Our Team

Our Team

“ We are gallant to be the owners and visionaries of Beauty x Mark .
I am Helen Allocco, I have been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. I systematically educate myself traveling the world and growing my hair and Makeup skills .
I am honored to be one of the few Gold Level Calligraphy Cut artist in the state, and a Master Makeup Artist.

Reading: Our Team

I am Gina Lombardo. I am a Master Colorist and Stylist. I have besides been in the smasher industry for over 20 years and find inspiration and creativity through consistent education .
together we specialize in Beautiful Bridal Hair and Makeup .
Our mission is to have every guest that experiences Beauty x Mark, and or in our personal chairs to feel there MOST beautiful from the inside out .
Ourselves, together with the
BxM team strive to exceed your expectations with heat and talent. Join us in our vision, welcome to Beauty x Mark .
Xoxo💋 ”
“ hello ! My name is Samantha .
I joined this team of talented ladies as a guest adviser vitamin a good as a seasoned constitution artist. When I have my clients sit down in my chair, I strive to bring their imagination to life. Whether it ‘s capturing that fresh, natural makeup front or achieving that glamorous loss rug attend, I work with my clientele to make certain that they stay genuine to who they are, while unlocking a new elevated adaptation of themselves ”
“Hi my name is Dara! I’m the receptionist at Beauty x Mark helping you schedule your appointments for all your beauty needs! I love working with such an amazing team who helps everyone transform into their best self! “ My appoint is Marni. I ‘m gallant to be a master colorist, and worked diligently
for the past 25 years to get hera. I have the pleasure of creating beautiful hair color for all of my clients. My love for learning newly techniques and skills, then
delivering them to my clients, is my last priority. My mission at Beauty X Mark is for you to feel excitement for your color feel with me and to know you are in fantastic hands. I am beyond proud to be region of such an fabulously talented team ”
“ Hi My name is Jessica. I am a master colorist and balayage technical. I have over
20 years experience in the salon industry. My career started at one of the most elect salons in NYC. hera is where I found my rage for balayage ( hair painting ). I love to give each customer a alone look that best compliments their hair, personality, and life style. I am beyond stimulate and looking forward to working with these amazing and talented people here at Beauty X Mark ”

“ My name is Maureen. I absolutely love what I do and am grateful to be able to
pursue my truthful passion ! I cut, expressive style, do extensions, straightening treatments & im a aureate certified Calligraphy Artist. I have been doing hair’s-breadth for over 25 years ! Traveling to Europe to stay current and ahead of trends. Styling for fashion week in NYC with top designers. I love to create, transform, and put a smile on my clients face ! ”
” Hi everyone my identify is Victoria ! I love to specialize in ALL aspects of the beauty industry ; from color, cuts, styling, bridal and extensions.
My continue department of education is the fuel to my heat and seeing my clients smile is truly invaluable !
I love creating a different look for each guest and making them feel unique.

Be sure to call Beauty x Mark and ask for me ! Looking forward to meeting you all😘 ”
“Hi my name is Nikole i’m a junior hairstylist & assistant at Beauty x Mark. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for 2 years and a certified extension specialist and have loved making people feel beautiful since I can remember. Whether its a fresh blowout or helping you achieve your hair goals with extensions – I’m here to help you feel your best and so happy to have joined an amazing team 💕”  “ hello ! My name is Jada and im a junior stylist at Beauty x Mark. I have always
had a passion for doing hair’s-breadth and being in the beauty industry ! I love to
serve people feel beautiful ! ”
My name is Ben. I am a junior stylist at Beauty X Mark. I look forward to making each of my guests look and feel beautiful. My specialities include styling, extensions, and educating on proper at home care for my guests newly styled hair
“ hawaii ! My name is Jessica and I am an assistant at Beauty X Mark ! I love being
an adjunct to these talented ladies & being apart of the process to curate beautiful looks on all of our clients. ”
“ Hi My diagnose is Kellie, I have been an esthetician for over 20 years. I will be assisting at Beauty X Mark along with helping everyone find their perfective skin everyday. Looking advancing to this travel ! ”



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