cart and/or offer extra product recommendations .

If you go as far as ActiveCampaign’s top tier, it starts to feel more like a marketing agency, rather than a SaaS. It ’ randomness common practice for e-mail market companies to increase the personal interaction ( and personalized emails / targeted emails ) with the drug user, but this feels like another level. They include : purpose services, an history rep, call support, and an uptime SLA .

That top tier besides includes a thing called “ social data, ” which from what I can make out means they ’ ll tell you the demographic information that you can get for dislodge from Google Analytics and sociable media. In short, ActiveCampaign is a wide scale ecommerce e-mail service, ideal for Shopify electronic mail and Shopify stores looking to SCALE .

ActiveCampaign SCALES

Take the best e-mail automation and mix it with all the best parts of a CRM. consequence : ActiveCampaign. While I call it a “ light CRM ”, AC is no lightweight. I ‘ve been with them for years and LOVE the dateless integrations and expandability.
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I feel like ActiveCampaign is more of a full spectrum marketing automation sales tool, rather than just a marketing platform.
Get Started with an ActiveCampaign Free Trial Here
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GetResponse have been around since 1998. They’re not the most prominent email marketing solution, so that implies they’ve just been quietly working away, building the business.

GetResponse are rocking four tiers of price. The lowest option is $ 15 per calendar month for up to 1,000 subscribers. I think that ’ s a identical reasonable price. Of course, for that price, it doesn ’ metric ton let you do very much, but it ’ ll surely get you introduced to how to “ do ” e-mail market .
Things surely kick up a notch on the future tier up, which introduces one of the most curious features we’ll see throughout all the products here, and that’s a webinar function. I find it a very strange thing to include, but I see the benefit for certain recess organizations .
getresponse webinar function screenshot
For exercise, if you ’ ra selling a specific product and motivation to provide a demonstration, or if you ’ re offering some kind of a overhaul and you want to offer some train. This second tier will allow you to deliver webinars for up to 100 people, a number that increases with the more expensive tiers .
apart from that, GetResponse offers reasonably much the usual batch of features : division, automation, tracking ( click-through rate ). I always feel as if GetResponse wishes it was a CRM system, as if it was designed like a CRM, and then stripped of most of the functionality to focus on email marketing campaigns. And that’s perfectly cool.

In terms of serviceability, GetResponse is super-easy to use. It ’ s the kind of plan where it ’ sulfur difficult to actually make a err. The layout is gain, and it ’ ll double-check decisions you make .

You can check out the actual Shopify + GetResponse integration page here for more information .

A negative luff for myself in finical, is that the analytics GetResponse provides merely aren ’ triiodothyronine that deeply. I ’ m a nosy seller, and I like to know equally much as possible about my hearing. That ’ s how I know what subject to create for them .
Check Out the GetResponse Pricing Tiers Here
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Our woof

I Personally Prefer Sendinblue

I Personally Prefer Sendinblue

You might not have heard about Sendinblue, but you SHOULD. It has the big box API tools of a SendGrid, the sales automation of an ActiveCampaign, but the user-friendliness of a ConvertKit. Plus, it ‘s relatively brassy in comparison to each.
Try Sendinblue Here

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SendInBlue is a relative newcomer, but there is lots to like when it comes to integrating with Shopify e-commerce platforms and campaigns.

There are many things to like. The automation work flow is modern and features all of the triggers and logic found in most other mod e-mail service providers. BUT, the best feature is the Shopify plugin and an across-the-board integration guide .
You can get started for FREE here ( up to 300 emails per sidereal day rid design ) and the basic paid LITE design starts at $ 25/month for up to 40,000 emails per month. I very actually like this “ bulk based ” set about to email market versus paying for subscribers ( many of whom become dormant ) .
The SendInBlue app platform besides features robust SMS market plans for a great 1-2 punch if you need to message customers immediately vitamin a well as send emails .
I love how they separate out the different types of marketing campaigns from high-level educational funnels to more transactional emails with built-in marketing tools ( templated follow-up emails, abandoned cart emails, etc… ). SendInBlue is promptly becoming one of our darling newfangled ecommerce electronic mail tools !
View SendInBlue Pricing Plans
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ConvertKit only started in 2015, so it’s still quite a baby as these things go. Don ’ triiodothyronine undervalue this inauguration just because it ’ s young – as an electronic mail commercialize tool and storytelling app ( volt straight marketing app ), they absolutely have it together, and know what they ’ rhenium doing .

so how does a fledgling e-mail market company distinguish itself from therefore many competitors ? Well, ConvertKit are very focused on a particular market for their product, and that ’ s master bloggers. It ’ s a good idea .
The acme bloggers aren ’ thyroxine making money from advertising gross alone, and may well need to sell stuff to make a support. An e-mail chopine focused on helping them with that is sure to appeal .
This focus on storytelling CAN be signally effective for little businesses as a marketing app. so don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be turned off if you aren ’ t a traditional blogger. ConvertKit is relevant for e-commerce occupation practice cases ampere well .
In terms of pricing, an important distinction of ConvertKit compared to other email marketing apps on our listicle is that they offer the exact same features across all four of their tiers – that includes Shopify integration. The only thing that makes the price go up is the number of subscribers you want to contact. I have a feeling that might bother some people, but distinctly not adequate people to stop them running a big merchandise .

The child exception to that price organization is the top grade, and it ’ s not so much as an extra feature, but more of a military service .
If you have more than 7,500 subscribers on your list, they ’ ll offer you a migration concierge military service to help you move from your existing electronic mail market platform to ConvertKit. I think that ’ s a nice refer .
While ConvertKit doesn’t have any ongoing free service in their pricing structure, you can try it free for 14 days.
As it ’ second aimed at bloggers, whose passion is to write and create a web log post regularly, in contrast to early more full-bodied market automation tools .
ConvertKit have cleverly kept their service as free from technical stuff as they could ( drag-and-drop builders, etc… ), meaning you ’ ll be hard pressed to find something easier to use, down to the point of it having a WordPress plugin to manage the consolidation and opt-in forms .
Try Out ConvertKit for Shopify
Interested in Deeper Guides? We’ve covered a LOT on ConvertKit over the years…
SendX is credibly NOT a name you have heard of earlier. That ’ second because it ’ s a proportional newcomer to the automated emails outer space. What it lacks in cut criminal record, it makes up for in functionality !
SendX doesn ’ triiodothyronine automatize emails alone. The automation capabilities extend to its forms, pop-ups, and landing pages besides .

Focusing wholly on e-mail market, SendX eliminates all the complications that its omnichannel competitors often come with. This is specifically helpful as it relates to their shopify integration. You can easily and seamlessly run personalize e-mail campaigns with their SendX integration, equally well as a growing list of other integration partners and API feeds .
other hot functionality includes built-in A/B screen capability, Opt-Send delvierability booster, built-in heatmap traverse, and compressed integration with chatbots and in-app experiences .
Check out the latest SendX Pricing Plans & Promos here
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One of the single biggest reasons to consider Constant Contact for your Shopify store is EMAIL DELIVERABILITY. Put merely, Constant Contact systematically ranks among the best electronic mail marketing tools for deliverability, year after year.

ceaseless Contact international relations and security network ’ t necessarily a new name in the electronic mail selling quad. Up until a few years ago they were actually a bite monochrome in terms of features. That ’ s all changed recently…
constant Contact has badly upgraded their drag-and-drop electronic mail builder and offer an across-the-board library of pre-built e-mail templates to pull from. Otherwise ConstantContact is big for event based commercialize and split test ( build in functionality ) .
Check out the eCommerce features Here
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MailerLite is identical accessible ( easy to use ) and quite cost effective as Shopify commercialize solution. MailerLite is a web-based electronic mail market service that chiefly targets bloggers, freelancers, plus small to medium-sized businesses .
MailerLite workflow
Advantages for MailerLite include a dead-simple drag and drop e-mail automation builder, built-in photograph editing capabilities, and guileless price .
MailerLite besides stands out in that they offer an wholly free plan for up to 1000 subscribers or 12,000 e-mail sends ( whicher is higher ) .
Check Out MailerLite’s Pricing Plans Here
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Drip merely started in 2013, but I ’ m surprised the name was available. In subject you ’ re not astronomical unit fait with the e-mail marketing buzzwords so far, a drip email campaign is essentially email sequences that have been set to be delivered upon certain action undertaken by a prospective customer.
Their first match of years were so impressive, in 2016, they were bought by Leadpages, one of the top landing page initiation tools for marketing campaigns .

credibly the most distinctive expression of the Drip market app compared to others on this list, is its pricing structure. It still has a tiered organization, but merely two tiers : free plan and premium. In saying that, the price of the premium tier varies depending on how many contacts you have, which I guess makes it alike to ConvertKit. The prices look like this based on electronic mail list size :

Selling on Shopify?

Selling on Shopify?

man, it took me a long clock time actually find an electronic mail service that in full integrated with Shopify the way I wanted. now that Mailchimp has split with Shopify, it ‘s even MORE absolved. Go with Drip all the way !
See Drip + Shopify Integration

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

In terms of the actual marketing platform functionality dispute between the free and premium tiers, well, first, the complimentary translation app will entirely let you contact 100 people. That credibly makes it OK for doing some initial testing internally, but it ’ s improbable that it ’ sulfur hardheaded for a busy business. The only early remainder I can make out is that the free version will include Drip ’ s app post .

Drip puts social media integration front and center of their selling points, because that’s ever so sexy. That ’ south cool – you ’ ra read this article because you ’ ra looking for a solution that integrates with Shopify ( and many other ecomemrce partners ), so integrating it with your social media selling with Drip means you ’ ll be keeping the chief digital commercialize channels together .
Like Campaign Monitor, Drip offers the time zone manner of speaking have that I love .
Check Out the Drip + Shopify Integration Here
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Omnisend has a very particular use character that makes it perfect for e-commerce sellers ( and Shopify e-mail ). It ’ s an omnichannel commercialize automation platform, built SPECIFICALLY for merchants selling on multiple channels ( most brands ) .

not only does Omnisend provide elegant electronic mail automations ( out of the box ), it synchronizes all of your impart marketing management under one roof. No need to log into multiple dashboards and re-create the wheel dozens of times .
The ecommerce specific functionality includes automations and e-mail templates for visitors who view your product, add to cart, abandoned haul, haul recovery, and even SMS text alerts for reminders .
Omnisend offers a completely free plan up to 15,000 emails per month ( or 2,000 per day ), along with a unblock 14 day trial of their paid tiers ( Standard and Pro ) .
The Standard Plan kicks off at $16 per month for up to 5,000 subscribers ( 60,000 emails per month ), with price increases based on subscriber count tier .
The Pro Plan starts qt $199 per month for up to 9,000 subscribers ( outright monthly emails ), with tiered pricing increases based on the count of subscribers .
last, the Enterprise Plan is a flat $2,000 per month, including all the features of an promote automation platform, single sign-on, inexhaustible emails, and outright subscribers .
exclusive crack

Why Go with Omnisend?

Why Go with Omnisend?

Omnisend has one of the most herculean and easiest to use contact automation builders I ‘ve tried. What ‘s more, Omnisend is designed with ecommerce in mind, with better Shopify integrations ( and many other third base party integrations ). even better, you pay merely for e-mail SENDS, not subscriboxers. Get 10% Off using code : DIGITALMERCHANT2022.
Get 10% Off Now

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UPDATE: I no longer recommend Mailchimp for Shopify as a marketing service because of THIS major breakup announced in March 2019!! Instead, DRIP has really stepped up their game here to fill the void.

As with all entries on this listicle, MailChimp works with a tiered price system, where they offer an increasing amount of features for every supernumerary sum of money you give them. Unlike all the others though, MailChimp ’ s lowest tier is wholly free. That in itself is one of the main reasons why it ’ s such a democratic chopine .

I ’ molarity constantly preaching that you get what you pay for, in anything at all that you function with money for, so does that mean that an email platform that doesn’t cost anything will be terrible? The answer is no, and for something that ’ s spare, it ’ s more than enough to get person started in the universe of e-mail marketing .
Of course a free thing has limitations. With MailChimp, that limitation is that you can lone contact up to 2,000 subscribers, with a maximal of 12,000 emails per calendar month. That ’ s very well if you have less than 2,000 e-mail addresses on your tilt .
In terms of functionality, it ’ ll be peel and bones. You ’ ll have some email template options to create your e-mail, it ’ ll still carry MailChimp ’ mho post, and the analytics will be minimal ( specify real-time report ) .

Moving up to the future tier, and for a fiddling as $ 25 per calendar month, you ’ ll be able to remove MailChimp ’ s branding from you marketing emails, start some automation, and what we need here : integrate it with Shopify. You ’ ll besides be able to integrate it with Google Analytics and their analysis tool to keep your data analysis sharp .
The top tier of MailChimp is something I ’ d only recommend if you have a dedicated electronic mail marketing, or at least general selling person. It costs $ 199 on top of whatever you pay for your second grade. It predominantly gives you flush deeper customer data stuff, but it ’ second to the depth that will only be of value if you have somebody onboard who can interpret it into occupation actions .

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Like GetResponse, Campaign Monitor are a well-established company, who seem to have been quietly and solidly working on a customer basal, whether for new or existing customer lists. Campaign Monitor’s clients include Disney, Coca-Cola and BuzzFeed – those are brands who won ’ metric ton risk deficient electronic mail market !

Campaign Monitor have a four-tier pricing system, with incremental features. none of the tiers have any limited on the number of subscribers you can have with them, but their initial tier has a limited of 2,500 emails per calendar month to you to send. If you want to email your subscribers once per week, that means you couldn ’ t have more than 625 subscribers .
That doesn ’ thyroxine audio like much, but if you ’ re at the land floor of a occupation speculation, it only costs $9 per month. Obviously you won ’ thymine get down anything besides fancy for $ 9 per month, and this truly is bare bones email marketing, but, it does have more of a professional tactile property than other entry-level products .

All tiers include some level of automation, and these increase as you go up. At the second tier, you ’ ll get access to inbox previews, which is a nice feature. One of my favorite things that I like to see in electronic mail market though is prison term zone manner of speaking. It ’ s actually reasonably of a rarity .
What it means is that your subscribers will receive the electronic mail at the like time, careless of time zone. For case, if you set an electronic mail to be delivered at 8pm, it ’ ll be delivered at 8pm in New York or 8pm in Dublin : it depends where the subscriber is .
Campaign Monitor is incredibly simple and intuitive to use, but if you find yourself struggling, they have batch of subscribe available, at increasing horizontal surface as you go through the tiers, starting with basic electronic mail support at the beginning tier, right up to one-on-one patronize at the top grade .
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Mad Mimi is an email platform that Shopify themselves tout for using with their system as a preferred email marketing app. It ’ s owned by GoDaddy, and I can ’ thymine work out if their mentions by Shopify are from an overlapping business interest somewhere .

Like Drip, it has a rid version where you can send to up to 100 subscribers. And, like Drip and ConvertKit, it has a set total of features across the rest of its pricing options, where the price increase is relative alone to the phone number of subscribers. These begin at $ 10 per calendar month for up to 500 subscribers .
The wyrd thing I found when investigating Mad Mimi, is that it seems so focused on selling itself based on price, the sum of extra features to standard emailing gets hidden away .
And it comes with an astounding count of extra features ! It feels like it ’ s taken some of the chief features of the other products on this list and just made them casually available for all their price points .

The independent ones are :

  • Web forms to get email addresses to send to
  • Integration with Facebook and Instagram so you can create a form there that will also sign people up
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Etsy, SurveyMonkey, and Salesforce

Those are just the tip off of the iceberg .
I find the interface exchangeable to MailChimp, in that it ’ sulfur cartoonish. I ’ m not sure I like that. I think it ’ s fine to start with, but feels condescending after a while. Starting electronic mail market with the Mad Mimi e-mail commercialize platform is all right, but if you were to start integrating all the features, it would get time-consuming, and you would need person who ’ sulfur very clear about what they ’ re doing .

early Email Platforms : honest Mentions

The follow electronic mail market services aren ’ triiodothyronine covered in depth, but deserve a shout out for getting on our radar ( and may move up this year as we re-evaluate )

  • Aweber: Was awful for a while as it only offered a basic email newsletter, but realized they were on the wrong track and have almost completely changed Aweber campaigns and automations (for the better). I definitely LOVE the shear volume of email templates available out of the box for customization.
  • Klaviyo: Klaviyo is wired for ecommerce from the start, with some great Shopify integrations. However, it’s also among the priciest options out there (which is why we don’t fully endorse it in the list above).

concluding send : What ’ s the Best Email Marketing for Shopify ?

Depending on what type of campaigns you are sending, there are a kind of answers for Shopify ecommerce ( as this article shows ). Most marketing platform apps worth their salt WILL have some kind of integration with your on-line shop, but here ’ s my bottom line recommendation :

  • Easiest Out of the Box Integration: The easiest to integrate in my experience has to be GetResponse here
  • Rapidly Growing Shopify Stores: As you scale, the importance of end-to-end marketing automation and CRM-style management becomes increasingly important. This is why for most growing stores with multiple SKUs, I recommend trying ActiveCampaign here first. It scales well, has all the cart abandonment sequences you need, and isn’t crazy expensive.
  • Just Launched or Pre-Launch Shopify Stores: Where budget is constrained – often in the early stages of an e-commerce store – the ideal VALUE combination of marketing automation with a focus on transactional ecommerce campaigns, all at a fair price, is definitely Sendinblue here.

ActiveCampaign SCALES

Take the best electronic mail automation and mix it with all the best parts of a CRM. leave : ActiveCampaign. While I call it a “ light CRM ”, AC is no lightweight. I ‘ve been with them for years and LOVE the endless integrations and expandability.
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