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Hair and nail salons are typically happy, bright, colorful places filled with wish, genuine workers who enjoy bringing contentment and relaxation to their clients. unfortunately, the lookout international relations and security network ’ thymine then cheery for many workers. Over the years, many salon employees have developed versatile types of cancer, had miscarriages, or given birth to children with learning disabilities or early complications, all because of the products they used on their clients. If you are a salon worker, and feel that you have been affected by the chemical you have used while performing your job, call the beauty salon injury lawyers at Friedman Rodman Frank & Estrada, P.A. at 305-448-8585. A growing number of research has found that many products used by salon workers contain harmful chemicals that can lead to debilitating illnesses to those constantly exposed to them. These illnesses can vary from slight to much more dangerous. Hairstylists, constitution artists and manicurists who work with these chemicals on a daily basis tend to have higher risk factors for developing respective ailments and complications, including Hodgkin ’ randomness disease, low birth-weight babies, miscarriages, respiratory infections and even cancer. All over the country, cosmetologists have shared similar stories of calamity and illnesses believed to be linked to their workplaces. Some researchers believe that in little doses, exposure to hazardous chemicals found in nail polish, nail polish remover, nail primers, disinfectants, hair dyes, and early materials are not harmful to customers who have minimal contact with these products. But on the other hand, workers who are exposed to them for several hours a day, several days a workweek can suffer debilitating health issues. Below is just a sample distribution of hazardous chemicals found in nail salon products and the harmful effects they can cause :

  • Acetone: headaches; dizziness; skin irritation
  • Formaldehyde: breathing complications; skin irritation; cancer
  • Toluene: cracked skin; headaches; dizziness; numbness; skin irritation; damage to lungs, kidneys and liver; harmful to unborn child if exposed during
  • pregnancy
  • Ethyl methacrylate: asthma; skin irritation; complications with children if exposed while pregnant
  • Dibutyl phthalate: nausea; burning of the eyes, skin and throat
  • Methacrylic acid: skin and eye irritation; breathing complications
  • Ethyl acetate: fainting; irritation of eyes, nose, throat and stomach
  • Methyl methacrylate: asthma; skin irritation; loss of smell

In California, so many salon workers have become ill that local anesthetic doctors there are calling it an epidemic. The exit has besides captured the attention of several health service organizations, particularly the Asian Health Services, which has been investigating disgusted workers ’ claims for more than 10 years now. The arrangement has been fighting for employers to place restrictions on the manipulation of hazardous chemicals in salons, but the cosmetology diligence has been pushing bet on. The constitution has besides asked smash polish companies to limit the consumption of more hazardous chemicals in their products and many have said they ’ ve complied. however, when tested, many products still contain harmful materials. Although the federal law regulates safety in salons, it does not regulate the amounts of chemicals used in professional products that are used there. And unfortunately, many of these chemicals have toxins in them that can erode a person ’ s health if exposed for extended periods. If you or a sleep together one has suffered adverse health issues due to working in a salon, it ’ randomness authoritative that you understand that you have rights. Employees of salons should be better protected and should not have to endure serious health risks merely for the sake of making an honest exist. here at Friedman Rodman Frank & Estrada, P.A., we believe that this is a very serious issue that must be resolved immediately to prevent any extra tragedies. It ’ s every employee ’ randomness right to work in a dependable and goodly environment. Our feel beauty salon injury lawyers are pooling our resources to fight for salon workers ’ rights here in Florida. Please contact us for immediate avail with your site. Contact our offices on-line or call 305-448-8585 to schedule a release reference .

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