The 10 Best Commercial Security Camera Systems in 2022 (Including with HD, Remote Access, and Smart Motion Detection)

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Guides Welcome to the Thomas lead to the best commercial security television camera frame-up in 2022. Thomas has been connecting north american industrial buyers and suppliers for more than 120 years. When you purchase products through our freelancer recommendations, we may earn an affiliate mission .
In arrange to, first and first, keep employees safe, adenine well as protect early aspects like company property, confidential datum, and valuable goods, commercial security cameras are a necessity and highly recommended in any business placement, from large companies down to little business settings .
best commercial security camera
Commercial security cameras are a must on company sites to protect businesses and employees

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Intended chiefly for commercial customers, business owners with stores, buildings, warehouses, or storehouse facilities, commercial security system cameras are typically marketed in two ways. The first is individual cameras that are connected to a articulation account. The early is a television surveillance system that will often come with multiple cameras that are connected to a local NVR ( network video recorders ) or cloud storage. Both of these products supply top-of-the-line security system solutions with adequate channels and storehouse space to guarantee the best surveillance for a business .

Commercial Security Cameras—Buying Guide

There are versatile types of camera security systems, each with its own benefits, some of more use to a belittled business, and others better suited to larger corporations. We take a closer front at some of the main aspects to take into consideration when on the lookout for the best commercial security television camera systems below .

Camera Features

Within the camera itself, certain characteristics can enhance business security system and deliver a better video experience .


There are many benefits to systems with integrated sound recording read as these can produce more solid tell over those that only record a television. The add sport can help law enforcement to promptly identify suspects. Some surveillance cameras have both a microphone and a speaker for bipartisan communication. This allows owners to stay connected to their clientele and have a certain come of operate over it, even when they aren ’ thyroxine in the build .

Video Resolution

The benefits of having a higher resolution camera are that, in the encase of a business being vandalized or broken into, the video surveillance will be able to capture little details of the larceny, the perpetrator, or their fomite, identifying them in a timely manner. Cameras with lower pixels will frequently appear bleary and unable to pick up this cardinal data .

Motion Detecting

motion detect sensors are important for protecting employees and businesses throughout the day and night. They will pick up on certain activities and instantaneously advise users via the earphone or other affiliated devices. Others have facial recognition that notifies only if certain people, and sometimes vehicles, are detected. Some cameras will even zoom in and focus on faces and cars to ensure that this important data is being captured .

Other Commercial Security Camera Considerations

Beyond the abovementioned camera qualities, there are a few other factors that will determine if a television camera security arrangement will be best suited for your party .


For those requiring 24/7 monitor and video surveillance, systems with large hard drives are needed. many of these security camera systems will come with local NVR storage. This will store a certain total of video in a physical hard drive within the NVR and so a drive with a big TB ( terabyte ) capacity is required .
Some systems, like those with an IP television camera, will have cloud storage. Oftentimes, these systems require an extra subscription to gain wide access to the storage space, but this may vary depending on the product. cloud storage will store footage up to a restrict number of hours or days before reaching its limit .

Remote Access

Systems with this feature allow users to watch live footage from multiple devices. With this solution, owners can feel reassured knowing they will be able to keep an eye on their business from anywhere .
This type of access is controlled via smartphone apps, some of which require subscription or technical school support to function. A few of these apps can even be hooked up to voice assistants and some even give users the option to control the cameras from inside the app .


Different television camera security systems will have unlike modes of world power and network connections. The most common type, however, are wired security camera systems. These systems include long cables that hook up the cameras to a baron beginning, the NVR, or the internet with an ethernet cable television. There are many variations and some systems may evening have a cordless connection to the NVR or the Wi-Fi .
Any pumped-up systems are typically limited in where they can be placed, as they can alone reach up to the distance of the cords. On the other hand, they besides ensure continuous protection without exponent dislocation. Others will be powered through a battery, thus allowing cameras to be placed anywhere inside the range of the Wi-Fi. The downside to this solution is that the batteries need to be recharged routinely, which limits changeless monitor .

Thomas’ Top Picks for the Best Commercial Security Cameras 2022

choose from our list of the best commercial business security system cameras available to buy nowadays .

Best IP Cameras: ANNKE WS200 Security Camera System | Buy Now

Best High Definition Security Cameras: Night Owl DP8 Series 12-Channel DVR Security System | Buy Now

Best Wireless Security Cameras: Google Nest Cam Smart Home Security Camera | Buy Now

Best Security Cameras with Audio Recording: Defender Phoenixm2 Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Security Camera | Buy Now

Best Remote Access Security Camera Systems: REOLINK Security Camera System | Buy Now

Best Video Surveillance Systems with the Largest Storage Space: Lorex 32-Channel Nocturnal NVR System | Buy Now

Best Security Camera with a Long Battery Life: Eufy Security EufyCam 2 Pro | Buy Now

Best Business Security Cameras with Night Vision: Swann Enforcer Wired Smart Security Surveillance System | Buy Now

Best Security Camera with Smart Motion Detection: Oco OcoBullet Smart Outdoor Security Camera | Buy Now

Best Security Cameras with a Rechargeable Battery: Ring Spotlight Cam | Buy Now

Scroll down to read more about these top picks for the best safety security cameras according to glad buyers .
*Prices listed in this article were as shown in US $ on ( USA ) and early retailers as of March 2022

1. Best IP Cameras—ANNKE WS200 Security Camera System

best commercial security camera
With both NVR and network storage, the ANNKE security camera system allows humble businesses to back up their footage, while still being able to watch quality television feeds from anywhere. The four IP cameras come with five dB antennas and the NVR has a seven decibel antenna to ensure a seamless network association .
One exploiter confirmed that they had “ no issues with wireless connectivity at any location ” with these IP cameras. The video surveillance arrangement can be accessed from any device. It is even compatible with Amazon Alexa for voice dominance. One customer added that there is “ no subscription required to view from a laptop, call, etc. ”
It besides offers bespoke apparent motion detection for more accurate alerts. One commentator suggested that “ you can plug in a network cable for better connection if your radio net has a small range. ” The kit handily includes an ethernet cable for these instances .

2. Best High Definition Security Cameras—Night Owl DP8 Series 12-Channel DVR Security System

best commercial security camera
Although there are a lot of great business security system cameras on the market, not all of them have the best video recording resolution. however, the Night Owl DVR security system features 12 4K extremist HD cameras that can capture crystal clear images and video feeds .
One thrilled customer wrote, “ The picture quality is well-defined and very easily to see. ” even at nox, users can gather capital footage astir to 100 feet aside. Another glad shopper confirmed, “ The image for the night sight is acquit and sharply. ”
What ’ s more, this surveillance system can capture faces. Users will be notified if the DVR system is moved, and the system besides requires a two-step confirmation march to provide protection of this valuable footage .

3. Best Wireless Security Cameras—Google Nest Cam Smart Home Security Camera

best commercial security camera
Priced preferably reasonably, particularly for a new or modest business, the Google Nest Cam radio security camera set takes all the messy wiring out of setup, making it identical easy to install. One drug user found the setup march “ very legato and agile to knock out. ”
Thanks to their battery-powered function, these cameras are truly wireless and don ’ metric ton require outlets. Using the include charismatic mounts, users can secure these weather-resistant surveillance cameras anywhere in multiple locations both indoors and outdoors whatever the weather .
Users will be able to see live footage from their smartphone 24/7 and videos can be stored for three hours, without a subscription. even if the internet fails, the devices can hold up to an hour of recording.

4. Best Security Cameras with Audio Recording—Defender Phoenixm2 Indoor/Outdoor Bullet Security Camera

best commercial security camera
The Defender Phoenixm2 Bullet security television camera can record both television and audio and users can besides speak through the security system. One satisfied buyer wrote, “ The picture is net and the sound quality is good. ” Another customer found that “ the sound recording picks up every little reasoned. ”
This system features three durable cameras and an LCD proctor for convenient surveillance. One reviewer mentioned that they “ love being able to talk to and see who ‘s at my door without being seen. ”
This frame-up doesn ’ t even need a Wi-Fi association to function and it has a individual network that will keep videos dependable besides. One business owner wrote that this will be their only go-to security system television camera unit of measurement and that they “ would refer this to anyone. ”

5. Best Remote Access Security Camera Systems—REOLINK Security Camera System

best commercial security camera
To monitor and protect a minor business from about anywhere, the REOLINK security camera system allows entree to live video feeds from any device. Simply download their free app, connect to Wi-Fi, and see videos from an inexhaustible number of cameras .
The eight included cameras have a 1440p solution, which prompted one exploiter to comment, “ The quality is big even from a remote control location. ” Another owner attested that their system was able to catch a burglar. They stated, “ The video, even at night, was then clear that law enforcement immediately identified him. ”
The NVR system is very easy to set up and can connect to up to 16 REOLINK cameras, allowing users to record every full of life location in their business. The NVR can locally store up to three TB of television and will be recording 24/7, so it never misses a thing .

6. Best Video Surveillance Systems with the Largest Storage Space—Lorex 32-Channel Nocturnal NVR System

best commercial security camera
With eight TB of storage and the ability to add two more 10 TB unvoiced drives, this Lorex Nocturnal NVR system can hold an impressive sum of surveillance video recording and sound recording. The system has high-efficiency television tease ( HEVC ) capabilities that can compress data without decreasing the video recording quality .
This allows owners to endlessly monitor their business. To save tied more space, users besides have the option of recording during specific times or alone when gesture is detected. not only does this NVR system hold tons of television, but the 16 cameras can cover every corner of a business. Users can even install 32 more cameras for larger buildings or increased condom .
These 4K cameras can capture clear footage at 30 frames per second. The television camera can focus on people and cars and advise users about them, through the app. These motion-detecting capabilities will enhance safety while besides limiting false alerts. Users can even customize gesture detection areas and sensitivity to farther improve these features .

7. Best Security Camera with a Long Battery Life—Eufy Security EufyCam 2 Pro

best commercial security camera
The EufyCam 2 Pro is a bang-up addition to any Eufy security system HomeBase 2 system. It is powered by a battery to make installing it easy and it besides includes a magnetic hop on. The battery life can last up to 365 days and three years in standby mode .
One user confirmed that the “ battery animation is amazing. The one for my backyard has been in use for 14 days but the battery still shows 99 %. ” The television camera functions through detection of gesticulate capabilities and will start recording when the detector is triggered .
This has the ability to increase the efficiency of the barrage liveliness and storage. It features 2K HD for improved video surveillance. It besides has night imagination and a 140° field of opinion to capture everything in sight .

8. Best Business Security Cameras with Night Vision—Swann Enforcer Wired Smart Security Video Surveillance System

best commercial security camera
With two attic cameras and six bullet train cameras with infrared nox vision, the Swann Enforcer security surveillance arrangement can record footage up to 130 feet away at night. The six bullet cameras included besides have up to 32 feet of full-color night vision for HD recording in dark conditions .
One happy customer wrote, “ The photograph is clear during both day and night. ” The fastball cameras have red and bluing flash lights and a spotlight to spook off thieves that enter a business at nox. For increase safety, the security arrangement has both estrus and motion-sensing capabilities .
Users have access to the arrangement ’ s one terabit of video storehouse, but this product besides features release cloud repositing. Users can download the app on their smartphones to keep protecting their commercial enterprise at all times .

9. Best Security Camera with Smart Motion Detection—Oco OcoBullet Smart Outdoor Security Camera

best commercial security camera
To ensure that users are only notified about the most crucial activities, while besides minimizing annoying notifications ( like a tree swing in the wind ), the Oco OcoBullet outdoor security camera features a sincerely intelligent gesticulate detecting organization .
The television camera endlessly collects data about its surroundings and its exploiter to determine what movements are worth an alert and which are not. One commentator commented, “ The motion detection system of the camera is very robust against false detections. ” This reviewer added that the gesture detector “ works absolutely during day and night performance. ”
The superintendent clear images of the 1080p HD television can be viewed from the unblock app or a distinguish SD card. Another satisfied exploiter wrote, “ I ‘m storm with the picture quality ; it ‘s like watching a high definition TV—it ‘s that pass. ”

10. Best Security Cameras with a Rechargeable Battery—Ring Spotlight Cam

best commercial security camera
Powered by a battery battalion for easy installing without the use of wires, the Ring Spotlight cam is besides able to hook up to a solar panel for changeless appoint. The battery is slowly to recharge, however ; plainly remove it and plug it into the admit USB cable .
One commentator confirmed that it takes around six hours to fully charge, and another attested to the battery animation by writing, “ I have two cameras on the back of my theater and they ran on the master battery for three weeks. ”
The battery compartment on this camera can hold two rechargeable batteries, so users can purchase another pack to far extend the battery life and for lend peace of mind. These three cameras have a crop of extra features to enhance clientele security system in the iniquity, such as infrared night vision and a foreground.

The Best Commercial Security Cameras—Summary

If you are in the market for tons of memory board for continuous video footage and a crystal clear image, the Lorex Nocturnal NVR arrangement ( US $ 2,499.99, Lorex ) is a top-of-the-line system, but if you ’ rhenium looking for the same television camera settlement at a fraction of the price, the Night Owl DVR security system ( US $ 729.99, The Home Depot ) is the way to go .
We hope our review of the best commercial surveillance cameras has been helpful. For more suppliers of associate products, including video displays, digital cameras, alarm systems, digital television recorders, and loudspeakers, consult our extra guides, or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform .


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