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BestColleges is committed to delivering content that is objective and accurate. We have built a network of industry professionals across healthcare and department of education to review our content and ensure we are providing the best data to our readers. A bachelor ‘s degree in psychology can help prepare you for a wide variety show of jobs : case coach, social worker, advertise agent, market research worker, or diarist. If you are an empathic hearer who enjoys making a deviation in people ‘s lives, you may be suited for a knight bachelor ‘s in psychology. Teaching students about the human mind and behaviors, a bachelor ‘s in psychology covers diverse mental health conditions and behavioral patterns .
Among the most popular undergraduate degrees, an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in psychology prepares graduates to pursue respective careers. To become a therapist or psychologist, students must earn a overcome ‘s degree in psychology or a doctor’s degree in psychology. however, there are many career options for those who graduate with a knight bachelor ‘s degree in psychology. Graduates can besides enter competitive fields such as management and clientele .
Explore the best on-line psychology programs and learn more about what you can do with an on-line bachelor ‘s in psychology .

What Can I Expect From an Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Program?

For those matter to in understanding what makes people tick, an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in psychology course of study can be rewarding. Students enrolled in an on-line bachelor ‘s in psychology program determine skills that apply across many careers .
Most programs offer a mix of psychology coursework, lab, and elective course courses. Programs typically require 120 credits and take four years to complete. When considering a psychology degree on-line, you should factor in your strengths and long-run goals .
prospective students can sometimes choose between a bachelor of science and a knight bachelor of arts in psychology. A bachelor of skill in psychology degree requires more mathematics and science courses. Required courses typically include statistics, chemistry, and biology. Students who are matter to in careers in healthcare or psychological research may benefit from this path .
Focusing more on the liberal arts, a bachelor of arts in psychology degree may provide more flexibility. Students choose coursework in the humanities, sociable sciences, and arts. Graduates may find jobs in social oeuvre or case management .
Some colleges offer concentrations within an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in psychology program. popular concentrations include general psychology, clinical psychology, addiction guidance, behavioral psychology, and organizational psychology .

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What Courses Will I Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Program?

Students pursuing an on-line bachelor ‘s in psychology should expect to complete both coursework and lab. An internship can besides help students apply learning outside of the classroom and consider different career paths in psychology. Learners typically receive direction in cosmopolitan psychology, research, and human development .
Social Psychology

In this path, students learn common theories and concepts in social psychology. They identify exchangeable trends and contrasting characteristics among these concepts. Using critical think skills, students learn how to critique and dissect assorted theories. This course shows students how researchers use unlike methods to analyze empiric questions and create studies .
Human Development

Covering concepts like nervous exploitation, emotions, memory, and consciousness, this course delves into the intersection of human biology and psychology. Studying the structure of the brain and the neural systems, learners gain an sympathize of how the brain facilitates emotion, behavior, and cognition .
sensation and sensing

This naturally explores the kinship between sensations and human percept. Examining the five senses, learners gain an reason of how these centripetal pathways affect the manner humans interpret the world around them. This path examines perception and sense from psychophysical, physiological, and motivational viewpoints .
Criminal Psychology and Behavior

Students learn several crime theories addressing the ideas behind criminal behavior, including violent crimes, mental illness, and the intersection of genial disorders and crime. This course besides delves into risk factors for criminal behavior, american samoa well as the policies instituted to prevent crime. extra topics include psychological profiling and analyzing event studies .
introduction to Addiction Theories

In this course, students learn how substances like drugs and alcohol affect the mind. Students gain an reason of the characteristics and complexities of addiction and how they play into society ‘s views on addiction and disease. extra topics include the history of drug policy and holocene changes to laws .

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What Can I Do With an Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree?

You may be wondering what you can do with a psychology degree. Earning an on-line bachelor ‘s in psychology degree can open the door to diverse career paths. Although about half of undergraduates with a degree in psychology continue on to earn an advanced degree, there are many career options without an advance degree .
In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( BLS ) reported that a large percentage of graduates with a bachelor ‘s in psychology degree worked in management, social services, education, and office and administrative positions. The median engage of those with bachelor ‘s in psychology degrees was $ 48,000.

Learn more about where a bachelor ‘s in psychology degree can take you. Explore psychology careers .
Case Manager

sheath managers identify needs with specific populations, such as veterans, the aged, or those who experience homelessness. They work for social programs and community service organizations. They coordinate programs and oversee agencies that provide services to the populace .
median Annual Salary : $ 69,600
advertise agent

Understanding the psychology behind human demeanor, advertising agents create and sell effective advertisements for individuals or businesses. advertise agents must demonstrate commodity communication and interpersonal skills while meeting with versatile clients and working in teams. many advertise agents create and deliver presentations .
median Annual Salary : $ 54,940
Social Worker

Graduates with a knight bachelor of psychology can find employment in entry-level social work positions. Social workers typically maintain a caseload of clients and must assess each client ‘s individual needs and create an action plan to help clients overcome adversity. social workers typically work with a specific population, such as children or older adults .
median Annual Salary : $ 51,760
grocery store research worker

grocery store researchers use theories of market analysis and consumer demeanor to study market conditions to determine the potential success of a especial serve or product. Along with understanding the commercialize, market researchers must be able to compile and interpret marketplace data .
median Annual Salary : $ 65,810

Journalists research potential stories, consultation sources, and write compelling and instructive pieces. effective journalists develop relationships with potential sources and experts and must be able to communicate well through public speaking and write .
median Annual Salary : $ 49,300

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2022 Best Accredited Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs

Is an online bachelor’s in psychology worth it?

Yes. Although many positions that graduates can pursue are entry-level, professionals with this degree earned a median annual wage of $ 48,000 in 2018. Those concerned in obtaining an advanced academic degree in the field benefit from earning a bachelor ‘s in psychology .

What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in psychology?

Because a psychology degree focuses on understanding the mind and homo behavior, graduates with an on-line bachelor ‘s degree in psychology can excel in a kind of careers. Degree-holders can find use in management, social work, and education .

How much does an online bachelor’s in psychology cost?

The average tuition for the 2018-2019 educate year was $ 24,623. This average amount includes both populace and private institutions and does not differentiate between traditional in-person tutelage and on-line tuition. Students can potentially earn an on-line knight bachelor ‘s in psychology at a more low-cost price by attending a populace, in-state school .

Is it better to have a BA or BS in psychology?

Whether or not you should earn a BA in psychology or a BS in psychology depends on your personal strengths and long-run career goals. A BA in psychology focuses more on big arts courses, whereas a BS in psychology includes more mathematics and skill coursework. Both require alike psychology coursework .

Which online psychology degree is the best?

There are several on-line colleges for psychology that offer degrees. The best on-line psychology broadcast depends on whether you want to pursue a BA or a BS in psychology, american samoa well as what concentrations you are matter to in. Therapists and counselors must earn at least a master ‘s degree, and psychologists must earn a doctoral degree.

What are the highest paying jobs with a bachelor’s in psychology?

Graduates with a bachelor ‘s in psychology who work in market research, advertise, and populace relations have the highest earning potential. For case, according to the BLS, public relations specialists earned a medial annual wage of $ 62,810 in 2020 .

What is a therapist’s salary?

marriage and family therapists earned a median annual wage of $ 51,340 in 2020. Although a bachelor ‘s in psychology is not sufficient to become a therapist, this academic degree can help you pursue a more advance degree in the field .

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